The Justice Tarot Card

The Justice Tarot Card Meaning

Standing with integrity and strength, the Justice card beckons us to make wise choices. Protected by a full armour of fortitude she holds scales in one hand - symbols of balance and fairness that ensure decisions are made objectively between right and wrong. Rose petals surround her, calling us to serve justice not only truthfully but compassionately too; honouring ourselves as well as others along our journey through life's challenges. The misty air reminds us pause for thoughtful consideration when making crucial determinations – listening deeply before deciding based on clarity & authenticity. The Justice card in a reading is one of the more ‘feared’ cards in the deck.

There is an overarching concern that it can indicate that there will be some kind of negative repercussions, or perhaps even legal issues in your future. While this can be true, as Justice does symbolize in some forms the legal system or the fine-tuning of business; something else to consider is that the Justice card lays everything out for you exactly as you have prepared for it too. In essence, the Justice card best illustrates the just Law of Compensation: that which you put out you will receive back tenfold. Therefore, ask yourself questions, weigh out the pros and cons of any situation, and be sure that you are making decisions with integrity so that you can make the most informed decision possible. Justice exists to tell you that now is the time for things to come to balance. Those that have wronged you will get their just reward and so shall you if you have wronged anyone.

If you lead a positive, good life, then Justice will have no negative effect for you. Any negativity that your current circumstances accrue is representative of the action of swiping the plate clean so as to bring your situation back to neutral. Balance and sound judgment are necessary now. Investigate the key aspects of your situation and then choose what actions to take that are fair and honest. One should never try to swindle when the Justice card is transiting them, the sword will just as quickly swipe down on you as it will anyone else who is not acting according with the interest of their higher self.

Each of us has within us a range of emotions that should be used as a code of ethics, a way of appropriating action. When you have mental balance then you experience tranquility, you know the right way to behave. Now is the time to be decisive because the Justice causes you to be touched in the heart and in the spirit. Inspiration is available to you now, swift and focused.

The Justice Tarot Card in Love

When the Justice card shows up in reference to love there is a promise that one's needs will be met and if there are those that are behaving negatively or against the caliber of your relationship then they will be met by the sword of Justice. Therefore if you are concerned that your partner is cheating on you, Justice will bring this out in the open. On the other side, if you are cheating on your partner or being deceitful, the Justice card will cause your actions to come out in the open as well. If you are acting the part, and being a good person in your relationship then you will get your just rewards.

The Justice Tarot Card As Feelings

The justice card is positive in regards to how someone feels about another. It can mean that they have found a soul mate but they are trying to stay balanced. 

The feelings are normally balanced about love - and they are wondering if the relationship is worth the “time taken” on their part. There is a focus on weighing up of emotions as they can be rather analytical in the approach to internal feelings. 

The justice card is reaping what is sown in life. There is a focus on a person trying to approach a situation with the right intentions but their worried about messing it up. They are trying to hide their lustful emotions and come across as more formal in their approach. So, in essence, they are weighing up various options of a serious relationship. But are all the same cautious? Fairness, harmony, and balance are the guiding principles of the Justice tarot card. Finding the middle ground in any situation requires the ability to see both sides. When this card appears in a reading, it is a reminder that we all have a role to play in keeping the world in check. We need to be honest with ourselves and others, and act with integrity at all times. The Justice tarot card also encourages us to stand up for what is right, even if it means going against the grain. With this card in my readings I am confident that the choices made are just and fair.

The Justice Tarot Card As Love Reconciliation

When we search for answers, our own judgment can deceive. Look closer at the armor she wears - a reminder that you are safe and secure in life's battlefield. It is not always easy to accept; yet sometimes what does not happen benefits us most of all! I've seen it firsthand - even when my dreams were taken away from me, something greater was slowly revealed on its way with opportunities more thrilling than ever before. And so let your faith remain strong: trust that the universe will bring just what you need! There is power in the shape of a Justice card drawn as a Love Reconciliation, in all the cosmic messiness when two people split, we go on autopilot and want to get back together. Trust in this card, and trust that justice will prevail. 

The Justice Tarot Card in Health

The key to remember when it comes to Justice is that if you have been treating your body badly, the justice card will run rampant in your life if you do not get your health situated. For example, if you have been indulging in unhealthy habits like eating too much or drinking and doing drugs, the Justice card will come through and try to even the scale again and this can be manifested in the form of an illness, disease or sickness of the lungs and heart. Take this opportunity to remind yourself how to treat your body well, because the Justice card does not give multiple warnings.

The Justice Tarot Card in Work, Money, Business, Career, and Wealth

The Justice tarot card is a reminder that we must be in balance to achieve success. She beckons us to seek balance between head and heart. Encouraging our impartiality, it advises that we consider the result of all decisions with logic while remaining mindful of emotional implications too. When these two worlds come together in harmony, true wealth is realized - not only financially but also as personal growth gains momentum! My tarot figure wearing heavy armor alongside her blindfold demonstrate how important fairness must be within every aspect of life for successful outcomes; a reminder for treading lightly yet confidently into paths forward so greatness can blossom among relationships both inside and outside work realms.

