The Knight of Wands

The Knight Of Wands Tarot Card

The Knight of Wands appears galloping on his horse wielding a wand partially in bloom.

When this Knight arrives in your life, be prepared for someone to present new concepts or ideas that will be helpful and inspiring to you. When this card represents you, you can expect for many changes to be coming your way. He inspires your built in creativity and he asks that you put it into motion. When this card appears in a reading, there is going to be a start or a finish of something important that you have been working on or you might have a change in residence. Suddenly you will have a very a strong inclination to make decisions that have been pending for a long time. You have the ability to accomplish anything that you put your mind to in this phase of your existence therefore do not limit yourself. Push for mastery over your heart and mind.

You feel like cleaning house, with a burning desire to be hyper organized. No amount of left over clutter is going to be acceptable. You need a clean slate, so you will be inclined to improve aspects of your living situation as well as the conditions in your place of work. You are ready to try new things, experiment with different kinds of work or with different projects just for the sheer value of acquiring the experience. Try not to be too hasty however; this card encourages you to move not to destroy your life. Use caution, but get moving. The Knight of Wands channels Higher Source energy for you so that you may be inspired to accomplish a great many things.

The image that the Knight of Wands evokes is that of a handsome young person galloping across the lands. There are three pyramids in the distance, which is symbolic of adventure and experiencing unknown lands. All over his clothing, you will find salamanders biting their tail; this is a long-standing and ancient symbol of the circle of life, of infinity and the unknowable magic of the ages. Salamanders are known to be fire elementals because they can resist tremendous heat. The presence of the Knight evokes the fierce protection of the salamander as you go through this transit of mighty creativity. The Knight of Wands, a warrior filled with energy, rides by your side.

This time for creative introspection prompts you to ask yourself how you are growing and changing in this moment. In what ways do you process the lessons presented to you every day? Do you ignore them? Do you embrace them? Are you making changes to benefit yourself? This is a time of risk-taking as well. Look inside yourself, verify whether or not you are stuck in a funk or afraid of making changes, or if you are trying to push yourself to make all that you can of your life while you live it?

If you have wondered whether or not now is the time to go back to school or start a new trade, the Knight of Wands supports this decision. Now is the time to become a student of growth, religion, enlightenment. Spend time with enthusiastic people who will inspire you to take action.

The Knight of Wands in Love

Physically this card usually represents a person who is new to puberty, often times a man, with blond hair and blue or hazel eyes. He can represent a friend or a lover, depending on the context of the reading. If he does represent a person, one might be cautious to question whether or not the timing is right for you to be romantically involved with someone who is hasty and sometimes over-reactive and occasionally cruel. This person has a lot of good qualities, but one must consider what the right thing is for you while traversing this territory that the Knight of Wands has set aside for you. Adventuring outwards and finding someone new to love if you are single is an excellent way to start. Nothing will make you feel more risk-taking and adventurous then the pursuit of a new love.

The Knight of Wands in Health

The Knight of Wands in health often presents itself when you are having health questions where you are stuck in a certain level of indecision. The Knight tells you that you must take action now in order to improve your health. This card signifies desire, action and forward motion. Therefore if this card shows up in your reading about health, then you must take action to get yourself out of your depressed mindset or if you have two decisions staring at you about a procedure or a way to be, the Knight tells you that any action moving forward will be the right decision for you. Stagnation is unhealthy in all forms. If you are not sure what to do, the Knight is assuring you that the answer will present itself very soon. In the mean time, ‘Act as if,’ you are healthy. Get outside, take a walk, and get your paperwork filed. The more action that you take, the sooner the right information will come to you.

The Knight of Wands in Work and Wealth;

Money and new opportunities are swiftly on their way to you. The Knight brings with him change and passion. If you are in a work situation that makes you feel creatively stimulated, then you are in the right place and will financially thrive. If you are in a work situation that makes you feel unhappy and stagnate then the Knight is telling you that now is the time to consider other options. Do not just quit your job, plan for another one that will get you out of this rut that you are in. He supports you in this process.

Reversed Knight of wands

Reversed Knight Of Wands

When the Knight of Wands is presenting itself in the reversed position in your reading this means that you are feeling very insecure with yourself. You feel as though your boundaries are being threatened, that you are living a monotonous existence that lacks in abundance and creativity. You are afraid to reveal your true feelings and are therefore stuck in a situation that you feel you are incapable of getting out of. This is a position of non-movement. What you want to happen is not happening because you have allowed yourself to get stuck thinking that you have no power and no control. The best way to get out of this is to practice coming through for yourself. Decide one thing a day that you will accomplish, and then accomplish it. This will increase desire for change and will unbury you from all that you have not accomplished. The Knight wishes to free you from all that burdens you.


The Knight of Wands Card Keywords Upright

  • Manipulation
  • Using power
  • Anger
  • Evil goals
  • Stealing
  • Breaking people
  • Dark future
  • Stiffness
  • Fearlessness

The Knight of Wands Tarot Card Reversed Card Keywords

  • Improved goals
  • Changing opinion
  • Awakening
  • Apologizing
  • Feeling bad
  • Gaining hope
  • Salvation
  • Being afraid
  • Late arrival
  • Traveling alone

By Florance Saul
Jul 9, 2012