The Four of Wands

The four of wands tarot card

The Four of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Four of Wands is an excellent card to have in your reading and indicates celebration, socializing, or an important event regarding work and relationships.

When you see this card in your reading you should breathe a sigh of relief and rest easy in the fact that problems in your life are on their way out and easier times are ahead of you. Very often this card will show up in relation to growth or additions coming in your life. These are positive energies coming your way and you will feel their effects soon. Be prepared for good news and inspiration in your life.

On the Four of Wands card, we see a group of innocent children heading between four wands with a castle in the background. The bright yellow that is prominent on the card indicates that now or very soon is a time of happiness. The individual’s hands are raised in joy or triumph and it gives the feeling that they are either attending a wedding or are joyful for some reason. Usually, it is associated with some sort of rite of passage or completion of a task and now you are ready to move on into a new phase. Allow for joy and celebration but also be prepared for the next big step in your life.

The Four of Wands is truly a card of completion. You did not get to where you are by happenstance. You have worked hard and done all that you could and what you have now is complete work. If you are not feeling the joy and satisfaction that is represented in this card then you should probably think about what you could have done better. Your end result is only going to be as good as what you put into it and the result before you right now is the best result that is possible considering the efforts that you have made towards it. You will get a chance to repeat the process again if you are not fully satisfied, but you will have to break it down and restart over.

There is no more room for improvement or repair. What you have in your life is what it is – no more or no less. Sometimes dissatisfaction comes from looking from the wrong angle. You may find by assessing a situation from another point of view that there is good in an aspect of your life that you are missing. Now is a time to be focusing on the positive and holding your head high. Focus on the good rather than what can be done better. Beautiful houses is also associated with this card. Maybe it is time to make a revamp of your home surroundings.

The Four of Wands in Love

What a grand card to see in a love reading! The Four of Wands will often indicate a couple coming together, marriage, or taking the first step towards strengthening a relationship. Joyous occasions and celebration are common with this card and now may be a good time for you to announce to your partners or to others what your true feelings are in your relationship.

With the Four of Wands comes passion and joy. Harmonious times are to be had in a relationship. If you are single it’s a good indicator that a lasting relationship is coming your way. This is a time to focus on what you want in your relationship and to make a decision. You may be faced with a proposition to further a friendship or to take things to a more serious level if you are out of a relationship or just starting one. Relationships that start during this time in your life are likely to be lasting ones that are focused on joint commitment and two people coming together for the right reasons. You are likely to find yourself on stable grounds in regards to love.

The Four of Wands As Feelings

The four of wands indicate a partial journey taking place and the arrival of loving feelings. This is normally positive when drawn on the question of "how someone feels about another?" In the upright position, there is a sense of achievement in love. This tarot card can signify the pure "ambiance" that most of us feel when embarking on a new relationship.

If the card is reversed, then the four of the wands indicates that someone may be feeling uncomfortable a situation. There is also a fear of being incompatible with a partner if the card is reversed. In older texts (the Golden Dawn tarot) the four of wands reversed can mean that there is an unsanctioned marriage.

The Four of Wands As friendship

In regards to friendships, drawing the four of wands can mean that you have loyal trusted acquaintances. If you have fallen out with somebody then it can indicate that relationships are just not "healthy" and you need to determine if you really want to continue with a friendship. If you asked a friendship "type" question it can mean that you need to forgive. Forgiveness is not always that easy when you’ve been hurt in the past,  you can forgive but not forget is my advice.

You may have found that others are unwilling to change. You need to take into account what your role in the friendship and what their role was - especially if things ended on such a bad note. If you have fallen out - do you want to venture into this friendship again?

The Four of Wands Love Reconciliation

When the four of wands is drawn in love reconciliation this is a positive omen. Chances are you realize how much the other person means to you after they’ve gone. Relationships do take work and long-term relationships should be fresh and exciting. Pulling this card in a spread can indicate you’re likely to get back together as long as you think about how to recapture the feeling of newness in your relationship.  Reversed, the card implies that there could be neediness behavior. This could potentially drive your partner away, nobody wants to be with somebody that acts as a shadow. 

We all want to be valued this cannot be demanded and should not take place in a healthy relationship.

The Four of Wands - Yes Or No

This is a “yes” card and in a reading, it can mean that harmony and marriage will be yours. If upright. Reversed it is still a “yes” and this card is full of fantastic energies. As this tarot card represents success it is a “yes” card all over!

The Four of Wands in Health

Since the Four of Wands is relating to good health, marriage, completion, and entering a new stage of your life, often you will see it the card when you are thinking about adding to your family. It’s a very favorable card regarding fertility and pregnancy. The card also represents working together and teamwork. For health issues that you are having, please be sure to have your care monitored by your doctor closely. The card is a reminder that you need to work through your health issues in a committed and routine fashion. It can be a reminder to follow through with treatment or even to take all of your medicine to get better.

