The Seven of Cups

7 of Cups Tarot Card

The Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Seven of Cups shows up when you least expect it.

Things are going fine in your life, you seem to be on the right path and then… BAM! Suddenly you are faced with a choice and that choice really does come out of the blue. The choice that you are faced with or will be soon is one that will throw you for a loop and one in which you will feel torn between two really good or possible really bad choices. It’s one of those choices where there doesn’t really seem to be a good choice, but you are faced with a fork in the road and you have to choose.

The test that you could be coming to could be a real test to your relationships or work. It can result from a mistake that is made but one that you don’t even think will be an issue until it is already made. It’s not something that you can be told, “Watch where you step.” The symbolism on the card also shows a man with many choices in front of him but you will notice that the cups that are representing the choices are floating amidst the clouds. The background color of teal is a representation of spirituality. This Seven of Cups will often represent being a dreamer or wishful thinking. Once you are faced with your decision you need to be careful that you are looking at the whole picture. Avoid building your plans on a poor foundation and make sure that you focus on the best aspects of your life.

That may sound a little vague; however, you have to realize that it can indicate many different avenues in your life. There are a lot of options ahead of you and you will find that you are not limited to one choice in one area. What is coming for you is going to be like multiple doorways and you need to take all aspects of your life into account.

The Seven of Cups in Love

Because of the options before you, in love this can be a great card or a highly confusing one. In a relationship it can indicate having a new choice come along and disrupting the flow of your current relationship. If you are looking for love it can indicate that options (usually highly unexpected ones) coming your way. It’s an overall positive card regarding increased chances, reconnecting with older interests, and new faces coming your way. Out of all the cups the seven is about dreaming of a romance. It can represent the fact that as an outcome this represents the next step in love. This can be a “wish card” but could mean you will get what you want but it is just an illusion.

The Seven of Cups in Health

The Seven of Cups can act as a warning that you need to be paying better attention to your health. With all that is going on in your life it is likely that you have overextended yourself or haven’t been paying attention to smaller health concerns that could turn out to be larger concerns if you continue to ignore them. Rest assured, typically it is not a dangerous card for health so long as the warning is not ignored. The Seven of Cups tells you that it is better safe than sort when it comes to health and wellness.

The Seven of Cups in Work and Wealth

When dealing with issues of work and finance with the Seven of Cups you can trust that there are a lot of good things ahead for you. Because the nature of your question is more grounded, the card usually has more positive meanings for you. With the card it indicates possibilities opening up for you that usually are in your best interest when it comes to finance. The one caveat is that you need to be mindful of where you place your trust right now.

The Seven of Cups In The Reversed Position

The Seven of Cups Reversed


In the reversed position the Seven of Cups indicates the opposite of the upright meaning and can often lead a person feeling trapped or lacking options. There is a morose feeling associated to the reversed position of the Seven of Cups and when this card comes up in your reading you need to be highly mindful of the choices that you are making at this time. You want to be sure that you are taking all information into account in your life before deciding on which way to go. There is still a feel for a NEED for change, but in the reversed case there is not a clear avenue for that change to take place. Typically when the Seven of Cups comes up in the reversed position there will be excess worry or feelings of insecurity. Know that there is options present that you aren’t seeing. You may have to be creative in your solutions to find them. The seven of cups reversed in my view indicates that you are waking up from a situation. The card dictates that you or someone else will have clarity and in the past a "situation" has been hiding under illusions. Think of it like emerging from a clouded situation and now you can see the light.  This is a card of not knowing what to do in the past but now a decision can be made.


Upright Seven of Cups meanings in keywords

  • The choice is yours
  • Think about options
  • Casual flirting
  • Romantic alliance
  • Illusion
  • Desires


Reversed Seven of Cups meanings in keywords

  • Swayed by temptation
  • Settling for what is
  • Choice is confused
  • Overwhelmed 

By Florance Saul
Jul 9, 2012