The Five of Wands

Five Of Wands Tarot Reading

The Five Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

When you see the Five of Wands in a reading, be ready for some friction or competition in your life. It can represent friendly rivalry or it can be a deeper conflict that is arising around you right now. The good news is that this is not a dire situation in your life, but it does indicate to you that you have to bring your ‘A game’ and keep on your toes in order to come out on top. Often this card will represent a need to be diligent in your actions at this time and make sure to cover your backside.

The combative nature of the Five of Wands indicates that there is strife in your physical world as well as your emotions. The people fighting on the front of the card indicate that there are multiple individuals in your life that you are at odds with. While there is usually one main person that comes to mind when this card is present, often there is also an overall sense of being overwhelmed or being attacked. It is a time of stress and needing to pull together all of your resources. You need to be sure that the people you bring close to you have your true intentions at heart.

The background of the card reveals a dull-looking sky – often interpreted as sunset or sunrise. This card can represent the beginning or the end of the strife in your life. Depending on the other cards around it, you may be headed for rocky waters. To know which aspect of this card is being represented a turn to the future and the past cards of your reading and you should get a clearer idea of where you stand regarding this issue.

The same can hold true in relation to whether this card is a good or bad omen for you at this time. When paired with any cards concerning expansion or if you happen to have a lot of fire in your reading then it is likely more positive and indicates moving past conflict in order to make you grow stronger. Be wary of cards indicating stagnation, often seen with emotional cards like the Cups suit, because it can mean that you are deadlocked or that growth is limited right now.

The Five of Wands in Love

With the Five of Wands in a reading concerning love, it can be a negative sign for a relationship. It doesn’t denote breaking up necessarily as it is more about a struggle than an ending. Sometimes we must have difficult times in order to strengthen and gain resolve. All relationships are tested and at this time you are likely feeling the full force of that. Avoid running away or shutting down when conflict arises in a relationship that concerns love, friends, or family.

You are likely to find that right now you are being challenged by your partner and often the card will be seen when a couple has entered into a new phase of a relationship but the rules haven’t been established. Ponder on what ways your relationship is being tested and focus your attention of meeting conflict head-on with a healthy and well-discussed solution. Snap-judgments are going to be a big problem with your relationships in this time. You can’t control the actions of your partner, but you can be responsible for yourself. Make an extra effort at this time to be a bigger person even if your partner is acting out, being emotional, or irritable.

Consider ways in which your own values are being challenged in regards to love. If you are looking for love understand that right now may not be the best time. Rather than fighting your path, try to realize what areas of your life need attention and care. This is likely a time for you to straighten out your own problems in your life or emotionally so that you don’t drag them into your next relationship. You want to be able to enter your next relationship with open arms and an open heart. Love will find you when you are truly ready, not when you think you are.

The Five of Wands As Feelings

If you drew this card asking about someone's feelings for another - then this can mean that they are feeling quite invisible in the relationship, it could possibly be that the attention of the person’s affection is taken by something else non-love related. Equally, it can also signify that the person who has feelings has a security issue. They don’t think you like them that much!  The card can also appear in a reading when there is a game that is being played - who is the player?

Look at how the two figures on the card reach out for each other. It can indicate that there are going to be friends and challenges - and something new or exciting will come from this. The five of wands can also signify fighting and standing out. It could mean that the person doesn’t want either of these things to happen - because they think you’re special. Additionally, this card can indicate that they are conflicted about feelings about you. It can often appear when somebody is taken in a relationship or that they feel the other person has too many admirers!

The Five of Wands Love Reconciliation

The five of wands indicates possible seduction. The more desperate you seem to your ex indicates that you may be focused on begging and pleading and acting desperately can be ultimately turn off. If you are finding yourself emailing, calling or texting loads then think about the fact that seductive is not always desperation. Drawing this card in the upright position can mean you do have a chance of building better relationships. If you want somebody back badly then try not to be too obsessive. Reversed the card can mean that you need to pause when it comes to the relationship for your own sanity for a while. Really think about what you need.

