The Nine of Swords

Nine of Swords Tarot Card

The Nine Of Words Tarot Card Meaning

When the Nine of Swords becomes present in your reading there is an experience in your life that you are going to need to analyze very carefully.

Focus on your priorities and keep moving. This card is representative of ill tidings coming your way. Sometimes life throws us curveballs that exist for the purpose of giving us the experience of working through the problems that they create and this is the case for you at this time. Often this card is depicting some kind of loss that has thrown you completely off of your normal routine.

The image that is depicted in the Rider-Waite deck shows a woman waking up in the dead of night in despair. Her head is in her hands and there are nine heavy swords hanging over her head. This is symbolic of loss, suffering and sometimes misery or oppression. This card could be symbolic of a loss of a loved one either in an end in a relationship or a death. When you have gotten this card in your reading you will need to take a step back emotionally and take a look at your situations as they currently are.

If you are experiencing this level of loss and you are right in the middle of grieving this could be hard to do. But this card tells you that it is important for you to keep focused on your end goal primarily because for one thing it will help with your grief and for another you will find that even though this is a difficult time, much growth will come as a result of you having the strength to keep on moving. You will definitely need to prioritize because you will not be able to take on very much right now, so what you do take on needs to be gentle and easy for you to handle. When you prioritize then you are giving the pain something positive to transform into, and often times pain and suffering can be excellent motivations. You need a distraction that will help you get through your grief. Immerse yourself totally and trust that you know what you need to do to succeed. At this point, the higher mind can take the wheel, and you should allow it to. Healing is found when one connects to their higher source energy.

Right now the combination that can be found in Knowledge and in Wisdom should be treated as interrelated. You cannot carry out a responsibility without the knowledge necessary to do so and you can’t be truly informed or knowledgeable on anything without the assistance of responsibility. There is a copasetic relationship here that cannot be denied. At this point in the Suit of Swords, you must take the responsibility inherent in the Knowledge that is at your fingertips so that you might get through this devastating time unscathed.

The time to fine-tune your personal philosophy and set goals for this lifetime is now. Even though it may be difficult to do so, there is nothing healthier for you at this time then to focus on improving yourself in life. Take the time now to consider how you are putting yourself down and being counterproductive, what is causing you suffering at this time? What is causing you to be depressed?

The Nine of Swords in Love

This is just a time in your life that you have to learn to figure out what you need to do. You have been so devastated by a loss in the past, or with a mistake that you have made that you cannot possibly fathom how you can ever be free to pursue something right and good ever again. Therefore you are stunted and you continue to attract those that are not good for you, they take advantage, they cheat and lie and betray you. This is a cycle that is feeding on itself because you have not healed from the grief of this big loss in your past. If you unravel the pain from your past, then you will be able to experience true happiness in the future.

The 9 swords in love can mean that someone has suddenly come to a realization in love and that they are suffering greatly in their love life. This card can mean the subconscious mind is working over-time and that they are worried about getting too carried away with someone. Another interpretation is that someone likes playing games, they like the chase and the early part of relationships. Even the on/off of how relationships pan out. If the situation is comfortable then one of the partners might get too bored. It could mean the end of a relationship as one or both parties are not in the real frame of mind. The 9 of swords in love can also indicate a breakup, or someone likes sexual or psychological pain. They use control and abuse to get what they need and want in life.

These are some keywords for the 9 of swords in love.

  • Enjoy sexually by pain or gets turned on by this.
  • Uses control and abuse in life.
  • Does not want the relationship to go anywhere.
  • Hurt by another so likes humiliation of love interests.
  • Likes playing games to hurt you and provides abuse.

The Nine Of Swords As Feelings

This card as an answer to feelings “how does he or she feel about me” can mean that there was real love pain for the person in the past and that this is keeping them awake in life. It can suggest they feel anxious about love but they like inflicting pain and playing games. 

It can also suggest you are not even in the mind of this person because they have so much going on in life. It can mean that the feelings they have for you are stressful and they are worried. Also, a sense of fear to some degree, maybe they are scared to have any relationship with anyone due to being hurt.  It could mean this person has deep feelings even, but cannot do anything because they are not ready for a real relationship, or that they don’t see any happiness around spending time with you only stress.

