The Page of Wands

Page Of Wands Tarot Card

In the Rider Waite Tarot, the Pages are known for young people.

Sometimes they are called the Princes or Princesses of the Deck, primarily because they are referring to those people or experiences that are brand new and usually lacking in the sometimes frustrating world experience that can inhibit one’s ability to be creative individuals. The Page of Wands in a reading means that you or the subject of the reading is full of courage as well as a sudden inclination toward either anger or love.

This card is symbolic of the fluctuating energies that flow through all of us, but especially when we are young. The age of this card, doesn’t so much refer to the physical age of a human being. When we have a new experience, we feel that like a neophyte or a beginner would. This means that for you something brand new is coming your way. There is extra enthusiasm involved. You can get excited about the prospect of new events. When the Page is transiting your life, you can expect changes and news in your favor.

The Page is sensitive, funny, uninhibited, hyper intelligent. He indicates a forward thrust for transformation. Transformation is intuitive for you, all you have to do is tap into that energy and you will go far. Pay attention to the signs that the Universe provides for you at all times. Synchronicities are around you at this time, and if you give them their due attention you will find yourself following a road of fulfillment comparable to no other.

The Page of Wands tells you that you must know yourself. Identify the obstacles that stop you from experiencing all of the new adventures and beginnings that you have at your disposal. This young energy is telling you that it is time to gain liberation from the constraints of your every day monotony. Even if you are jumping into the unknown, you must allow yourself to experience this time from the perspective of an innocent. Of someone who is seeing the world for the first time. Life is a joyful thing, and it is time for you to realize that. There is a fiery desire that thrusts itself into you with the energy of the Page of Wands, and you must follow the river all the way to its end. Flow with the new change, flow with the new beginnings. Have faith in your instincts and enjoy yourself. This is a time to study, to reflect, to behave uninhibited in word and deed. You must even experience in being somewhat frank to friends, coworkers and loved ones because you need the experience of letting your breath run free. Say what you need to say. Don’t be hurtful, but if there is a part of you that resists expression, you must express it now so that you can feel the enlightened energy of the Page of Wands.

When the Page of Wands appears in a reading something unexpected will happen to you. This can be the presentation of a new job, or a phone call telling you about a possibility for some kind of future endeavor, or even a chance to travel. Using your good judgment and intuition is going to be your best helper in deciding what opportunity to follow and what to say no to.

Take note of the stressful situations that you find yourself in and then see what you can do to get out of them. Much of the time you will find that either you are not being confident enough or strong enough to vocalize your desires or you are allowing others to make decisions for you. If you are to be free and light and wish to embrace this creative energy, you must have nothing blocking you. You will have much success if you allow yourself to behave in an unhinged manner.

The Page of Wands in Love

The love of young lovers is the image that is evoked when the Page of Wands visits your romantic experience. This means that you are going to be soon blessed by an experience that will make you feel as though you have never experienced love before. This may not be a long lasting love, but it is a new love and one that should be given credit because it is going to pull you out of your overly ‘adult/responsible’ experience. If you are already in a relationship with someone who you love very much, this means that you are going to have a chance to find a new way to love one another where you can see each other in a whole new light, thus allowing you and your partner to connect to that younger energy. If you are in a relationship that is making you unhappy, the Page of Wands tells you that it is time to find your fulfillment elsewhere. There is a world of opportunity out there, and if you have done your best to make the situation better and it is not happening, then cut your losses and get out.

The Page of Wands in Health

Now is the time for you to connect to a whole new you, full of vibrant good health. The Page of Wands is telling you that you have allowed yourself to be too inactive and slothful. In order to push back the aged aches and pains that come with time, you must choose to perceive yourself as younger then you are so that you might find healing. This card will come up in matters relating to the heart and the lungs. So consider what you can do to strengthen your cardiovascular system.

The Page of Wands in Work and Wealth

New ventures are coming your way. This could mean a promotion for your job that is going to feel like an entirely new position or it will mean that a change in work is going to present itself. Either way there is going to be a brand new perspective that you will be able to attach to, that will make you feel young again in your place of work. Abundance and random gifts are on their way to you.

The Page of wands Reversed

Reversed Meaning - Page of Wands

The Page of Wands coming up reversed for you indicates an energy of an experience with an uncomfortable or unhappy relationship with someone who is controlling and upsetting you. Your ability to want something else for yourself has been interrupted by indecisiveness and you do not feel capable of vocalizing yourself. You must face your fears and get out of this situation as fast as you can so that you can feel the Spring-like energy that the Page has to offer.

By Flo Saul
Jul 9, 2012