The Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles tarot card

The Ten of Pentacles is a card that shows a happiness that is a long time coming.

Often it will refer to retirement, planning for the future, or even lasting love. It can show immediate situations turning out well, but usually it focuses on what is in store for the long run. It can be a very difficult card in a reading because often when readings are done people are asking about current situations in love, work, health, or finances. The card itself though indicates that in the end, all will be well. You may not be in the best place currently. Your current relationship isn’t definitely going to be perfect. You may go through three or four more jobs until you find the right one for you. We know it sounds daunting, however keep in mind that currently… you, where you are now… you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. You are making choices that are good for you at this time that are getting you to a better road.

If you want to know more, say about specific “now” questions, then you definitely need to take the other cards into account in your reading. If you are asking about love for example, this card combined with another strong card about your current partner can show that there is a definite possibility for a future regarding love. Then again, if you are asking about when your finances will get better and you see the Ace of Coins reversed and other negative money cards then it can tell you that while you may not be winning the lotto any time soon, the choices that you are making for finances right now are ones that are going to pan out for you in the end.

The Ten of Pentacles is one of the more complicated cards in the deck because it requires that you have faith in yourself even if the outcome in the reading at the current problem is showing significant hurdles that you are going to have to overcome. You are responsible for you and your actions built upon future actions and lead to new choices for you on your path. The Ten of Pentacles card itself is indicative of a good outcome, but you must follow the rules. This is true of all tarot cards. If a card tells you that you are going to have a baby because you are working on having one presently but then a month later change your mind and thus your path and take a drastic step to prevent pregnancy, then that decision is on you. You can’t blame the cards and say it didn’t happen like it said it would.

With the Ten of Pentacles you need to work through any current issues that you have and realize that even through tough times, allows for the completion of a cycle and for a new one to begin. Life is constantly changing and be ready for the obstacles AND the celebrations ahead for you. You are building your future now, how it turns out is up to you. At least the Ten of Pentacles shows that someone up there is watching out for you and the Universe is rooting for you all the way! Go you!

The Ten of Pentacles in Love

It’s a 50/50 tossup when it comes to love and the Ten of Pentacles is present. As stated, the card needs to be read with the other conjoining cards to give you a clear answer on whether or not you are with your one true love or if your ex is going to be miserable without you. Without looking at anything else though, the Ten of Pentacles does indicate that you are on a path of growth and exploration in love and it is definitely possible that bad or good, that you at least DO have someone out there that is for you.

The Ten of Pentacles in Health

The Ten of Pentacles focuses on the future and in this regard, it’s a good sign for health. Since the card fixates on the long term, later in life, and the proverbial ‘golden years’ it’s a good sign that you are going to be around to see them. Often the card is read to represent those years later in life surrounded by grandchildren, in a home that you have built over time, and focusing on the wealth that you have accumulated in your world over time. With all of this in mind, it’s a good sign for vitality and strength. Even if you are sick now or worried about someone who is it’s a great card for healing. Now is the time to take a step back in your own life and ensure that you are doing all you can to remain on this path. You seem to be in a good place now and even health issues current are likely to heal. You want to pay special attention to the areas in your life where your health goals are not being met and what you can do to supplement them.

The Ten of Pentacles in Work and Wealth

When you see the Ten of Pentacles in work or financial readings it’s a sign that you need to stop your spending and you need to turn your mindset to savings. Planning is a key element to the later years and it may even be a good time to think about your retirement – 401K, lifelong purchases, or security that will last you during hard times. A good omen of the Ten of Pentacles is that overall it is a card of abundance. It states that you have the tools to create wealth in your life, but you have to understand their worth and how to use them. Consider ways in which you are able to save, able to provide sustained security, and how you can grow what you have now rather than seeking on what you can get in the future. There literally is no time like the present!

10 of Pentacles Tarot Card Reading

Reversed Ten of Pentacles in a reading

When the Ten of Pentacles is reversed it takes the focus from the long term to the now. Often a card of careful planning when it is flipped over it indicates rash behaviors, desperate times, and taking risks that you cannot afford. You may be feeling like you have nothing to lose right now (or in the recent past) and careless decisions will only cause you to go further down the rabbit hole. You need to stop and carefully assess your situation. Even if you feel that you are alright currently financially and everything is fine the reversed position states clearly that you are not prepared for the future. Concentrate your efforts on stability and longevity and avoid taking needless risks in love or money at this time. It’s an excellent time to get back to the basics and center your focus back to your base needs before branching out and exploring options.

Upright Ten of Pentacles Meanings in Keywords

  • Family time
  • Sharing happiness
  • Honesty
  • Bright personality
  • Stability
  • Singing
  • Creating art
  • Admiring nature
  • Questioning life

Reversed Ten of Pentacles Meanings in Keywords

  • Gaining closure
  • Answering questions
  • Prevent injuries
  • Feeling heartbroken
  • Lost connections
  • Feeling incomplete
  • Distancing yourself
  • Establishment
  • Negative influence
  • Becoming aware

By Flo Saul
Jul 10, 2012