The King of Cups

King Of Cups Tarot Card

The King of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The King of Cups is like the King of Cool.

He is a great card in a reading when you are seeking ways to express yourself emotionally or having to accept aspects (or people) in your life that you would rather not. With the King of Cups in your reading you can know that while there may be a lot going on in your life and you are likely to find that not everything is going you way… what will be will be. Pay special attention in your life to the areas that are demanding a lot of attention from you. Focus on those aspects and think about the ways in which you can work smart rather than working hard. The energy from the King of Cups is really great at helping you to keep your composure, maintain balance in your life, and when you have a need for patience.

The King of Cups sits upon his throne and he knows that he is where he is by his own works. Like other Kings in the deck, he is at a place where he has mastered his own element. The element of water covers all things emotional and spiritual. The King of Cups is the guy you turn to when you need problem-solving skills and works well under pressure. The focus in your life right now should not be what you can do, but rather what do you feel.

Having this card show up in your reading can show that there are aspects of your life where you need to weight out the pros and cons of the situation. Before you take a leap forward you want to really listen to your intuitions and only then, act accordingly. Even if you feel that things are mellow right now, be prepared for a challenge headed your way that will throw you off balance. You have a warning now and you should be able to deal with the challenge head on as long as you maintain your composure and understand that no matter how big the challenge is, you are strong and smart enough to overcome it. There is no need to feel overwhelmed; everything is as it should be. Seek your inner Yoda. The card can also represent a male that is older than you. He will likely be bald or have graying hair. This person usually comes to you in the form of a wise counsel or something that you can trust has your best interest at heart. Keep the voice of this person close to you.

The King of Cups in Love

The King of Cups in love is an excellent card as it shows all good things regarding emotional spirituality. If in a relationship, it often represents the peak time in a relationship where you and your partner are working together, bickering is to a minimal, and things seem to be going your way. Often it will indicate getting fulfillment from your partner and being taken care of in emotional aspects. Often this card will come up when you need a shoulder to lean on while dealing with a stressful period. This card shows you that there is someone around you that can empathize or understand. It’s okay to open up emotionally at this time. In fact, you likely need to. As a warning card, the King of Wands can represent the need to do so.

When looking for love the King of Cups card can be descriptive in showing the qualities of someone coming your way in a relationship. It is a male card; however it doesn’t mean that if you are a man that another man is coming. Rather, in that situation it will refer to the aspects of yourself that you need to focus on. If you are a woman looking though it will indicate a water sign – Cancer, Pisces, or Scorpio that is coming to your life or already around you now. This person is likely older than you, but not always. It’s less about age and more about maturity. This will usually be a person that has been tried emotionally and sometimes he can come off as cool or even a bit shy. He is a person secure in his own emotions and isn’t likely to be flashy or outgoing per say. The King of Cups is a person who typically has a great sense of humor and can be a little silly once you get to know him.

The King of Cups in Health

A good sign for health, the King of Cups indicates that there is a good mindset around you regarding health. Emotionally there is a positive attitude regarding health and therefore even ailments or physical illness is usually on its way up. It’s a great sign also for healing after illness or surgery. There is hope when this card is present.

The King of Cups in Work and Wealth

The King of Wands is less concerned with work and wealth than the King of other suits. When he shows up in your reading it can be an indication that you are not focusing on your finances properly or that you should stop focusing on them too much. Often when the King of Cups comes up in a financial reading it indicates that you aren’t in a good place to be dealing with your finances as you can be too idealistic, hopeful, or immature with your funds right now.

At the workplace the King of Cups gets along great with co-workers and shines in areas like networking and grievances. He is astute at dealing with adversity and can bring a level head to a heated situation. It’s likely that there is a fire that needs to be put out and the way to do this is to have a direction that is blameless and positive. Whatever is done is done and there is no going back and getting a do-over in this situation. Rather the King of Cups tells you to focus on moving forward, rather than focusing on the past.

King of Cups Advice

Drawing the King of Cups generally signals good things, the King is a master of his emotions and knows how to use his power to harness his creativity. You likely feel in control of your feelings and at peace with the emotions that wash over you. The advice here is to retain your strength, like the King depicted on this card, you must remain composed. That may mean you need to distinguish and keep to your own personal boundaries and trust your instincts. 

Notice how the king remains acting bold stood upright, undisturbed by the lion next to him and the activity behind him, you too must stay consistent. Do not be tempted away from your serenity by the external chaos of daily life. Like the King who can see the fish jumping out of the water and the ship sailing away behind him, you will still witness the emotional and material elements of life play out, but you will rise above them. 

