The High Priestess Tarot Card Love Meaning

The High Priestess Tarot Love

The High Priestess Upright In Love Tarot Meaning

Despite being portrayed as cold and aloof, the High Priestess is a kindly figure who only wants to help us become our true selves. Her appearance in a reading suggests you should trust your gut and follow your heart. She is the card of intuition and inner knowing. Here are my insights into the meaning of the High Priestess tarot card.

  • In terms of relationships and love, the High Priestess is an incredibly positive tarot card.
  • In a relationship, the High Priestess signifies that things are going well.
  • In love, the High Priestess advises trusting your intuition and following your heart. 
  • If you want to find happiness in love, you must be true to yourself and remain open to new possibilities.
  • New beginnings, purity, and innocence are represented by drawing her in a love spread.
  • Your life will soon change for the better if you are single, according to the High Priestess.

What does the High Priestess Tarot Card Mean For Love?

The High Priestess tarot card speaks fondly of our yearning for and connection to another human being. Whether engaged, married, or single, the card symbolizes all humans' desire to be seen and loved meaningfully, no matter what their relationship status is. The card's message underscores that we are not alone even when it feels that way, and that the challenge is simply to stay open and honest with ourselves no matter how different things look from where we'd like them to be. I feel this card can mirror you in your current reality for better or for worse; but I stand by the belief that at its core, the High Priestess Tarot Card offers us a solace from which lovingly accepting ourselves appears more attainable than ever before.

High Priestess As Feelings

Perhaps you asked "How does he feel about me?" If someone felt like the High Priestess tarot card for you -- I must brag: you have a special energy around you. What a privilege to be able to talk about it! The essence of your being holds strange and weird emotions which can be difficult to understand for a partner. There is no one better than YOU at understanding the "loving" power of the High Priestess and I would love it if you could let me know if I'm missing something. I do believe that for feelings the person believes that you are quite “secret” in your approach in life and that they are waiting around for you to make a decision. If you gave this person all the clues about how you feel about them then you may find happiness --- but in the meantime you like to keep your cards closely to your chest.

What does the High Priestess mean in Love Reconciliation?

When it comes to reconciliation in love, the High Priestess is positive if you have asked if you will get back together. In times of struggle and strife with someone we care deeply about, she reminds us that regardless of how difficult it may seem, we must stand firm by our convictions and honesty is essential to make a relationship strong. Standing up for yourself shows the lover that you must be respected. It is up to you if your willing to work through any relationship problems. As long as reconciliation is desired,  drawing this card encourages us not to give up on love just yet.

High Priestess: Past Love

At times, the High Priestess is seen as a symbol of past love, a reminder that our past experiences will never be forgotten. It can be soothing to take solace in this understanding, since previous relationships have shaped who you are today and made you stronger. Although times may have been difficult, there will still be beauty and peace to take away from this love. Rather than looking back on our past lovers with guilt or regret, the High Priestess encourages you to celebrate these ghosts as they clearly help shape the person you are today.

High Priestess: Present Love

When it comes to present love, the High Priestess represents the divine power of feminine essence and intuition. This energy will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your current relationships. This may really help you reveal your heart's true state by breaking down your walls. This allows you to make decisions without being influenced by fear or projection.

The High Priestess: Love Outcome / Future

When it comes to tarot readings and you draw the High Priestess Tarot in an outcome position, it is a positive omen. I remember when I was feeling particularly uneasy about a romance a few years ago and I talked to my closest friend about it. We both agreed that the situation was a bit of a middle-age loser move on my part, and I drew this card as the outcome. The High Priestess Tarot card was guiding me in the right direction. After studying the card's meanings, I was able to gain an understanding of how to approach this guy and approach all those “friends with benefit” rendezvous from a place of balance and wisdom. With The High Priestess by my side, I felt empowered by her message, that love is in my hands. The reason I mention this is that the card often appears for future love when you encounter raging passion, but you need patience. Honesty is also important in this relationship and so is trusting your “gut.”

The Fool Hopes And Fears In Love

  • Your Environment: Intuition and psychic abilities are influencing the relationship. Throughout your life, you have made decisions on love based on the voice inside of you.
  • Your hopes: There is no need to stress out, your intuition tells you when things feel right. Keeping the relationship secret may be something you desire.
  • Your Fears: There is a likelihood that your intuition is correct. Your intuition tells you to trust your partner. You are worried that they won't keep secrets because of these thoughts in your mind of not trusting them.
  • The Unexpected and Unknown: Your relationship isn't well known to you. A key theme in your relationship is the unexpected and the unknown. Most of the things that aren't obvious won't be obvious to you.

High Priestess Reversed In Love

It can be a bit confusing at first to understand the reversed tarot meaning of the High Priestess Love. It can, however, be incredibly comforting once you understand its message. The High Priestess Love reversed tarot meaning speaks to our deepest desires and emotions. In our journeys through love and relationships, we are not alone. The high priestess love reversed tarot also teaches us to listen to our intuition when it comes to matters of the heart. When we tune into our internal wisdom, we can open our hearts and create the love we need for ourselves.

High Priestess As Single Meaning

If the card is drawn in a love reading for a single individual, it indicates that it is time to accept love and not remain hidden, there is a focus on understanding the situation. Rather than following instincts, it is important to follow what feels right, and listen to inner guidance. As an example, the famous fashion designer Coco Chanel encouraged women to express their individuality through their clothing, and author Maya Angelou advised people to "trust the wisdom of their hearts". Whenever possible, the High Priestess is telling you to use personal intuition as a guide when making decisions of love. This card promotes freedom of thought, expression, and individuality in relationships.  Tarot readings on love that draw the High Priestess represent inner strength and a willingness to listen to one's own inner guidance --- that gut feeling to tell if this person is right or just toxic. My thoughts are that when possible, we should use personal intuition as a guide, since the best decisions are made from within.  

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