The Knight of Swords

Knight of swords

Knight of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Drumming hooves accompany the exultant fury of the Knight of Swords. In front of him lies a battle; he could charge home, but he pauses as he must settle many scores. The Knight of Swords sweeps the fields with passion and non-commitment, but exhausted by heat and thirst, he does not last long. Behind the armor of protection, he is shielded by his metal helmet hiding his real thoughts.

The Knight of Swords is a formidable figure, much like a powerful warrior with his sword poised to strike. He is a force of action, cutting through any obstacles or delays and making progress quickly. His energy is intense and focused, never wavering from the path he has chosen. He is capable and determined but can be reckless at times, charging forward without considering all the facts, like a fierce gale of wind that gusts through any situation, bringing change and excitement. Knights can be inspiring to some and intimidating to others. There is no doubt the energy of this tarot card is so powerful that it can overwhelm those who are unprepared for the intensity of its presence. 

The Knight of Swords is the embodiment of action and progress, serving as a reminder to stay focused on goals and trust yourself in making decisions, despite any opposition or fear you may encounter. This card encourages us to be brave and bold, always looking forward to new opportunities instead of dwelling on the past. In short, the Knight of Swords is a symbol of taking control of your life.

The Knight of Swords is depicted in my Moondust Tarot Card above by a Knight who is galloping on his mighty steed across open country, perhaps on a mission of romantic chivalry. There are clouds in the sky, symbolic of trouble ahead, but he pays them no mind. The Venusian Cypress Trees are blowing in the Wind, motivating him to pursue his heart’s desire at any cost. The butterflies depicted in the card are symbols of the brave soul that drives him to ride on. 

The Knight Of Swords views the world as a place of honor and courage. In his pursuit of integrity while he stands steadfast on the earth emersed in his convictions. Life is a battle, but he believes it should be fought with gallantry and respect for all living things. Knights see the world like chessboards, dealing with every situation thoughtfully, patiently, and strategically. While he knows that life is unpredictable, he has faith in his own intuition and the power of resilience will get him through. Knights in tarot teach life lessons such as never giving up, honoring your commitments, and valuing loyalty above all else. He can move through life with greater awareness and appreciation if he lives with these values at the forefront of his mind. Despite the odds, a knight's greatest strength is his ability to strive for the best.
The Knight of Swords views the world as an exciting challenge and embraces it with enthusiasm and integrity. Each problem in life is viewed as a game requiring careful consideration before the next move. He understands the importance of loyalty and resilience. To achieve this, he never gives up or fails to honor his commitments in an effort to be the best version of himself. The greatest strength of the Knight of Swords is his unwavering commitment to integrity, bravery, and chivalry. Taking risks, staying true to yourself, and never giving up are all lessons learned from the knight metaphor. Keep in mind, we can all strive to become our own personal knights; standing tall with strength, grace, and courage.
No matter how difficult life may seem, knowing that this knight ​​sees the world with such unwavering conviction and courage can help us all stay true to our own values. You can unlock your potential for greatness by following in his footsteps and living with virtue, fearlessness, and belief. We can all learn from our successes and failures and the Knight of Swords serves as a reminder that all of us are capable of great things if we never give up.

When the Knight of Swords blesses your reading, you must take some time to brainstorm for yourself some new thoughts that will better your life experience, and you must do so without scalding yourself in the process. This should be a free-flowing experience. You have an eagerness to be everything all at once, but part of the lesson of the Knight is that that is not possible. You must take it all one step at a time. The Knight is helping you to move faster, but this should not be confused with instant gratification. You must focus all of your attention on making your point, speaking out, and expressing your emotions to others clearly and honestly.

The Knight of Swords in Love

Metal armor acts like a fortress, protecting the Knight Of Swords from the perils of emotion. Metal's strength prevents emotions from entering and wreaking havoc inside, despite feelings and love battering at its walls. Despite bending and denting under pressure, it will never break completely and let emotional turmoil overwhelm the Knight. He is protected with this armor, preserving his mental health and well-being in the process. Whatever emotions you feel, this metal barrier will remain strong and unflinching.

Being his raging figure it is hard to cut your way through. Through his eye slits, he builds a wall of protection around himself, which prevents others from really connecting with him. As well as being emotionally distant and unapproachable, he may seem unworthy of close relationships. It may also be difficult for him as he is "armored" to express his feelings or be vulnerable around others, further offending them. Developing strong relationships with someone who is "armored" can take time and patience. A rewarding relationship can flourish once these walls are broken down and true connections are made. Everyone has a unique set of experiences and coping mechanisms, so it is important to remember that. A person who is "armored" may have had a difficult or traumatic past.

