The King of Swords

King Of Swords

The King Of Swords Tarot Card Reading

The King of Swords is not one to be trifled with as he shows great energy around you at this time.

When this card comes up you are on top of your game mentally speaking and it’s a great card revealing high intellect, focus, and determination on one or more aspects of your life. When you feel his energy around you it is an excellent time to puff out your chest just a little bit and be proud of the accomplishments that you have made.

The King of Swords is a master of clarity and vision. Like the King, you are in a place in your life in which you have a laser sight of focus on your path and you know what you want. More importantly, you know HOW to get what you want. This card showing up in your reading indicates that there is a definite possibility for expansion in your life and all you have to do articulate your desires to have them come to fruition.

The King of Swords is a highly intelligent figure and while it doesn’t indicate that you are a rocket scientist just because you have the card, it does show that you have information, knowledge, and know-how to bring to the table. It can be a grand card regarding finance or aspects of your life where information is important. The challenge of the card is coming off in a way in which people can relate to you. You have information that you want to share and ideas that are bubbling to the surface. The solutions that you are finding that are coming to you right now are excellent ones and you need to trust in your own insight. However, when conveying information to others you want to be sure that you are not coming off in a way that will turn them off.

If you find that you are having difficulties in communications at this time then you may want to ponder ways in which you are overanalyzing or making your life too complicated. The King of Swords is quick and precise. You need to use this energy to your advantage in order to cut to the root of your problems and then apply your magnificent problem-solving skills.

The King of Swords in Love

The King of Swords can definitely represent a man in your life either currently (as in a relationship) or someone that is coming your way. With the King of Swords, this individual will be older than you either in actual age or worldly experience. He often is one with lighter features such as blue or green eyes and blonde or whitish hair. This isn’t always the case, but it can be a strong indicator. When representing a person specifically it will show someone whom you share ideas and thoughts with, someone whom you are challenged intellectually, and someone that is quick-witted. He is a very intriguing person indeed!

The card does not always reflect a man specifically and this is important to remember. The card, when more focused on you in the relationship will indicate that you are connected in your relationship both intellectually and spiritually. Your relationship is one that broadens your spiritual horizons and makes you think. It’s a healthy and ever-changing relationship… or at least it should be.

If you find that you are in a poor relationship and there is stagnation, the King of Swords asks you in what ways are you allowing your boundaries to be encroached upon in the relationship. Sometimes this card will come up as a warning as a man that is overbearing (be it your partner if you are female, or yourself if you are male) and that can be too analytical for a relationship. The behaviors that are negative in love associated with this card are ones that can be worked on through honest communication and avoiding being too emotional.

The King of Swords in Health

The King of Swords in Health is an excellent card indicating overall physical well-being – however, it can be a difficult card in the mental health department. Consider ways in which you are too anxious and be honest with the true feelings that you are feeling now. Often when the King of Swords is present anxiety, racing thoughts, or issues of worry in excess is a problem. This card acts as a reminder to not forget your mental health when you are thinking about your wellness in life. Take time to relax and to focus on your problems. Avoid stressful situations that are causing you undue stress or strife at this time. The card can also indicate a need to practice ways to slow your mind down such as in meditation or medication.

The King of Swords in Work and Wealth

The King of Swords can often be a person who is too nit-picky, especially in the workplace. Think of an overbearing boss or a person (man or woman for that matter) that are causing problems and making your life difficult. Sometimes it’s just a person doing their job, but often it’s deeper than that. There is a challenge represented by this persona with work issues that can be difficult to deal with. Unfortunately, when the King of Swords is present you usually don’t have a choice. It’s okay to voice your concerns, however, avoid doing so forcefully and remember to apply the appropriate tact for the workplace. Going over this person’s head is likely to backfire on you.

In finances, the King of Swords can indicate an educated person with their moment or one that needs to be educated about their money. It is very dependent on what cards are also in the reading and it is best to seek them as an additional resource as to what representation the King of Swords holds for you. No matter, it is still a positive card for growth and expansion endeavors such as a large purchase or single investment.

The King of Swords in Business

The king of swords for wealth indicates you need to be logical. If you are wondering about your income in the future pulling him in a reading can mean you want to plan. This card can indicate you need to work through intellect and this is the path to riches. I also believe that in business he is cold it can mean letting employees go, or cutting things out in order to save finances.

The Kind of Swords in the Reversed Position

The Fool Reversed

Reversed Meaning - King Of Swords

At best, the reversed King of Swords card represents a person out of control in their thoughts… but at worst the card can indicate some serious mental health problems. The reversed position of this card can be a dangerous one indeed and when it is seen in a reading it is always best to ask for further clarification of the card. If the card is focused on you then it is a good time and probably a requirement for your own sanity to focus on you right now. Usually it comes up when problems are swirling out of control and you are or are dealing with a person that is losing touch with reality. This can be due to issues or stress or simply from intellectual creativity. No matter what the reason you want to be careful of this person because they can be unaware of consequences of their actions. Often the card is associated with increased manic states, flakiness, and instability in multiple aspects of life such as in the case where a person is so preoccupied that they allow necessary aspects of their life fail like work, relationships, or basic needs. The person affected by this card often needs to seek professional help by a counselor, spiritual guide, or close friend/relative to get perspective and get their life back on track.

Upright King of Swords Meanings in Keywords

  • Man over age of 40 
  • Dark hair and eyes
  • Cold-hearted
  • Sharp intellectual mind
  • Analytical
  • Leadership
  • Acknowledging effort

Reversed King of Swords Meanings in Keywords

  • Exercising verbal skills
  • Exploring creativity
  • Winning arguments
  • Winning debates
  • Working in a team
  • Being a team player
  • Making progress

By Florance Saul
Jul 10, 2012