The Queen of Wands

The Queen Of Wands Tarot Card

The Queen and counterpart for the King of Wands represents for you a time of sensitivity and awareness, of self-discovery and passion of spirit as well as the awakening of who you are on a deep, internal level.

When you receive this card there is an extenuating and developing love of home as well as an intense appreciation of nature. You have a magnetic personality that attracts those to you who also have a desire to be connected to nature and have a fiery desire to create an exceptional life. She represents introspectiveness in conjunction with passionate desire. She is funny, caring, and dedicated. She is a nurse who provides spiritual aid and a doctor to our souls.

The Queen of Wands represented in the Rider Waite deck is depicted by a crowned queen who sits on her throne holding a staff strongly in her right hand. She appears, of course, as a very regal character, with an air about her that at first glance exemplifies a nurturing and passionate energy. In her left hand you will find a sunflower indicating that her energy controls all nature bring abundance and satisfaction. All around her are, similar to that of the King, lions symbolizing a connection to the lower forces and an animal nature and accompanying her in the card is a black cat. The black cat in this card represents the more sinister, albeit necessary aspects of Venus. Venus influences the fire and passion of this Queen, but she is in full control and balanced with these differing energies. You must use the example that the queen has set for you, and connect with your own perception of the elements all around you. Specifically focus on connecting the element of fire, evoked from the South. When this energy is surrounding you, there will be an intensity that accompanies every move that you make. You must allow yourself this freedom of expression and creativity for if you do, you will accomplish much during this transit.

If you have chosen this card as your representative, this card usually refers to someone who has blond hair with blue or hazel eyes. If you have received this card in the placement of an individual person, then you can expect that the key focus of the reading is either going to be a person who has come into your life recently or who will come into you’re your life shortly. You will recognize this person by their dynamic and inspiring qualities. Usually this person is a female who is very nurturing and energetic, playing a matron-like role in your life.

If this card is representing you, then the Queen acknowledges that you are the type of person who others go to for advice. Because they are comfortable in doing so reflects on your nurturing nature. Others come to you for help because they KNOW that you will have the right thing to say that will help them organize their thoughts.

When the Queen of Wands blesses your reading, she is letting you know that there is no point in accepting or producing lies or deceit. There is no value in it. There is also no reason to get stuck in a cycle of overly controlling or dominating either yourself or others. She offers the advice to let go of the need to be in control, doing so will increase your well-being in multiple ways. If you allow yourself to let go, and let others help you; first you are being assisted which means that you can actually spend some time relaxing and second: Everyone needs to feel like they are putting some work into the relationship. It is good for all involved. ‘Let Go and Let God,’ as the saying goes. This is the message the Queen bestows upon you.

The Queen of Wands is asking you now to allow your physical senses to help you get in tuned with your natural perception and intuition. For example, you have a very strong connection to your mental and spiritual guides at this time. See if you can practice exercising your awareness to their presence physically. What does the message of coming opportunity ‘feel’ like? What about a potential danger? Can you sense when something is about to happen? You may have an intuition to turn another direction or you may receive a physical poke or a mental jab that makes you very aware that you need to listen to spiritual advice. The more that you practice listening, the stronger your intuition and the physical connection thereof will be. Be patient and practice generosity and then recognize negativity as being what it is: Not worth your time.

The Queen of Wands in Love

When the Queen of Wands visits your love reading, she is blessing your life with a tremendous level of fiery joy. The entire universe appears to be protected from harm at this point which means that now is the time to either actively pursue that man or woman that you have been interested in for a long time, or to allow yourself to participate in some childlike joy with your current partner. If you are not in a relationship and are not seeking one, this is the card that teaches you to love yourself more and more fully appreciate what you have to offer to world. Creativity is extremely important at this point in your life. You are buzzing with desire and now you must project that energy outward for the world to see. Consider your personal power and behave spontaneously for your own good. You already radiate from within, now you just need to believe that for yourself. Spread that love to others.

The Queen of Wands in Health

The Queen of Wands in Health represents a new surge of healing will come to you. She is representative of a whole body, spiritual, mental and physical healing. You will find yourself feeling more balanced than you usually do and you are encouraged to use this momentum to begin some new form of activity that will strengthen your cardiovascular system. This activity must be fun and interesting for you because nothing will last if it is not engaging your creative energies. Keep this in mind. If you have been concerned that you are not going to heal from an injury or a disease, the Queen speaks directly to you and says: You are going to be just fine.

The Queen of Wands in Work and Wealth

The Queen of Wands is wholly practical with all aspects of money and the home. She makes sound business judgments and pragmatic investments. If you have questions about whether or not you should make moves forward in taking a risk, you may do so now providing that you have gathered all of the information that is available to you so that you are making an informed decision. The Queen wants you to be comfortable, to create a happy home life. Therefore the more research you do up front, the better the end result is going to be.

Reversed queen of wands

Reversed Meaning - Queen of Wands

There are those in your life now that can be manipulative or controlling. You have too many people demanding of your time. This is counter what the Queen wants for you. You need to release these excess responsibilities to allow creative freedom to reign. Be reasonable with those that depend on you, and allow them to let go of their dependence on you or you will reach your limit emotionally and mentally. Now is the time to demonstrate to the Universe that you believe in yourself and in the abilities of others to handle themselves like responsible adults, without you.

The Queen of Wands Card Keywords Upright

  • Using your power
  • Weak friendships
  • Weak social interaction
  • Manipulative
  • Powerful first impression
  • A strong attitude
  • Rejecting advice
  • Pretending to be cold
  • Crying on the inside

The Queen of Wands Tarot Card Reversed Card Keywords

  • Stop lying to yourself
  • Avoiding emotions
  • Fake interests
  • Vitality
  • Strong health
  • Active lifestyle
  • Optimistic
  • Outgoing
  • Sharing advice
  • Low self-confidence
  • Fake friendships
  • Fake relationships
  • Great talents
  • Hidden potential
  • Space for developing
  • Doubting your qualities

By Flo Saul
Jul 9, 2012