In love, if the querent is not represented by the Knight then it is likely that someone who has all of the attributes of the Knight of Swords is going to be showing up in your life. This could be an excellent time for a romantic partnership, as being with this person will take you to new heights emotionally and romantically. There is someone who romantically favors you at this time. Be open to new possibilities. There is a level of romance and chivalry around you now, and this experience is one that everyone should take some time to be comfortable with. You are going to have fun.

Swords are the suit of messages, communications, and the mind. Often, I find this card represents mind games. If this is a loving outcome then his talk is a clever one, attractive, and witty but also intense. This is saying your “minds” have engaged before anything physical. Since this is an “outcome” card in the spread it can mean that something like a tornado hit the situation. The knight does suggest that even though this is a card of movement there is a focus on lust rather than love. It can also mean you are both or one of you is jumping to a conclusion without thinking about the evidence. There is lots of energy in the card and someone trying to rescue the situation. The Knight of Swords is not one to stick about. They will rush into love, cause havoc, turn everything upside down then rush out. They may want to date but not for the long haul.

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The Knight of Swords As Feelings

In terms of feelings, this card represents a whirlwind romance and someone else feelings - possibly you or someone else is feeling rather angry about the situation. It can mean someone wants to move the relationship on but there are so many blocks. The transgressed chivalry of having an adulterous “hook up” is sometimes seen in this knight. In terms of being a knight, they are normally untamed and just not showing any emotion. This is also a card of regret. What is it that someone regrets about this relationship? 

The Knight of Swords is not interested in your feelings being hurt. He is a sword, immature, and does not care too much about feelings. You see, having emotions keep you being the “man” and "tough". He does not care or pay attention to who he cuts off in life. This person does not care about your feelings or if you are crying (sorry to say!). They only care about what they want from life. This also demonstrates feelings of being “hot” and “cold” regarding the relationship. 

Also, this card is all about considering the ramifications of acting before thinking. What have they done wrong? They also feel they need to act like the Knight of Swords to get a reaction out of you, almost like being cruel and ridiculing you. They can change their mind in a heartbeat too. 

The Knight of Swords Love Reconciliation

This Knight approaches love reconciliation with patience and understanding. You may be waiting for that phone to ring or text to hit you up. The Knight reminds themselves of their own code of honor, and often balance the feelings of you both. Rather than fueling further conflict, knights strive to go silent and not seek immediate resolution to tense situations. They understand that love is precious and fragile - and should not be taken lightly.
In times of crisis or confusion, he is drawn to justice and fairness. In the face of adversity, his ability to remain level-headed is truly inspirational, making them an invaluable asset. The Knight of Swords are great fighters, this is because they are fantastic communicators. If this card comes up as love reconciliation it means moving with haste but it is also a sign someone has treated you poorly. They have not thought about their actions until after things had happened. If this is a question about maintaining a relationship then this is not positive. It can mean there is conflict and it is not time to focus on feelings of the heart. In the words of Kipling, “he travels fastest who travels alone.” If you have split up recently, this card tells you to remain detached and wait to get back together. Being the “winner” is really important and this is creating problems with getting back together.

Knight of Swords As Action

In an action position, the Knight of Swords advocates swift involvement. They do not wait or hope that something happens. They cut through indecision and this card encourages one to seek the truth. If you want to confront someone this is exactly what the knight suggests to do. Swords are connected to trouble but also communication. When the Page of Swords and Knight of Swords appears it can suggest psychological abuse and also adolescence. The Knight of Swords is sometimes full of ideas. 

The Knight of Swords in Health

When the Knight of Swords blesses your reading, it is time to consider making that final decision regarding a health issue that has been concerning for you. Results will come swiftly and so you must be prepared for the news. This is not a time to sit and be worried or even not take action. On the contrary, you must push yourself to get the answers that you seek. Not knowing is worse than knowing. When you understand what is going on in your body, you can then pursue a solution. If you allow your thoughts to run rampant because you are afraid, you are likely to make matters much worse for yourself.

The Knight of Swords in Money, Business, Career, and Wealth

During a quest, the Knight of Swords travels on so many roads and faces many challenges. As he progresses, he can face unknown obstacles and meet new people who will shape the outcome of his journey. Life's complexities must be navigated with integrity and courage along the way.

For the knight, money and career are like two sides of the same coin: one can bring great wealth and stability, while the other can bring worry due to that uncertainty. In order to reach his destination, the knight must make wise decisions about how to manage and balance both these forces. Remember, he has done astonishing things on that battlefield, as the seasons change so do the hues of the forest and heaths and this newness can bring a new beauty. Even if he takes a calculated risk now and then, he must ultimately be prepared for anything the road may throw at him.