The Nine of Swords in Health

The Nine of Swords in health describes a time of depression. You have experienced grief, and then grief grabbed a hold of you and is sucking you dry slowly. Instead of taking the time that is necessary to grieve and then move on, you have instead become addicted to the doldrums sadness that came from that loss. You are reliving it on a regular basis. The first item of business for you is to recognize that you are perpetuating a cycle, and then once you have done that then you must begin to take action that is going to get you out of the house, to try to pursue new activities. Clean your house, do a house cleansing using salt and sage. Sage will clear out the negative energies and the salt will absorb it. You need to cleanse yourself and all that is around you so that you may begin anew.

The Nine of Swords in Work and Wealth

In work and wealth the Nine of Swords is recognizing that you have experienced a loss in your work situation or are you are in the process of working through one that you fear is on its way. Your business is going to be affected directly by the fear that is all around you right now. This is a passing phase, but if you wish to be prepared for this time of your life, then you should make sure that sign off on all of your paperwork, leaving nothing to chance. You need to have all of your bases covered in this instance as right now a lot can go wrong very easily.

Nine of Swords Advice 

Pulling this card in the advice position indicates that you are moving from a difficult time in life. This is a positive card to have in the advice position. It can indicate that you will be under pressure and you may feel uneasy about making decisions. In order to move forward, it is important for you to overcome the uneasiness that you will be feeling. 

Nine of Swords Outcome

The overall feeling of this card in the outcome position can mean that the longer-term result of the situation may not be as you hoped. It can mean feeling stressed and obsessing over something or someone. In love as an outcome, it can mean you are feeling anxiety. This card is also about projecting your hopes and dreams on other people. It could mean that you are still wanting something back from the past, such as a relationship or job. The 9 of swords in an outcome position could also be a warning of possible depression and that you are feeling unloved by someone. This card is drawn in love matters when there is someone toxic that is taking too much from you. 

The Nine Of Swords in the Reversed Position

The Fool Reversed

Reversed Meaning - Nine Of Swords

The 9 of swords reversed in a spread can mean that problems that you are experiencing are real and since you can’t directly attack them you are taking out your anger and resentment on yourself and others. You are being stubborn, incapable of flexibility as well as overly fixed in your beliefs. Be patient and believe in yourself at this time, for you have won. Trust that good news is on its way and take care not to rush anything.

Remember not to be too hard on yourself. The 9 of swords indicate that there is dedication in life and that you have inner cruelty. The nine shows an alleviation of the pressure. It can suggest that a sense of hope may return. More importantly, that healing is underway. I often feel the 9 of swords reversed is like a sun rising and that the sub-conscious can recover after a difficult time. Everyone must face the fear of rejection and overcoming problems and the stakes are high when this card is drawn. The 9 of swords indicate the turmoil, unworthiness, and guilt are to go into the foreground to never return.  

Nine Of Swords Reversed Love

Swords are associated with communication and drawing the 9 of swords for love in the reversed position can indicate that there is real hope for this relationship but there is also the danger of delusion. The card can also imply though some "temporary fling" you may find love, this card upright also means depression so the relationship might not bring happiness. Reversed the 9 of swords in love can suggest feeling happier in your love life - but it will only be temporary.

If there is a relationship that you are questioning it can indicate things are going to be concluded, even hidden secrets revealed. The card can also mean that you have suffered stress in relationships and they are not safe and secure. The suffering of love can not mean that things are over so don't worry if you have just started out on this love path. Sometimes grief from past relationships can sometimes haunt us and this could be why this card arose.

Nine of swords Reversed As Feelings

As feelings drawing the 9 of swords can mean that the person’s past is coming in the way of how they feel about future partners. It can suggest that they are worried about being hurt so they would rather not embark on love at all. The 9 of swords reversed in love can also a declaration that something is going to happen, either a declaration of love (which is rejected) or moving onto a new relationship.

Upright Nine of Swords Meanings in Keywords

  • Overcoming sadness
  • Finding happiness
  • Recovery
  • Trusting again
  • Gaining insight
  • Growing strong
  • Feeling reborn

Reversed Nine of Swords Meanings in Keywords

  • Reliving the past
  • Overthinking
  • Mental issues
  • Forced smiling
  • Rejecting help
  • Being alone
  • Rejecting people

By Florance Saul
Jul 10, 2012