The Star

Star Tarot Card

The Star Tarot Card Meaning

When the tower exploded in the previous card, something magical happened: a star emerged from the galaxy pool and started beaming with possibilities! Lucky you! If the Star card is coming up in your reading then you should feel just a little bit special.

The universe shines it light on you through the Star card bringing forth peace, tranquility, and most of all hope. The Star card represents a true connection with the divine and that there are favorable energies guiding you at this time. You are on the right path. You are making the right decision. You must trust in yourself as you already have the answer that you seek.

The symbolism of the Star card tells a story of a woman (or goddess) renewing the land (the material world) and water (the emotional or spiritual world) by pouring from the two pitchers in her hands. The bird above her shoulder is Ibis, a favorable sign from the ancient Egyptians of the God Thoth and he knows a secret. Thoth is good at that. The whole world is still in the moment of twilight as the stars begin to shine. This is a time of wisdom and a time for listening.

Often this card comes up during a time of emotional turmoil where you don’t know which way is the right way for you and you feel overwhelmed or even afraid of making the wrong choice. It’s a card that begs the question: What does your heart tell you? If you listen to the truth within yourself, once you allow it to all be silenced, what answer resounds the most? It’s difficult, because the trick to the Star card is learning how to listen and for most of us, that is the hardest lesson of all. To get there you first have to understand that there is hope in your situation and all is not lost. The solution is not as far away as you think and you are not alone.

The Star in Love

If you are seeing this card there are likely deep questions within your relationship or towards love in general. Now is a time to follow your instinct regarding a partner for better or for worse. If you are questioning fidelity in a relationship, for example… understand this does not mean that just because you fear that they are cheating that it is true. Rather, again you have to remember to remove yourself from the situation. Your current relationship is not your past relationship and often you will find that when questioning that you are not putting true standards up to your current partner. Listen to your instincts, which does not mean listen to your fear. You may find that now is a good time to take a step back in the relationship and look at the positives and the negatives. Most of the time the Star is a good sign for a relationship that tells you that things in a rocky relationship can be mended if you open your heart and allow yourself to be a little more vulnerable.

In regards to being single and looking for love, the Star card is also a positive sign. It usually will reveal a long term relationship growing into more rather than meeting someone completely fresh and new. The Star offers a time to mend old relationships and you may be surprised to see someone from your past coming back into your life. On a more personal note, it can also tell you to take a look at your own emotions regarding love and take stock in areas where you have been hurt in the past. Now is a good time to be open to new beginnings and a reminder that with each new relationship comes new possibilities. It also carries a warning of comparing new relationships to past ones.

The Star As Feelings

The star is always bright and present in the deep night sky and in every aspect of our lives. It's the symbol of hope, always guiding us towards whatever we strive for, letting us be open to receive positives from all over. The star reminds us that even if it feels like everything is pitch black, there is still a glimmer of light guiding us forward. To those around us, the star represents what we aspire for and the impact we can make in this world - it's a symbol of external love that lies within each one of us. Being likened to a star in a reading is a grand compliment for all it stands for: hope, love, strength, ambition and resilience. For feelings the star card reminds us that the person feels you might be “out of reach” that it might not be possible to fully be able to have the relationship that you deserve. That is not to say, it might not happen but from my interpretation of a feelings spread this could be something that is just a wish in the night’s sky.

The Star As Love Reconciliation

Lost lovers seem to be able to reunite under the magical power of the star in the night sky. As its light bathes both in warmth, it reminds them of their shared past and enables them to move forward. As they look up and make a wish that their hearts will be reconciled, the star twinkles with hope, encouraging them that they can find their way back to each other. When they part ways again, they are filled with renewed faith that one day they will find a lasting reconciliation. The star has shown them that love can never truly die; it simply needs time and care to blossom once more.

The Star in Health

What else but good health would you expect from a card that offers hope and renewal? This is a very favorable omen when dealing with health concerns and says that there is a positive energy around you that will help keep you on the mend. It is also a card that reminds you that a healthy body comes from a healthy mind. You need to be sure that you are promoting positive thoughts about your health to keep healing or strengthening your body. When this card comes up it is a great time to think about making a positive change in your health as well – such as starting a new routine that focuses on wellness of both the mind and body such as yoga, tai chi, or eating healthier.

The Star in Work and Wealth

If you are having issues with money the Star card often comes up once everything has spun out of control. Financially it can talk about needing time to recover from a loss, to get unhealthy spending habits in check, and to focus your efforts on charity. The hope in this card clearly shows that there is a path to getting your financial troubles on track. If you are not having financial troubles when this card comes up (which is rare) the Star card acts as a warning card. Now is a good time to seek financial guidance before making a big purchase or taking out a loan. You need to be wary of doing business that requires heavy investments or risk.

On the work front the Star is a good omen that increased work is coming your way. Usually coming up when one feels stuck or in a dead end sort of position, it offers a preverbal light at the end of the tunnel. If you are currently employed do not be surprised if something new arises in small doses like an increase of responsibility or someone important taking an interest in your work. For the job seeker, you are more than likely feeling like your job search will never end. The Star card offers hope that things are going to be changing soon. It may be in your best interest to consult an agency or headhunter – seek assistance to get yourself on track.

