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Unveiling the shadows

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My name is Florance Saul and I run and write www.auntyflo.com I am also an Author of Watkins Publishing, and have been running this website since 2007, I also have a Tiktok, Youtube and Instragram page.

Published Author

Whether it is through dream meanings or tarot my mediumship power has always been in me from birth. My words, every sentence, every chapter, and expression is something special and means so much to me. At the tender age of eight, my Aunt Florance - a renowned medium in London - handed me a set of Visconti-Sforza tarot cards. As I took the cards in my small hands, a lifelong dedication to the spiritual world beyond was planted within me; it continued to blossom and grow as I did. I have been reading tarot for 34 years, and dream interpretation for 24 years. I have practicing mediumship for 15 years. I followed a career in digital marketing for FTSE 100/Fortune 500 companies. 

My work and mission have always been infused with magic. My deep, soul-filled ambition is to guide others on their wistful, spiritual journey. My passion is sparked by helping others on their path toward joy and contentment. After that very first encounter with my Aunt Flo, I formally began my study of the cards - not through texts and literature, but through the pictures themselves. I learned to nourish my intuitive abilities, to uncloak the natural symbolism and tales of the cards.

What do our dreams mean? It’s a question that has baffled humanity since the dawn of time. Over the millennia, spiritualists and psychics have been able to piece together recurrent symbols and their meanings - yet we do not exist in isolation. Our lives are deeply affected by astrology, in my writings, I cover the spiritual meaning and provide guidance. 

My aim? To find and prise open the thrumming spiritual door which existed between our physical realm and the transient one of wistful spirit and wonder. By opening this gateway, I hoped I could help society to harness the fuller power of the submerged occult beauty which vibrates behind daily life.

Official Biography

Florance Saul founder of auntyflo.com and has helped millions of people since 2008 interpret their dreams and tarot cards. On a journey to bring spiritual inner power in order to reach their fullest. Florance has been featured in mainstream media: BBC radio, ABC, NBC, and millions of websites that reference her spiritual work.


Here is a poem I have written:

Unseen forces and spiritual hues
Wondering beatitude and joyful news
Paddle in gratitude a glorious new love Stars dip to the floor
Sent from above
Illustrious sparkling mind Angels smile in lieu of mankind
Pride and ego resides no more Once the starlight becomes clear
a new love will suddenly appear Riches are yours with boundful success
The grass is always greener - do what you think best...