The King of Cups in an advice reading is ultimately a sign of balance. It is an indication that you have the knowledge and ability to achieve what you’re looking for. You should continue to use your wisdom to make the best decisions while staying true to your own moral compass. Life can throw up difficult situations, but if you continue you as you are, nothing will lead you astray. Trust in your own stability and power and your emotional contentment will continue to thrive. 

King of Cups Yes Or No

When drawing the King of Cups in looking for a ‘yes or no’ answer, it is important that the reader is able to detect their instinctive feeling. The King of Cups is a powerful and authoritative figure; he is both decisive and wise. More than anything, this card suggests the power of your intuition. The King of Cups does not point clearly to yes or no, and instead tells you trust in your own instincts. Like the King, you have the balance and wisdom to make your own decision. Trust in your gut feeling and the answer will be obvious - just remember not to lessen your clarity by mulling things over too much, be decisive and fair. 

King of Cups Past

For the King of Cups tarot card to appear in the past may suggest you should reflect on your recent history and any difficult situations you have overcome, whether that be on your own or with the help of a caring figure. Either way, it is referring to something which helped you find balance within yourself and subsequently led you to where you are today. Whatever the source, the impact is still affecting you positively in the present.

Perhaps you exercised maturity, wisdom, or even power, in handling a past situation - this might refer to the ending of a negative relationship or event. Sometimes people see this card if they experienced a difficult childhood or endured a bad relationship. If you can think of a wise, calming figure from your recent history then the King of Cups may be hinting that you should try and live by their example - they gave you balance in the past, and you can sustain that in the present, too.

King of Cups Present 

When the King of Cups is drawn in tarot spreads in the present it may indicate a few different things. Perhaps you are currently faced with a difficult decision or predicament. There is a lot going on in your life, as is depicted on the card, you can see the expansive sea, fish jumping out of water and the ship sailing away - but the King remains certain and poised in his throne, he holds a chalice and scepter showing his power and balance. Take inspiration from the kings symbolism, make measured, cool-headed decisions. Don’t be thrown off by what is happening around you and instead stay focussed on what’s important.

Alternatively, the King of Cups may refer to something external to yourself. You may be about to encounter a person who will be able to help you achieve balance within yourself and in your life on the whole. Look out for individuals who are authoritative but fair, heed their advice and learn from their example. With their help and influence you will find that your hopes and plans can come to fruition. 

All in all, the King of Cups in the present position is a signifier of victory over chaos. It suggests, no matter the seeming enormity of your present situation, ruling with a kind and responsible disposition will see you through.

King of Cups Future and Outcome

When the King of Cups appears in a reading relating to the future and outcome position it should be taken as a very reassuring sign. Regardless of the readings in your past and present position, the King of Cups points to upcoming resolution.

In the future seeing the King of Cups can indicate that you will be guided by a calm and wise entity; this may come in many forms, it may be a lover, mentor, an experience, or even a personal journey you make on your own. If things feel difficult in the present moment, take comfort in the fact that all will soon be well. Like the king piously seated and peaceful in his throne, you will overcome difficulties with grace and decorum, either independently or with the aid of an outside source (which you must trust and follow). This will be rewarded with serene inner peace. 

King of Cups Love Reconciliation

There are few cards as reassuring as the King of Cups in a love and reconciliation reading. If you are in a relationship, seeing the King of Cups indicates contentment and happiness. This card sometimes appears before a major relationship step such as marriage, children, or moving in together - it signals that you and your partner are in harmony with each other and ready to lay a foundation for a happy romantic life going forward. 

Whatever the situation, you can trust that the love you share with your significant other is sincere and fully reciprocated - there is a very good chance you have found your life partner. Remember to keep your mind in the moment and avoid dwelling on past issues. If you’ve recently reconciled with a partner then the King of Cups is a clear sign you made the right decision in reuniting. 

The King of Cups is also a very promising card to draw in a love reading if you are single. If you are dating and looking for love then you’ll be excited to hear a new romance is just around the corner. This person is likely going to be very special to you and is bound to have a positive impact on your life. Remember to keep your heart and mind open, and the one for you is sure to find their way into your life. 

King of Cups As Feelings

Drawing the King of Cups in relation to how somebody else feels about you signifies a positive, stable relationship. This is a good card for love feelings, if you are looking for reassurance about this person’s feelings for you, then this card brings comfort. The person you are thinking of is confident in their admiration of you, it can even signal a marriage proposal. 

Whatever your relationship to this person, they feel that you are trustworthy and gracious. This card speaks volumes about the strength of a partnership and if there is a romantic element to your relationship with this person, it may even signify that you may move beyond just friends in the future and that you have found your soul mate.

King of Cups As Friendship

The King of Cups is a good card to see in a friendship spread. Have you recently met some new people or reconnected with old friends? If so, expect good things to come. You will likely find yourself drawn to a kind but authoritative person, someone who may seem to be the ‘leader’ of the friendship group. They will play a very important role in your life going forward - you will find their sage advice and emotionally mature manner very grounding. Learn from their confidence and level headedness, you have a great friendship ahead of you. 

