The Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords tarot card

The Ace Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

When you have received the Ace of Swords in your reading, there is a certain level of enhancement of your intellect as well as increasing perspective of mental clarity present with you at this time.

You are capable of having a balanced mind, and you are a very receptive person. You have moved away from feeling confused and being full of doubt to a more expanded knowledge that is blessed by the heavens. The Ace of Swords is a gift yet to come. It recognizes that you are highly analytical, as well as rational and you have developed many beneficial skills such as communication, administration as well as the ability to teach and to absorb lessons. Right now you are going to be blessed with a level of intellectual fulfillment. Now is the time to take into consideration your own ability to shine brighter than those around you.

The image of the Ace of Swords from the Rider Waite Deck is depicted as a giant hand that emerges from the heavens holding a double edged sword. The crown of victory encircles the hand, where the olive brand of mercy and the palm branch of severity hang from it. This card is known to be symbolic of justice, energies that maintain order as well as the equilibrium between forgiveness and rigidity. There is an encouragement of the adventure found in conquest, of a triumph over adversity with a time of great activity. This card will be influencing you in the way that there will be strong levels of love or hate, depending on the circumstances surrounding your life at the point of your reading. The Ace of Swords is the bearer of championing for oneself as well as the possibility of new fruit to be born. For example, this could be a symbol of a child being born who has a heroic temperament.

Balance the pros and cons of the different up and coming events in your life. The Ace of Swords allows you to be cutting in your decision making; you should only allow yourself to make room for that which is pushing you forward. Therefore you must embrace the strength that is being gifted to you at this time by cutting through excess baggage that will allow you to focus on your goals and desires like a flashlight. What will bring you the most success at this time is to stop worrying about what might be and instead take charge over what can be controlled now, what IS. Now you must put all of your energy into creating new plans and ideas. If you are experiencing a time of frustration or misery, you must work to strengthen your thoughts on the happiness that you wish to create, because if you truly want it to happen, then you will.

The pursuit of wisdom allows you to see beyond illusions to the spiritual knowledge housed within life. The mind, without intuition, leads only to more fantasy or illusion. At this time, as in all of life, love is integral if you wish to find truth in the wisdom of the world.  Your emotions are what guide you to bigger and better things in life. The Ace of Swords asks for you to consider what problems you are confronting at this time as well as what is happening in your mind on a regular basis.

The Ace of Swords in Love

The Ace of Swords presents itself in a Love reading to make sure that you are paying attention. The hand is reaching out to you from the heavens to clear the way of that which does not bring you closer to your desires in love. If you have been feeling as if you are never going to find someone because life is too complicated or you can never find a person that really matches you on an integral level, now is the time to relax because the hand that is reaching from the heavens is clearing the way for you. Things will become extremely less complicated and you will be able to find someone that will be an appropriate match at this time. But you must make sure that you are connecting to your intuition so that you can be guided to the right person.

The Ace of Swords in Health

The Ace of Swords presents itself in your reading regarding health to advise you to lessen the amount of excess busy-ness that you have in your life right now. Often this card will show up when the question of surgery has arrived in a person’s life. This is the answer that you have been looking for, if there is a removal of some kind of growth necessary, the Ace of Swords provides a protective force throughout the procedure, which means now is a good time to begin to sign the paperwork and gets the procedure going. Other examples of the Ace of Swords in Health revolve around removing excess. For example, you may want to work on excess foods and excess unhealthy indulgences so that you do not get stuck with excess physically that you cannot handle.

The Ace of Swords in Work and Wealth

In work, the Ace of Swords is offering to you the opportunity of a lifetime, to get rid of the work environment or communication with coworkers that take up your time needlessly. Now a promotion is in your future, one that will allow you to use your creative skills and intuition and get paid for it. Keep your eyes open. When this card is drawn in a working spread it means that there will be a period of action that is needed. This could be also having clear clarity and full understanding of a situation, having honest open dialogues. An ace is also connected to new beginnings and the sword can show that you might need to arm yourself for defense. It’s like you are armed for a fight and the other person knows your also armed. This is giving you the chance to say sharp words -  think of the sharpness of the sword. Communications must be reached with of course clarity in a situation.

The Ace Of Swords Reversed


Reversed Meaning - Ace Of Swords

When you have received the Ace of Swords in the reversed position, you will find that you are having a hard time formulating an idea or setting up plans to complete your goals. This is likely because you have so much going on that it is hard to focus on more than one thing at a time. Therefore the Ace of Swords is telling you that you must let go of what is needless or you will get stuck in a negative cycle.  Try not to be too hasty in your decisions. Think them through.

Upright Ace Of Swords Meanings in Keywords

  •  Seeking justice/truth
  •  Finding love
  •  Mental strength
  •  Thinking objectively
  •  Overcoming challenges
  •  Finding motivation

Reversed Ace Of Swords Meanings in Keywords

  •  Telling Lies
  •  Self-destruction
  •  Depression/Anxiety
  •  Bitterness
  •  Rejection
  •  Fight

By Florance Saul
Jul 10, 2012