Two of Wands

What does the The Two of Wands mean in a tarot reading

The Two of Wands

The two of wands tarot card

There is a duality in the Two of Wands that refers to doing a job well and then seeing the benefits.

It is a card of duty and hard work, indicating that you are working through physical issues in your life (such as monetary or work issues) or can also be internal (such as emotional challenges) that require strength and resolve to overcome. Often this card comes up when you are feeling distracted. You know that you have tasks at hand and you are not ready to complete them. Now is the time to get cracking! Events are about to unfold in your life – new adventures, new job opportunities, or new a responsibly for example – and you need to be prepared for them.

The man on the Two of Wands card is looking out over a great distance and often is thought of as Christopher Columbus before he set sail on his voyage. There is a long road ahead of you and there is a need for you to take time to plan your course of action. Be certain of the direction you are taking and possible hurdles that will need to be overcome. Know that the path you are on right now is one that is good for you but without your own input or direction you will easily find your way off course.

The Wands overall are cards of action and they have a fiery or fervent nature to them. Putting off responsibilities at this time will backfire and soon you will find that you are overwhelmed. This moment in your life is the calm before the storm of activity, use this time wisely to ensure successful rewards when the job is done. Your work will not go unnoticed or unrewarded. If you are willing to put forth the effort before you begin your endeavor, you will find that it was worth the work. The duality of the card indicates a need for balance. This is not a time to engage in conflict or to allow yourself to get swept away with the concerns of others. You have made a choice about the direction of your life and now you need to follow through. Distractions and arguments will cause you to lose sight of the end goal.

The Two of Wands in Love There is a feeling of newness with the Two of Wands and often it will indicate the beginnings of a relationship that is established but in the earlier phases. Attraction has been confirmed and possibly even some dates, but in the end there is a sense of boredom and lack of direction. Even in long standing relationships or when referring to people who are married the Two of Wands references a change or series of events that have left you feeling less than fascinated in your relationship. Sometimes the Two of Wands can  indicate feelings of entrapment or boredom in a well-established relationship which can cause issues or concern. Consider the spark in your relationship at its current time. If you are feeling like there is something lacking in the relationship focus on bringing you and your partner together through physical intimacy or interests that the two of you share. Make sure that you are planning and setting aside time for just the two of you.

In love this also may be a time to consider your options. Are you being honest with yourself in what you truly want or have there been new avenues that have arisen that are more tempting to you than your current situation. Now is a good time to consider a change of some sort – whether it means ending a current relationship for a new person that has come into your life or starting a new relationship where there has been a void. A word of caution: before you decide to pursue other options consider that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

The Two of Wands in Health You are in a state of stagnation in your health if the Two of Wands has come up concerning your own wellbeing. Often boredom and fatigue combined will create health issues in their own right and can lend themselves to overeating or other unhealthy habits that have of negative consequences. Now is a time to balance the needs of your mind and body. You may want to consider walking, yoga, or mediation as a way to keep restlessness at bay. Irresponsible health choices are a common concern when the Two of Wands appears in your reading. Be mindful of your overall health especially if you are younger and take it for granted.

The Two of Wands in Work and Wealth The Two of Wands will often represent a healthy cycle in work and money and comes up when things are going well in your life. Even if you are going through a monetary crisis or have recently lost a job, the card indicates that things are turning in your favor. Usually this card will be associated when you are about to receive a reward for work that was done well or additional perks in your current job. This isn’t to say that everything is perfect. Rather it is a card indicating stability and a time that allows for a pause or reflection about making a new decision. The Two of Wands is present during times of change within a company. If you are worried about being fired or laid off, consider that there may likely be a better position within the same company that you are currently in that will be more rewarding to you versus the job that you currently have.


Reversed Two of Wands in a reading The Two of Wands reversed indicates worry and concern and rightly so. Usually the card comes up during times of stress or turmoil in relation to your spiritual sense and being off balance. Rather than looking outward at what you have done and thinking about your next move, you are likely to be feeling unsure or lacking confidence in your abilities. Wrong choices or actions of irresponsibility are cause to miss out on opportunities that you are qualified for. Considering taking responsible steps to get yourself back on track. Implement schedules for a regular daily routine for work, exercise, or finances. In relationships you are likely to be experiencing distance or a lack of reciprocation from a partner. Take steps to invite them into your life by offering ways to bring the two of you closer. Do not wait for them to act.


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