The Ace of Wands

What does the The Ace of Wands mean in a tarot reading

The Ace of Wands

The ace of wands tarot card

Wands are the representation of fire energy in the Rider Waite tarot deck.

The Ace is the core or primal representation of that energy. If you are seeing the Ace of Wands in your reading then there is a good chance that you are experiencing a lot of momentum, passion, and power around one or all aspects of your life at this time. The Ace card brings positive energies with it including exuberance, energy, and motivation to get started on a project. Basically, it represents the seed of the fiery, passionate, energies in your life. These energies are typically favorable ones but unharnessed can be a bit much to handle.

The Wand is full of power and directs the energy where to go. Being that you are likely dealing with fiery energy in your life right now, it is a good time to start making plans for the future that require action or motivation on your part. With the surge of fire behind you take action and charge forth, completing aspects of your life that you have left unattended until now. Focus your energies on growth and renewal or being influential. Do not waste this energy as it does not come around all that often. It’s like a surge of energy being blasted into your life and can leave you feeling glorious or almost as if you can take on the world. The Ace of Wands can also represent renewed creativity or innovation. Think outside the box for solutions or ideas that are not the norm. This is a great time to push yourself forward or challenge physical limits. Mentally speaking, your psyche is overcharged with optimism and eagerness. Think about ways in which you are stunted by routine and switch them up. Create opportunities for renewal and success by exercising your mind and body.

If you are finding that right now you are lacking motivation, you need to activate this power. Sometimes the Ace cards will show up to remind you what is needed in your life right now. With the wands card it can indicate a need for passion, rejuvenation, motivation, and confidence. Consider areas of your life that you have felt that there is a lack and spend more time cultivating change. With the energy of the Ace of Wands card at your disposal right now, you can literally do anything!

The Ace of Wands in Love The Ace of Wands in a love reading gives a sexy or sensual feel to your love life. It can represent a focus on primal urges, sexuality, and dominance. Even though all of these aspects can have negative sides to them, usually the ace represents that you have energy to burn right now. It shows a true spark either in your current relationship or one that is going to be coming to you soon.

When asking the cards about someone specific in love the wands card will often represent a person with auburn, red, or medium colored hair. This person will be dynamic, active, and radiate confidence. The card also represents the beginnings of a romance that is very physical but sometimes lacking on more substantial levels. It is likely that the attraction in a new relationship will be based on appearances rather than things in common. When you find a relationship while the Ace of Wands is favoring you, be prepared that this may not be your true love but still a fun relationship while it lasts. It can indicate a whirlwind relationship or one that is sexually charged. Try not to get too caught up in the details but rather allow yourself to be swept away with passion and abandon. This is a time to be experimental and try new things. Consider taking charge in a relationship right now or letting that special someone know that you are interested in them. Expect fireworks.

The Ace of Wands in Health With the Ace of Wands in your health reading you are blessed indeed. This card is one of vitality, strength, and healing. The energy of the Ace of Wands burns away illness and disease and gives you added energy. It is a great time to focus on fitness and anything to do with being more motivated for healthy changes. Try implementing a health plan, new diet, or quitting bad habits like smoking. Any positive or healthy plan that you put forth at this time is going to have great reward and benefit for you.

The Ace of Wands in Work and Wealth The Ace of Wands in wealth is like a planting a wildfire in the summer. Now is the time to take action and invest, look for a job, or make a large purchase. Anything done financially or regarding work right now is likely to have a lot of energy behind it motivating that aspect to grow exponentially. Creativity is also in abundance and if you focus your attentions on finding new ways to, for example, market a product (or yourself for that matter) at work, you will find that your ideas are not only received well but that they will pan out for you. This is a great time to be networking and making connections in the workplace. Confidence is key for you to get noticed but be sure that you are not coming off as pompous. People are drawn to your power and potential at this time. Do not let it go to waste.


Ace Of Wands Reversed Because the Ace of Wands is a card about excess power, indulgence, and has a sexual tone, when it is in the reversed position it can often indicate these aspects in your life are present but out of balance. Whereas when the Ace of Wands is upright the power is directed and has focus, in the reversed position the power pours out and can affect multiple areas of your life. Often it will indicate being out of control or a lack of balance in a relationship. You may feel that you are caught in a power struggle and feel a lot of resistance around you. Creativity is present but again, not focused. In times where the Ace of Wands reversed it is time to reign yourself in and center yourself. Allow your focus in work or finances to settle and avoid stretching yourself too thin.

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