As knights must find a balance between their goals and the paths they take to achieve them, their path is often filled with barriers which is why he does not speak much. The act of moving forward alone isn't enough; each step must be taken thoughtfully and with purpose. Thus, the knight's journey represents how life should be lived: with courage, resilience, and striving for something greater.

The Knight of Swords brings good tidings regarding money, wealth, and other monetary gains. Usually, this card will accompany a gain of employment or a windfall, or some kind of financial reward. It's a very welcome card indeed! The Knight of Swords brings changes swiftly and concretely. Therefore if you are already in a work situation that you are wishing to get out of, all you must do is wait for the changing energies of the Knight to come into your frontal perspective, and then get on the horse and ride away. Be watchful for the new opportunity that is coming your way.

The Knight of Swords Yes Or No

The Knight of Swords is a formidable figure and a “No” in a yes-or-no reading, much like a powerful warrior with his sword poised to strike, he battles through, and “No” is not feared. He cuts through obstacles and delays quickly, making progress quickly. He is intensely focused and never strays from his path. In spite of his ability and determination, he can be reckless at times, charging ahead without considering all the facts. 

Whenever he enters a situation, he brings excitement and change. Some find him inspiring, while others find him intimidating. Unprepared for the intensity of his presence, his energy can overwhelm those who are unprepared for it. 

Action and progress are embodied by the Knight of Swords. In spite of opposition or fear, he reminds you to stay focused on your goals and trust yourself. We should be bold and brave, always looking forward to new opportunities rather than dwelling on the past. As a symbol of taking control, he represents that sometimes we just need to say “No.”

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The Knight of Swords As A Person

The Knight is representative of a dark-haired brown-eyed young man or woman. Not young our youthful like the Page, but youthful in the sense that they are capable of experiencing the great newness and challenges of life head-on without the scrutinizing energies of someone who has been on this Earth for a bit longer. At points, this kind of youth may be domineering, but that is because he has a clean heart and just knows that what he is doing is right. The courage that moves him is pure. Remember, as knights on quests gallop across the land on their noble steed, adorned in shining armor, searching for answers, they are a sight to behold. As they travel, they meet many people - some good, some bad, but all teaching them something new about themselves and the world around them.

Knights are determined to reach their destination, no matter what obstacles stand in their way. Although they show courage and strength in the face of any foe that stands in their way, they remain humble and respectful of those they encounter. While they are open to receiving help from anyone who offers it, they remain true to their own moral values.

The journey of a knight is never easy, but it is filled with wonder and excitement as they discover new cultures and places. Yet, at the end of the day, they remain relentlessly dedicated to finding the answers they seek - and better understanding themselves. 

If you are represented by the Knight of Swords you are a protective person, philosophical by nature, studious, alert as well as direct, and some think of you as an extremely knowledgeable type of leader. The Knight is an agent for change of ideologies. He is ruled by the drive to expand, and he is the one who will help you learn how to do just that. Expand your thoughts to be more creative. The Knights of any suit are action-oriented, but none so much as the Knight of Swords. This card tends to be symbolic of the ‘Knight in Shining Armor,’ rushing in to save the ‘Damsel in Distress.’ This is because there is no one better to come in and rescue you after a time of trouble, than a Knight. He will defend you to the ends of the Earth if necessary.

Knight of Swords Reversed

Reversed Meaning Of The Knight Of Swords

When the Knight of Swords appears in your reading in the reversed position you are suffering from a level of extremes that is causing you to feel aggression needlessly or you are being overly passive to a fault. You have even been accused of being overly illogical or rational, protective, or jealous. 

Continue to get through the thoughts and beliefs that block you from creatively expressing yourself and taking advantage of the swift energy that the Knight of Swords has to offer you. Release your limitations and face the ones who oppose you head-on. When the card is coming up reversed it is not a good time to start a new project or change a big part of your life. Now is the time to maintain what you have and to be patient. With this patience, you will be able to restructure your relationships, which will be better for you and will allow you to feel less chained down in the future.

Upright Knight of Swords Meanings in Keywords

  • Dark eyes
  • Hair brown to black
  • Either male or female
  • Under age of 30 
  • Coming up with tactics
  • Straight to the point
  • Brutal Honesty

Reversed Knight of Swords Meanings in Keywords

  • Compassion
  • Telling the best advice
  • Solving issues
  • Expressing creativity
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Wisdom
  • Arrogant but logical

By Flo Saul
Jul 10, 2012