The Star Advice/Action

The star in an advice or action position tells me one thing (what action you should take?) drawing this card means that things will get better soon, and that your hopes and dreams will help you to aim forward. There is a "deep guiding" intuition and the advice here is to “look inside” for answers. What is your inner voice telling you? This card also shows that things will be slow to come to life.

If you want to speed up the situation then you need to be positive, but accept that things will take time. The main point here is to “go with the flow” do not make things unnecessary and eventually things will happen. There is a danger to want to push a relationship so it is perfect, and trying to create an “ideal” relationship. Something that you have dreamed of all your life but you need to focus on the here and now. Be honest, pour love without any expectations just be who you are. Give yourself to others and do not withhold anything and shine like the star. 

The Star As Friendship Or Family

This star symbolizes friendship and family, as it radiates in small moments of joy. It may be found in a late night conversation or a shared memory from childhood - just when we need it most, the star is there to guide our path. Each moment, every true connection brings us closer to unlocking all that life has to offer us, no matter how lonely or isolated we might feel; for when our stars align in friendship or family, a new world will open up before us.

The Star Reversed

The Star Rervesed Meaning

The star in reversed is a less than a positive card, but before you give up all hope understand that even negative cards or positions are without merit. The Star card emphasizes that based on your current path unwanted changes are coming in one or more areas of your life and that you either need to prepare yourself or take steps to correct the current path that you are on. You are likely to find that you are not adapting to change well, are overly sensitive to criticism, or on edge recently. It is time for you to look at the areas in which things are no longer working for you. Once you identify the things that are causing your unhappiness you need to take steps to remove them from your life. Usually it is time for you to make the needed changes by leaving an unhealthy relationship or workplace. The first step is often the hardest but most rewarding.

When the stars align and reverse themselves, it's like an unexpected opportunity to move forward. It can be a source of inspiration, and a cause to pull focus onto something positive. Instead of looking backwards and dwelling on the tower before, it can be a reminder that there's always something greater out there. Even in the darkest times, stars still seem to shine brightly and offer a voice of hope and courage. Though the stars may be reversed right now, they reveal paths to future realms that many never thought were possible before.

Love and Romance - The Star Reversed

Even when the star is reversed in love and romance, it can carry its magical spark; like an altar of promises scattered in the night sky. When love is out of balance or stagnates, a reversal provides a unique pathway to rekindle the flames of passion. It can guide lovers in the right direction--toward the deep, meaningful exchange that romantic connections are rooted in. I always feel when I see this in a reversed reading we are pulled towards that twist or turn in love which can provide insight into creative solutions and inner growth--allowing our hearts to expand greater than ever before. This reversed star's poignant beauty still radiates throughout each dark moment, a reminder that life is not meant to stay still, but rather allowed to take its course and ebb in different directions as we open our eyes to whatever comes next.

Family and Home - The Star Reversed

Family and home can be a much-needed reminder of the love that we are surrounded by. When the Star reversed cards appears in a reading regarding your family or friends, it reminds us to tap into this source of love even during difficult times. Struggles can blind us from flipping through the videos on TikTok or flipping through the traditions and conversations carried from generation to generation in our home. We need to focus on all aspects of ourselves, including loved ones, moments of joy and laughter shared at home. Taking time out for this healing is so important, especially if we spend too much energy focusing on flipping all those cards in our minds looking for solutions outside ourselves. The star reversed is here to remind us of home's steady embrace and comfort, and that these relationships are important.

Work and Finances - The Star Reversed

In these crazy times of google world, we often feel overwhelmed by too much information. But when the Star card Reversed appears in our work and finances life, it is an invitation to remember that ultimately our journey is driven not just through career milestones but also by moments of reflection, soul searching and self understanding. Let's make sure that amongst all the data and facts, we allocate time for quietness and contemplation so that the decisions we make are coming from deep within us.

Health and Wellness - The Star Reversed

The Star Reversed is an invitation to visit your inner world, discovering what disrupts your peace and how you can meaningfully address it. Amid the joys of life, a wake-up call inviting us to open up to a healthier way of being is always welcomed. This is not just about eating right or finally hitting the gym - wellness goes beyond getting ourselves in physical shape. True health and wellness is an effort that touches our spirits and nurtures our minds. Taking moments for self-care and paying attention to our mental state are essential, journeying inward without judgement, kindness towards oneself being the core goal at hand.

Personal Spirituality - The Star Reversed

The Star Reversed reminds us of the importance of both inward self-exploration and outward service to others. It's a reminder that it is not enough to simply sit in silence and meditate on our own inner journeys; we must also ask ourselves how we can use these spiritual insights to help those around us. When The Star Reversed appears, it teaches us that our greatest successes come from using our newfound personal wisdom to be of service in the world—not just for ourselves but for other people too. In this way, spirituality is united with action, creating a powerful force for love and healing.

In summary, the night sky is a vast and magical place that has inspired and guided people for centuries. This same sense of wonder is captured by the Star tarot card. There is always hope and possibility within reach when we look at this card.  The Star symbolizes hope, clarity, and possibilities, just like the shining star itself.  Let your light shine! 

  • The Star is a tarot card that represents hope, guidance, and inspiration
  • This card can be a sign that you are about to embark on a new journey
  • The Star can also represent your own inner light and ability to shine in the dark times
  • If you are feeling lost or confused, the Star tarot card can be a reminder that you are not alone
  • Trust your intuition and follow your heart - the Star will guide you to your true path

By Florance Saul
Jul 9, 2012