The Four of Wands in Work and Wealth

The four of wands is one of the most happiest cards in the deck. If we look into the meaning from a career the fall of one's demonstrate celebration couple together and it is associated with inspiration and celebration from a work perspective.  We can see the maypole in the distance as well as lemons, plums, apples, grapevines, and flowers. All these elements coming together predict contentment and honour. The most significant factor for is that in relation to work and health the four of wands remain firmly planted in the ground.

Therefore, we see stability due to the hard work that has been carried out. There is not only a sense of feeling satisfied with the work carried out but more importantly, harmony enters life. Thus, one can now afford to celebrate in life. There is a sense of reward for hard work accomplished and it is time to feel good about life and plans for peace are now on the cards. Wealth wise, we also see the feel-good factor. There might have been hard work in getting wealthy, or alternatively this card calls for work to be carried out on the physical level but it can be possible. Success will be yours!

The Four of Wands Past - Upright and Reversed

The four of wands in a past position represents being stable. It is a celebration card and means in a past position it is time to think about what you have reached and personal transformation. This card can unlock your hidden objectives in the past. If there has been a period of entertaining or social time with lots of visitors then this card appears. There might be a new beginning or different direction in work. In the reversed position, this card can mean that things have been occasions where you have sort happiness but found it difficult to get what you want.

The Four of Wands Present - Upright and Reversed

For the four of wands to appear in your present can indicate that your hard work will pay off! It can mean that you need to dig deeper into your mind and enjoy the fruits of your own labor. Think about how tarot is a system of archetypes and take notice of the children's images on the card. This can indicate you are currently able to see probable future events and influences. If you are single and you want to love this card means it is coming. The children as symbols in the middle of the land can mean marriage. Reversed the card can indicate that there is hard work but it will be worth it. It is very much about being confident even if you face problems.

The Four of Wands Future / Outcome - Upright and Reversed

The card in the future is all about being stable. Think about a log fire, when you light it, this spirals out of control. With this card the fire is “controlled” and you have fantasies of going forward. The love and passion of the ace have become more solid in the four of wands. This is the card of being stable. Often this is a card of a celebration in the future and can present happiness, triumph, peace, and passion.

At times as the four also has the children in the background, it can mean possible family life. Children may be relevant to your future somehow. If reversed, for the future it can mean that the fire is going to burn out of control and you may feel some instability. Wands are all about movement so in the future position, this card can also mean change. The four of wands outcome for love can mean a stable partnership.

The 4 of wands Reversed

Reversed Meaning Of The Four Of Wands

The four of Wands reversed is a favorable card in your reading. Unlike many cards in the tarot, when reversed the card still holds much of it’s the original meaning and is still positive. The effects of the card may not be as lasting or as rewarding as they are when the card appears in the upright position but the effects can still be felt.

Love and Romance - The Four of Wands Reversed

In romance, the four of wands reversed is a great card to have. Generally, in love it can mean holding onto a relationship just for the sake of it. It can mean that you will have gained freedom in a relationship but the appearance of this card can suggest that your relationship has found balance but there are doubts about moving on. There is a sense of stability around you but you may feel that you cannot put your finger on why you are feeling unsettled in a relationship. Love can be so confusing but this card can mean you have a glimpse of how it is supposed to be! 

Family and Home - The Four of Wands Reversed

In regards to “family life,” the four of wands tarot card reversed means that you will experience a sad or happy moment when family members or a group come together on their own. In addition, there could possibly be a house sale or a time to leave the family home.

Work and Finances - The Four of Wands Reversed

For money readings, the four of wands reversed can indicate that you may feel things are not being complete. This could be the rites of passage that could be problematic. Additionally, this card represents difficult many social interactions. At work, there could be some problems with business and an unexpected reward of some description. Generally, the card is positive for work and career moves.

Health and wellness - The Four of Wands Reversed

The four of wands reversed for health is a positive omen. It indicates that there is going to be relaxation after achievement. This lovely tarot card can also suggest there may be something lacking in daily life. This could be right related to alternatively a health complication.

Personal spirituality - The Four of Wands Reversed

Overall this is a very interesting card to select for your own personal spiritual development. It can indicate that you may find yourself projecting perfect happiness onto other people because the journey is now over. There is a celebration but still an underlying feeling of worry. Have you ever been friends with somebody who doesn’t really like you? If you let your ego rule your actions and emotions you may find that you drift apart from somebody because you’re putting so many walls up to keep others away from you. There is also a possible need for communications and this requires a lot of work your end because you need to improve yourself and correct any mistakes made in the past. Without change, there will be no healing or no success. Overall this card reversed is positive and can indicate spiritual development!

The Four of wands Card Keywords Upright

  • Friendship
  • Joy
  • Having fun
  • Gatherings
  • Important events
  • Romance
  • Sexual activity
  • Conclusion
  • Final decision

The Four of wands Tarot Card Reversed Card Keywords

  • Hesitation
  • Isolation
  • Breaking out
  • Moving out
  • Failure
  • No strength
  • Old mistakes
  • Breakdown


By Flo Saul
Jul 9, 2012