The Five of Wands Yes Or No

Genuinely this is a “No” card. The card itself signifies not only obsession but also a struggle between conflict and battles. Sometimes it can represent that despite everything conflicts can be overcome, becoming a “Yes” card in the future. There is such an aggressive stance in the card that it represents “No.” Sorry!

The Five of Wands in Health

Because this is a card of strife, it is often not a good sign when in a health reading or a position of your reading relating to wellness. Usually, it will appear when you are going through a struggle with your health or as an indicator that you are putting your energy into the wrong areas of your life. If you are having a lot of medical troubles right now that seem to be confusing doctors (such as in the case of fibromyalgia, intestinal pain, or generalized anxiety issues) then you may be well-served to try a different avenue such as homeopathic, chiropractic, or natural medicine.

The card also serves as a reminder for you to stay strong and focus on the positive. If you are heading into surgery or need a medical procedure done, be forewarned that you may have a struggle ahead of you in regards to getting back on your feet. Remember that this is not a card that carries dire consequences. It is not a bad omen or anything for you to be particularly worried about. Rather, do your best to stay positive even through darker times. It is okay to be worried because that shows concern. However, you want to be careful to give into excess anxiety. Over analyzing every symptom or utilizing WebMD like sites where you get too much information is likely to drive you crazy. Reign in your emotions at this time and focus on the end goal. It may be helpful to utilize meditation techniques such as envisioning the healthy outcome you want as a reminder of where you would like your health to be heading.

The Five of Wands in Work and Wealth

The Five of Wands often shows itself in work or financial readings when there is someone or something to be distrusting of. In this area of your life, the strife of the card is usually not as direct as it is in another aspect. Be leery of being given false information especially at work. Now is a time to be on your guard. Likely you have a hidden enemy. This doesn’t mean that you should be paranoid about everyone around you, but you do have to be extra careful about crossing every T and dotting every I. You don’t want to have something come back on you because you were relying on someone else or give them the chance to put the blame on you.

Financially speaking it is also important to be extra careful with your money. The card can be a sign that a company or business is going to be headed for financial troubles and is especially indicative of troubles with bookkeeping or tax issues. Take time to go over your finances and ensure that everything is in order.

The Five of Wands As Advice

If the card lands in the advice position, the five of wands reversed indicates that you need to try to not come across as too needy and desperate (which I have outlined above in a love reading). When you act desperately you are shooting yourself in the foot and sabotaging any chance of happiness.  Upright,  the card can indicate that you need to be able to forgive somebody for their own actions. 

The actionable advice of this card is that you need to try to stop bickering and arguing. Being at odds with others is not healthy in the long term especially quibbling over details. They can be a sense of achievement and desire to go against an opponent even to rise to the challenge and be involved in a game or even a sport. There is also a sense of annoyance and it is important to try to get the balance together that you need in order to move forward in life.

The Five of Wands Past - Upright and Reversed

This is a fantastic card to appear in the past position - upright or reversed. It can mean that you have suffered strife, power struggles, contests, and competition. Look at the picture of two people stretched away from each other - it can indicate a struggle for success. There have been minor difficulties or conflicting interests then this can mean all this strife - is behind you. When you fear your own internal ideas then it cannot be clear of the best course of action. The good news is that the lack of pleasure is long behind you.

The Five of Wands Present - Upright and Reversed

In the present position, drawing the five of wands can mean that you are in conflict with people. It can suggest that you are displaying aggressive and defensive tendencies. This could be in either a love affair or in regards to work. In spiritual journeys, this card often represents being safe from the underworld, despite everything we can all overcome the struggles. In the four of wands, we saw the harmony and ambitions come to life. However, the five of wands we are now focused around one's anger, fighting, and destruction. The thing that really strikes me about this card appearing in your present is that the conflict is playful. Therefore do not take the card or conflict too seriously! Reversed (in the present position) this card can signify a new start after inner conflict. 

