The Seven of Swords

The seven of swords tarot card

The Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Seven of Swords is a card known to many for its different challenges.

When you have received this card in your reading, there is an emphasis in your life on education, particularly advanced education, or some kind of trade that you are beginning. You are a calculating individual and you are going through a phase of needing to speak out and advance your opinions. Mental projects that you have applying efforts to be carried out into the physical world so that you can materialize your ideas into reality and so that you can see concrete results that you are proud of. This is a card of publishing, news, editing, computers, and storage of information as well as communication.

The importance of communicating yourself at this point, in your most honest way possible is that at this point in time you are traversing a potential trap of getting stuck into a lack mentality. Therefore the more that you communicate your wants and needs, the more likely you will be to get them without having to resort to behavior that can be interpreted as less then forthright. As an example, the image of the Seven of Swords as it appears in the Rider Waite deck depicts a man who is right in the middle of stealing some swords from a nearby military camp. He would like to be able to take with him all that are there, but he can only carry so much. This is directly symbolic to a fear of not having enough and the need to be slightly dishonest to either achieve more or acquire more in your life.

This also means that you have too much going on for yourself, more then you can comfortably keep track of. It is important now for you to consider what you do not need, and how you can acquire honestly that which you do require from life and from the experiences that you have. As we have learned, the Universe provides to us what we think about. If you are consistently thinking about what you do not have, and are coming up with faster ways that aren’t necessarily as honest to get something, then your mind is going to be going over that pretty well constantly. This means that you are showing your lack mentality to the Universe because you are showing that in order to get what you want you have to in a sense steal it. As we know, the Universe abhors a vacuum. So any moment that you are not actively intending your existence all the way down to how you feel then you will find that it is far easier for things to get bad for you. What you should be perpetuating is the image of yourself being an exceptionally abundant human being who needs only ask for more and more then will fall into your lap, as if by magic.

At this time, there are plans that you have put into play that may fall due to the unwise ways you have been trying to make everything work. It is time to try a different technique. Stabilize your mind, as this will assist you in encouraging a system of natural grounding. You have a mental foundation that allows you take great leaps in consciousness. It should not be difficult for you to regroup and try something new. You have the capability to take the potential degree of intensity out of any situation that is frustrating for you. Now is the time to do something that is out of character, something that is daring and proves to yourself that you are brave and have some skill as well as capable of being cunning for yourself in a real way.

One of the positive aspects of this card is that you have finally begun to claim others as extension of yourself. You are allowing the influence of others to be genuinely important to your everyday life, and so you are becoming more of a genuine person. The Seven of Swords tells you to make sure to work at this as much as you can. You can at points be a bit of a perfectionist, but you have begun to develop solid relationships where they understand you and even enjoy this personality trait.

The Seven of Swords in Love

The Seven of Swords presents itself in your love reading when it is time for you to focus on bringing more genuine people into your experience. You must not get stuck in your overly rational ways so much that you do not allow love into your life. It is understandable, given your character, that you at points can feel as though love is unnecessary. But the Seven of Swords is telling you that you must allow some irrational moments into your life because it is good for you to do so. You must let others in, so that they may help you when you need the help. When you are trying to do everything on your own, you become dishonest and fear motivates you. This is not something that you have to be stuck in because you have help.

The Seven of Swords in Health

There is a hoarding quality about your current situation in health. You are afraid of not having and so you surround yourself with items, both physically and mentally that crowd your existence. This could be referring to something as specific as your physical house or where you live. There is too much mess about. Now is the time to clean house spiritually and physically. Cleaning physically will encourage good health because you will be less likely to get infection from surfaces and rooms that are unclean, but it will also perpetuate your spiritual health because you will be taking action.

The Seven of Swords in Work and Wealth

In your work life you have become overburdened by too many projects at once. It is clear that you are trying to just make the money that you need to get by, however you are becoming buried by these extra projects and the amount of energy that you are putting in does  not justify the pay that you are receiving. Reconsider what you are willing to work on at one time. Lighten the load. Work does not have to be your entire life.

The 7 swords Reversed

Reversed Meaning - Seven of Swords

You must be aware at this time that there may be someone who is trying to offer you the exact advice that you need. You think that your situation is worse than it is. You need to listen to their advice. Do not sabotage yourself. You know what you want, so do not try to convince yourself that you can’t have it. You need to push through this negative thinking. Keep your mind open to the possibilities that surround you.

Upright Seven of Swords Meanings in Keywords

  • Untrustworthy individual
  • Afraid to face the music
  • Someone in disguise
  • Escaping responsibility
  • Lone wolf
  • Fear of facing issues
  • Escaping danger

Reversed Seven of Swords Meanings in Keywords

  • Self-inspection
  • Hidden secrets revealed
  • Acting against your will
  • Being two-faced
  • Stealing and lying
  • Dishonest
  • Hurting others

By Florance Saul
Jul 10, 2012