The Eight of Wands

What The Eight of Wands means in a tarot reading

The Eight of Wands

If you have received the Eight of Wands in your reading, you will find that your affairs will be speeding up now.

You have important news on the way and there will be a slow but progressive and positive growth in your affairs due to a heightening of your senses connecting both earthly energies and cosmic ones. You are finally about to come to the end of your goals, end of the journey and your hard work will be bringing you great rewards. As we speak, action is being taken, paperwork is being sorted out, your affairs are coming to a close in the most efficient and solid way possible. If you have recently had an obstacle come up that makes you feel as though you were stopped in your tracks, they will be transformed for you into something tangible, creative and productive.


The image of the Eight of Wands is that of 8 staves flying through the air at maximum speed. Having sped through the country, they are going to be able to take their rest soon, having utilized all of their energy. This is symbolic of hope in haste, and sometimes too rapid of an advancement. This can mean that you could be pushing too hard to get something done too fast, and this card is cautioning you take a little bit more time to make sure that everything is being handled appropriately. Coming news could range from letters of love, to news of travel via air.

At this point in time, all that you desire is being presented to you. Draw on the active energy of the staves flying through the air and allow yourself to have enthusiasm about your future and current circumstances. When you are enthusiastic, you get other people excited to help you as well. Your personal freedom of speech and expression are extremely important to you. Consider meditation to calm your larger impulses so that you can wait till you have all of the information before acting. If you take the traits that you are learning about and bring what you already know to the table you will you will combine your efforts into one harmonious whole. You have a commitment to matters that are spiritual. Pursue this energy and it will take you far.

Through your communication with God or higher source energy you are able to be moved farther and faster than you ever thought possible. That is why this card is so good for you at this point in time. You have worked hard for a long time, and now you should be able to rest. Resting in prayer and in intentional thought is what the 8 of Wands requests of you. But keep in mind that you do not have to worry about your affairs taking a pause if you do. You have already put plenty into motion and so nothing is going to be able to stop that from happening. In this instance, you just get to rest and you do not have to worry about negative repercussions.

The power and connectivity to divine source energy is very common in the suit of the Wands. Here the 8 of Wands acts as a transmitter from above and all you need to do is be receptive.

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The Eight of Wands in Love

When the Eight of Wands has joined ranks with other cards in your love reading, you must take into consideration that you have put a lot of really amazing work in to improving yourself in order to attract the right partner. Now is the time for you to allow things to happen. The actions you have put into motion will continue to stay in motion and will bare fruit for you. If you are in a relationship, this means that you will have a time of smooth sailing in your future. Where you do not have to work so hard or worry so much. If you are single then this card speaks directly to the work that you have done to improve yourself and it applauds you for the good work. Do not act hastily, remember, everything is already in motion, you do not have to do anything.


The Eight of Wands in Health

Because this card is such an active card, it is a good idea for you to physically pursue different ways of connecting to the spiritual realm using the physical body. For example, different kinds of yoga would be extremely helpful. Some yoga requires hours of meditation as well as mastering intentional movement. This card is recommending that you give a primary focus to this kind of behavior so that you will have a level of full body health that you never imagined possible.


The Eight of Wands in Work and Wealth

Many of us work really hard in this day and age with the economy the way that it is, just to make sure that we have a roof over our head, a place to sleep and food to eat. Well now the time has come for you to revel a little in what you have accomplished. The wands are about to fall to the ground and rest for a while, and so should you. This would be an excellent time to try to take a paid vacation if you can manage it. If you are concerned about business matters, just know that the 8 of Wands is going to reward you for all the work you have done so far.



Reversed Meaning - Eight of Wands

Sometimes you get a little bit caught up in new ideas or concepts or potential. Fantasizing is an extremely important part of the creative process; however it is important that you not lose sight of where you have started. Your confidence is being questioned, and this is hard for you to handle. Consider taking any new fantasies that you have about people or situations and take action or communicate immediately so that it doesn’t cause you to procrastinate. Procrastination is your worst enemy. You have done very well up to this point to put action to your desires. Do not stop now.


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