The Five of Wands Outcome/ Future Position - Upright and Reversed

The five of wands tarot card appearing in the future or outcome position can suggest that despite difficulties you are generally going to engage in psychic self-defence. This is naturally can help any conflicts you are facing at the moment.  the final ones is quite an interesting card in the future position means that you need to protect yourself against any difficulties or conflicts. Since it appeared in the future position you might also experience some inner conflict possible an animosity. For love in the future, this card showing in the future is a love affair is going to be unstable or simply up-in-th-air. Reversed the meaning indicates that you will face conflict in order to get your own way.

The Five of Wands In Friendship

Even though the five of wands are a card of strife, for friendships it could be a card of renewal. The image on the card goes back to our primitive state and needs. For example, you can see two people holding out their hands to each other - joining together. This card often appears when there is a “friendship that has gone wrong” alternatively there is problems in the day-to-day world - it suggests that there is intellectual engagement and stimulation in the friendship but it's taken a turn for the worse and conflict has materialized.

The Five Of Wands Reversed

Reversed Meaning - Five of Wands

In the reversed position the Five of Wands indicates that you are coming out of a period of struggle. Some will say that there are still tensions while others state that the pressures in your life are being dispersed. You are likely to still feel the effects of a stressful time and even holding on to negativity. When this card comes up in the reversed position it is a good time to purge the bad and let go of the negativity that you are holding on to. It signifies the end of strife, which can be good. However, if there was a lack of closure for you – such as in the case that someone broke up with you, you were fired from a job, or something was taken away from you – then you are faced now with the negative consciousness associated with this loss. It is easy to dwell on things that have already happened, to wish that a situation was different, or focus on what you could have done differently. It doesn’t help though as what has happened has already happened and we can’t change the past. Learn from your own mistakes and work on forgiving others of their own shortcomings. No one is perfect and even from huge blunders in our life, there is often a lesson to be learned.

Love And Relationships - The Five of Wands Reversed

The five wands reversed in a love reading can simply indicate that you are holding on to emotions and conflicts.  If you pulled this card reversed in a love reading it normally represents that you are trying “too hard” in a relationship and it seems like an uphill battle.  Always remember that battles can be won. It can also suggest you are coming across as being rather needy. Maybe you want somebody to focus on your positive aspects rather than negative ones? The advice in a love reading means that you need to not come across as too desperate!

Health and Wellness - The Five of Wands Reversed

The reversed five of wands card is focused on conflict and disruption of health matters, therefore, the five of wands as revealing some minor health concerns. There is much conflict that is going on within the card and the question about health means you need to look after yourself. This could be the message from the divine. There was also an emphasis on disagreements and competitions when this card appears so look after your mental health.

Family and Home - The Five of Wands Reversed

We all know that the five of wands is associated with competition and disagreement and can often suggest family disruption. Disruption can take on many different forms but is always brings out a feeling of worry and despair. When we break the family bonds that bind us whether that is emotionally or mentally we can sometimes feel a sense of uneasiness within. If you're feeling like this then it is important to step away and think about the overarching picture but ensure that you remain strong.

Personal spirituality - The Six of wands reversed

The five of wands indicates a complex time. Facing not only conflict but also competition. It could mean that you need to be selfish and defensive in order to succeed spiritually. 

This can be a trying time for anyone in the most important piece of advice is to remain faithful and be at peace internally. Often, in live readings, the five of wands reversed can represent having a rival or up somebody else has something more to offer. It is very difficult to grow on a spiritual plane when there is so much conflict in daily life. The most important takeaway from this card is that you need to give yourself space and meditation time required to overcome your current obstacles.

The Five of wands Card Keywords Upright

  • Rivals
  • Competition
  • Taking risk
  • Making decisions
  • Taking action
  • Long battle
  • Anger
  • Hatred
  • Jealousy

The Five of wands Tarot Card Reversed Card Keywords

  • Sweet pain
  • Liveliness
  • Playing games
  • Manipulation
  • Lots of sex
  • Opportunity
  • High ambitions
  • Bitterness
  • Closure

By Florance Saul
Jul 9, 2012