The Devil

The Devil Tarot Card

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning

Oh no, it’s the Devil card! Don’t worry, it’s not all brimstone and evil… generally, the Devil represents very human aspects, rather than supernatural ones.

The Devil card is the perversion of everything good, spiritual, and whole. It shows that there are unhealthy aspects of your life that you are likely ignoring. In this card, you will find the same two people from the Lovers card now chained to the pedestal on top of which the devil sits. The winged figure above has an inverted pentacle representing the physical needs dominating over the spiritual. The Devil card represents either a negative influence upon you at this time which is usually compounded by your compliance. Typically this card will show up in a reading to identify an extremely unhealthy behavior, relationship, or environment. It is a card that acts as a warning omen that unless you correct the wrongs surrounding you in both the physical world and the metaphysical you will suffer consequences of the most unpleasant sort.

Now is a time to act and stop making excuses. It is your responsibility to make choices which are healthy and productive and there is no excuse to let obvious shackles hold you back. Extreme restraints or outlandish habits will undoubtedly both wreak havoc in your life. The card begs the questions: How are you being deceived? Are you doing it to yourself or is there an outside force to be reckoned with?

The Devil in Love

Being a card of deception, the Devil card does not bode well for a love affair. Cheating, lying, and dominating are often invoked in the mind of the recipient of this card but often it’s much simpler than that. The Devil card represents the insecurity around all of these issues as well as jealousy, co-dependency, and an overall loss of freedom that can come when one loses themselves in a relationship. Caution to both those in a relationship and those who are still searching should be had.

The Devil card can also represent not being able to trust your own judgment. You may be blinded by past deceptions and hold on to animosity that carries over into a new relationship. It may be best, for now, to really delve into the issues of your relationship and see what is true before making a decision. Many will find that the relationship issues they are going through are typical for their love patterns and that unhealthy behavior on their own part are creating unstable relationships currently.

The Devil in Health

In health the Devil card reflects hidden health issues often of internal organs or silent diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or mental weariness. It does not mean you are possessed or that there is some evil outside force making you sick. There is nothing to be afraid of in this card. Rather it shows up often as a warning sign that you may want to check in with your doctor. Often people that are feeling run down, overworked, or just ‘out of sorts’ will find the Devil shows up in their readings. That being said, it can also be a sign of heavier issues spiritually or mentally that are caused by excess like addiction, binging, or unhealthy behaviors that you are indulging in. Think of it as a helpful card telling you that you may need a bit of love and attention and should not be ignored.

The Devil Work and Wealth

How are your finances right now? Do you feel like you are working hard, trying to be frugal, but still are getting nowhere? Let’s be honest then, you aren’t doing everything that you can. The Devil represents gluttony on many levels and money is definitely one of them. Whether it is to do with work specifically – in this area you are likely working hard enough but not keeping your spending in check – or finances only it all comes down to the fact that you aren’t watching where your money is going close enough. Whether you have a habit of shopping, gambling, or simply spending exorbitant amounts of money on your daily coffee and snacks, it all adds up. Not to point a finger, but your money problems as of now are your own doing. The good side of this is that once you identify where the waste is, you have the power to curb the spending and get your financial goals back in line. In the work place, the Devil often represents an individual that is not to be trusted. This is another one of the major arcana cards that tells you if something is too good to be true then it probably is and you should watch carefully for anyone offering you a hand up at this time. Do not be tempted by taking the easy road or short cuts as they will likely turn out to be pitfalls.


The Devil Reversed

Reversed Devil in a reading

This is one of the few cards in the deck that turn out to be positive when found in the reversed position in a reading. Often signifying a close call of some sort, the Devil in reverse can actually be a good omen in a reading. Usually you will see it present after making a choice in a relationship, taking a step in recovery, or after quitting a negative habit in your life. Take the reversed Devil card as a sign that you have made a good choice, even if you are feeling uncertain. The important trait of the Devil in this position is realizing that your decision has been good and not relapsing back into the bad situation that you avoided or just escaped from. Do not look back. Keep progressing towards the light.

By Flo Saul
Jul 9, 2012