It's time now take responsibility from an honorable stance: justice helps guide you on this journey ahead! In business, drawing Justice indicates we need to create harmony within our lives and practice fairness and impartiality in our dealings. When we take a balanced approach to business, the results are rewards of wealth, strong business relationships and personal growth. The Justice tarot card calls for us to step back from our passions and strive for an equilibrium between logic and emotions so that we can make wise decisions going forward. 

In work or career spreads Justice pulled asks if you have filed your paperwork correctly, signed what needs to be signed and have wrapped up all loose ends you will find that the Justice card is kind to you and will serve you greatly by transforming your business venture into something astounding. However, if you have not paid close attention to the legal side of your business venture, then you want to do so now. When the Justice card is present, all moves that are being made are watched and calculated for value. Therefore, make sure that you are walking with integrity in all things, but especially in business.

The Justice Tarot Card in a Yes or No reading

When drawing the Justice tarot card in a “Yes or No” reading, it is generally interpreted as a yes, but with an important caveat: making decisions based exclusively on instinct, without considering the myriad choices and their predetermined consequences, might not always be wise. To ensure fair results and just outcomes, one must assess all angles objectively, putting logic before emotions. The card of Justice urges all to seek balance between these two opposing forces, to make decisions in favor of principles rather than personalities. With that being said, when taking into account the whole situation thoughtfully and gracefully - then yes!

The Justice Tarot Card As A person

One who pulls in the Justice card in their tarot spread for a person indicates to me, there are lifelong lessons of balance that need learning. When encountered with a case of right or wrong, this person will weigh both sides carefully and consider coming up with a solution that keeps equilibrium. They refuse to be pulled in by anyone's razzle-dazzle scheme, instead they will push forward their own unique moral compass. This makes them someone you can always rely on; no matter how strong the temptation may be to cover up your mistakes, Justice reminds me in a spread --- that it is better to face unpleasant realities than shake off a bad feeling.

The Justice Tarot Card In The Past Position 

The Justice Tarot card appearing in the Past Position of a tarot reading in my many years experience means that truth seeking and truth delivering are the words that you need to listen to. I often find, this card speaks to matters of justice, punishment and rectification of circumstances; a person's karma in connection to crimes, whether real or imagined. It can be seen as an effect of one's honesty while virtue triumphs over suffering. 

I always think in life Justice will come back with consequences regarding past decisions and how we respond to life’s challenges -- that require empathy as well as reliable assessment. This card reveals the truth and asks us to take steps to uphold both truth and fairness in life may not always be available right away but will eventually lead us forth on our journey and give us new power.

The Justice Tarot Card In The Present Position

The Justice tarot card in the present position of a tarot spread signifies transformation and positive change. Yes, this is a great card to pull. It is a reminder to us all that life does not stay the same forever, even though we may fervently wish for that Tesla or new outfit, there is more to life than the material possessions.

Sometimes, just as ripped fabric pieces can be bought a new and put together differently, so can our souls create just like a story in a book. The Justice tarot card suggests that where you are now may not be an ideal place - like a wise preacher or guru once said to me - you have the power and potential to create something new from a book that was ripped up long ago - whether through real action or simply by energetically believing in yourself.

The Justice Tarot Card As Future Or Outcome

In my opinion, drawing the Justice tarot card in a Future Position is among the most symbolic situations. It speaks to the captain of industry, that unique individual who goes beyond what is expected and paves a path for others to follow. For the outcome position I often see this as suggesting a meandering journey that has multiple huge decisions; not only do you have to choose which path you take, but more importantly consider how far you're willing to go on each path. This push and pull of life requires special attention, as you are being offered direction and solidity to move forward fearlessly with the knowing that Justice has your back.

The Justice Tarot Card As Friendship Or Family

In the readings I have carried out recently the Justice tarot card appeared many times in the friendship and family position, the meaning to me is that if you pull this it may signify how to love, how to balance ourselves, how to open your heart and above all --- how to be fair. It can represent the soulful lessons behind ones setbacks. Let me tell you there is a place on earth where justice prevails, this card serves as an invitation for us to strive for something of similar value in our personal spaces - in how we make decisions, how we show others that their feelings matter and how we forge a loving bond with those close to us. Justice is recognition that our loved ones deserve fairness, honesty and equality despite how different they may be from us. It is how compassion helps shape understanding and how understanding reveals love.