The King of Cups doesn’t always relate to new friendships, either, it may be pointing to a change in your existing group of friends. If this is the case, it may be the case that you will be the person to take on the leadership role. You have a great deal of wisdom to share and an objective and fair sense of morality. If this sounds like you, be prepared to be giving out more advice than ever before going forward. Make sure you use your calming presence to keep the peace within your friendship group and avoid any gossip or pettiness between you and others.

The King Of Cups Reversed

The King Of Cups in the Reversed Position

The King of Cups reversed is a negative aspect of one being too emotional. While it can represent a person who is normally calm and collected being over emotional, it usually is worse than that. The negative representations of the reversed position are being irritable, moody, sullen, or extremely withdrawn. Just like the King of Cups is fully in control of his emotions, the reversed position is just the opposite. It is usually a sign that you need to seek balance emotionally and spiritually and a sign that you are overreacting to a situation or person in your life. You must find your inner quiet and reign in your emotions to get what you want out of a situation. 

King of Cups Reversed - Love and Romance

Seeing the King of Cups reversed in a love and romance reading can be troubling. If you are in a relationship it suggests there is something amiss, you and your partner are likely going through communication issues and feeling confused as a consequence. 

It may also be a sign of turbulence, perhaps things switch from moment to moment, some days good some days bad. When the King Of Cups appears reversed, the card can represent a clear cautionary sign, tread carefully, you don’t want to let a bad mood one day sabotage the entire relationship. This card doesn’t have to mean the end of romance, instead, it suggests that you seek stability. It’s likely a good idea to set some boundaries around personal space, spend some time cooling off and working out a clear, practical way to communicate.   

If you’re single, now is probably not the best time to look for love. The King of Cups reversed projects possible chaos and even emotional turmoil. Perhaps you have had a difficult breakup or are dealing with some personal issues. Either way, the best thing for you right now is to focus on yourself and your own wellbeing. When you have restored your own sense of inner peace you can turn your mind back to prospective relationships.

King of Cups reversed - Family and Home

Reversed, this card can signify difficulties within the domestic space. The family unit may have been shaken by a difficult event or the behaviour of a particular individual. This card signifies a time for reflection, work out what your priorities are as a family and come together to overcome this difficult period. The reversed King points to a loss of control, to try and counter this you should be confident instead. It’s clear that a steady hand is needed in this situation. Try and manifest the power of the King of Cups when drawn upright, fairness paired with authority. 

King of Cups Reversed - Work and Finances

Seeing the King of Cups in relation to work and finances usually points to a precarious period of instability. You may be experiencing this in a number of ways - whether it’s a loss of love for your career or a financially trying time, you are feeling deflated and maybe even out of control. If you’re still getting a steady paycheck each month then the King of Cups reversed should prompt you to consider your sense of job satisfaction, has your job become stale or boring? Or perhaps you, personally, are struggling with a lack of inspiration and vigor. Seeing the King of Cups reversed in a financial reading is a sign you should seek balance. Take a long, hard look at your career and be honest with yourself, maybe the problem is your situation but it may also lie in your outlook. Whichever it is, believe in your own power to change it for the better.

King of Cups Reversed - Health and Wellness

Seeing the King of Cups reversed in a health and wellness reading can cause concern to those who know this reversed card association with instability. But do not panic, when related to health issues, the King of Cups reversed is a signal that you should trust health care professionals. It can be easy to become swept up in the age of the internet, there is so much advice to scroll through, but do not become untethered by this or anyone else who is not an expert.

Instead, stick with the advice of those who know best. If your mental wellbeing is suffering at the moment, this card could be a sign that it's time to seek support. Going it alone is a daunting task and we all need a little extra help and advice from others from time to time. Let go of the feelings of overwhelm and focus on finding professional advice and support to get you back on track. 

King of Cups Reversed - Personal Spirituality

The King of Cups Reversed in a personal spiritual reading points to a careless or haphazard approach to spiritual pursuits. You may be acting rashly or letting yourself become caught up in unimportant things. To readjust your spiritual journey it’s important to take time out to explore yourself and your actions. Remember there is no need to rush into things and that patience is a virtue. Think of your long term spiritual goals and you will find far greater fulfillment than you will seek quick wins.

Upright King of Cups meanings in keywords

  • Man over age of 40
  • Offer of love 
  • Emotionally passionate
  • Unable to let go
  • Solid love
  • Marriage proposal

Reversed King of Cups meanings in keywords

  • Calamity
  • Manipulation
  • Clarity and control
  • Depending on others
  • Flighting for passion

By Flo Saul
Jul 9, 2012