The Justice Card Tarot Reversed

Justice In Reversed position

When I find Justice in a reversed position in readings it reminds me that grandeur and beauty should never be overshadowed by the veiled delusions of justice. The Justice card appears in readings in the reversed position when there is an aspect of your spirit that is unwilling to seek out the meanings behind the events that take place in your life. This means that you are not being wholly honest with yourself about the way that you are treating others or you are trying perhaps become successful by taking advantage. You are missing the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of the lessons in your life and allowing yourself to live by default. If this is the case for you, then consider the fact that you may need to experience some level of injustice for things to right themselves again. The Justice Card’s sole interest is in perpetuating neutral grounds. If you were swept up in this experience and you find that the Justice Card is affecting you negatively, then just prepare yourself to do better next time. If you are expressing yourself in a highly moral way, good in the eyes of Justice then you will reap the benefits of having this guardian at your side. 

My questions to you: are you deluded? To separate from such inferior thoughts, a person must climb above their circumstances and perceive the glistening scenes of a better future. 
Remember, we possess the power to propel our inner potential and achieve change with an unwavering commitment to moral values. From this center of brave thought comes an infinite supply of courage that no longer permits injustice to remain in its current state. Our resilience will shine upon justice in reversed position and prove that nothing is ever too late!

Love and Romance - The Justice Card Reversed

If you have asked about Love and romance and draw Justice reversed it is about how you often see relationships as a source of joy and bliss, remember though, to some it can also stand as a source of humiliation. It doesn’t have to be this way, though; justice can be reversed if we take the time to reach for something greater. Instead of walking blindly through life, dimmed by a dark glass in our hearts, let us destroy the walls that stand between us and those we love.

I want you to hear this: let us free ourselves from pain, and instead fill our lives with strength, courage, and passion. Love is meant to ignite passion within us all—don’t let it become another source of pain and hurt. Shift the gears of destiny into a new direction—reach out for justice reversed with love and romance!

Family and Home - The Justice Card Reversed

Drawing the justice card in a family and home tarot spread is like letting yourself be ripped up and sold anew with an unflinching perspective. It surrounds you with balanced, non-judgemental understanding, and calls on your autonomy to decide what kind of life you will create. It asks us to confront difficult issues, set boundaries, and move on - toward clearer skies and better times for our families and homes.

With the justice card comes a sense of freedom, of being liberated from an oppressive status quo. Thus, it can grant us new beginnings at any moment when we accept its invitation to draw inner strength from within ourselves by intimately knowing what we desire for our lives.

Work and Finances - The Justice Tarot Card Reversed

In a world of job boards and online resumes, commuting for long hours with low wages, justice can easily be reversed. Yet, if we remain optimistic and strive to discover innovative solutions to existing problems, we can achieve financial freedom by working smarter and achieving success on our own terms. The key is to bring creativity and ingenuity into the workplace, such that work becomes empowering and not only useful but enjoyable as well. I challenge you to imagine how joyous life would be when each job brings nearer peace of mind and closer proximity to justice!

Health and Wellness - The Justice Tarot Card Reversed

Seeing the Justice tarot card reversed means to promote good health and wellness through every action we take. We have the opportunity to shape our lives by taking part in healthy activities such as physical exercise, nutritious eating, and meaningful time with family and friends. These things help create a sense of balance and peace inside us; when we are at our best physically and emotionally, we can be the truest version of ourselves. Seeing the world from a place of wellness allows us to treat each other with compassion, understanding, and justice regardless of our backgrounds or circumstances. Every moment is an opportunity for self-care and thriving well-being; we all deserve to create lasting justice reversed in our lives!

Personal Spirituality - The Justice Tarot Card Reversed

Seeing the Justice Tarot card reversed can serve as a reminder that true justice is more than weighing and measuring right and wrong. Instead, I like to think that this can can be seen as an opportunity for a deep dive into our own personal beliefs, exploring our sense of fairness and justice on an individual level. The meaning of Justice in any spiritual endeavor implies that we must reflect on the fundamental values, beliefs, and spiritual center we use to navigate life's difficult decisions and dilemmas. By doing so, we create codes of ethics that have become part of our unique spirit - a reminder that each of us possess an inner force to bring balance between our understanding of what justice means for not only ourselves but the universe around us.

Justice reversed can still offer us hope. In the seemingly never-ending pursuit of love, family, work and success, we often forget that these things come at a price. Our mental and physical health pay the heaviest toll when we neglect our need for rest and relaxation in favor of ambition. 

And yet, I personally believe that when justice is dealt its harshest blows, there always remains the potential for reconciliation – with ourselves, as well as with others. Perhaps it is through this act of balancing opposing forces that we achieve true justice in the end: a just justice which affirms life, instead of destroying it.

Upright Justice Card Meanings in Keywords

  • Legal case or judgement in court
  • Cut to the chase
  • Contracts
  • Legal help

Reversed Justice Card Meanings in Keywords

  • Losing a legal battle
  • Resentfulness
  • Rejection
  • Inability to communicate

By Flo Saul
Jul 9, 2012