What does Death mean in tarot readings


Death tarot card

The Death card is the card that fills most people with dread, fear or regret.

Death symbolizes a level of permanence that many of us have a hard time dealing with. But what this card really represents is the end of a cycle, coming to the point of making a large transition or change in your life rather than true or physical death. If the Death card is prominent in your reading you will find that there is a large amount of change coming your way and you should not fight or resist it. Death is transition; you have a higher power guiding your way that knows more than you do in this moment and that is a fact that must be accepted for the road before you to clear. Think of it as the death of the phoenix. There are aspects to your life that are ending or changing dramatically and these changes may even be exceptionally hard to deal with. Like the phoenix, these transitions in your life are leading to a glorious rebirth or something new and better. Often we like to hold on to aspects of our life even after they serve no more purpose. Now is the time to let go of that which is not aiding you or bettering your life in some way. Allow these things to fall away from your life so that you have room for new fantastic prospects that bring you joy.

Within the Tarot there is no death, only rebirth and new life and a continuing story. Death is only a small part of the story that is the Major Arcana. Consider where we started with the Fool so full of adventure and whimsy. Up to this point you have learned so much and death is not the end of the story. If Death shows up in your reading, you can expect that new growth is going to be arriving in your life and you should choose to welcome the change, not fight it. The worst part of death is the struggle of acceptance. Yet death, like birth, is completely natural. In this day and age we attach to a potential level of immortality; we like to think that we never leave this space and time. After all, we have put a lot of time and energy and money into to our lives and we don’t want that to suddenly just go away. But the Death card reminds us that it is time for you to confront your fear of the end of the chapter. Many say that Death is a journey and that ‘the only constant is change’. This is undeniably true. You must not fight death, only practice acceptance.

Keep in mind that all things come to an end, but this is not just referring to life. Our lives are filled with the different cycles of relationships, jobs, partners and experiences that are unique to your existence. New data comes in, is processed and utilized and then, spent it dies to make room for more new data. This energy is constantly being recycled. Death is life-giving transformation and it is telling you that now is the time to allow room in your life for this transition. Friendships end, people pass, jobs are lost that give way to new jobs and better experiences. Allow the waters from the river of life to wash you clean so that you might start anew. For just like weeds must die to make room for new growth, so must we all, make room for new life by letting what does not serve us pass on.

Take time to reflect on the ways in which you are resisting change in your life. If you are a person that naturally despises change or avoids it, think about the new opportunities that you are missing out on by holding on to the old. Allow the cycle to complete and be true to yourself. This is a time to embrace the new, accept the changes that are happening, and to let go. In letting go there is sometimes a sense of freedom. You deserve to experience all that life has to offer.


Death in Love When the Death card arrives in a reading about love and relationships you can expect several things to occur depending on your situation. If you are single and looking for love, Death gives you the message that it is time for you to slough off the old parts of you that do not serve so that you can attract someone brand new by being sparkly, fresh and exciting. Death tells you that the pursuit of love now through transformation of self is an exceptionally productive step forward and you should take that advice. If you are in a relationship and you are seeking wisdom regarding your future, the Death card expresses that a change is coming that you need to be aware of. Either something is going to happen that will make you see things differently thereby changing your whole relationship, or this could also happen to your partner.

Sometimes the Death card can indicate the end of a relationship or divorce. In cases like this it can be a frightening time indeed. If this is the case for you try to focus on why this could be happening. Usually it will indicate that the relationship was beyond the point of repair because emotions had been too damaged or that the relationship was unhealthy. It can also indicate that the relationship is going to end as it currently is. For example, it may not be divorce persay but the dynamics of the relationship need to change completely. In cases like this it usually takes two exceptionally dedicated people to work on the problems of the relationship. If you are absolutely certain you want to keep this relationship and you have spent time honestly meditating about it you may want to consider a marital or relationship counselor. The issues that accompany the Death card are usually ones that include very deep hurt or trust issues and can be difficult to navigate without guidance.

Try to respond to this change with a positive spirit. Reacting negatively might only serve to sabotage. If your relationship is rocky, then the Death card is telling you that a change might be on its way and that if you want to stay together you should weigh the pros and the cons of the relationship and find out if it is really serving you and your partner, or if you are only staying together to avoid change. If avoidance is in the equation, Death tells you to call it out and bring it to light. Good conversations and productivity will come as a result of this.

Death in Health There are many who fear the Death card when it arrives in a Health reading. They think automatically that that means they or someone they love are going to die. But as we have established, that is not the case in all circumstances. Perhaps in rare occasions when Death comes up it does mean the loosening of the mortal coil from this life experience, but more often than not Death is trying to tell you that a change must happen and that this change is natural. So if you or someone you love is having an issue of health, Death explains that the change is coming but that you can control which side it goes. For example, by changing your entire thought process about healing from an injury or recovering from a disease you can inherently control the progress that you make. If you desire to feel well, your entire body and senses must be focused on that healing in order for that to change. Another way that Death influences health is Death describes the end of a disease, or in applicable circumstances: the removal of growths or of physical pains. No matter what happens, what you know now versus what you will know six months from now will be entirely different circumstances. Do not get stuck believing that the way life is now is how it is always going to be. Make positive changes to better your life experience.

Death in Work and Wealth Death in matters of wealth and work is integral to business strategies. For example if you are trying to start up a business with a friend, but your old job is taking up most of your time, Death would tell you that the change is necessary and so you would want to spend more of your time perpetuating the new business. Death in business and wealth tells us that the way that we spend our money, the way that we spend our time, all is subjected to the constant of change and one should never get too attached to one thing and one thing only. The concept of not putting all of your eggs into one basket becomes very important when Death influences your business.

Reversed Death in a reading The Death card makes an appearance in the reversed position when one is depending too much on old habits and routines that are not encouraging a level of physical emotional or spiritual growth. Part of the reason that change is so necessary is that new environments encourage new stimulate which provides creates in us the ability to flourish in a vibrant and lush atmosphere. We must join the rock tumbler so that we may become more smooth and shiny. Create a new space for opportunities to connect with you in your life. 

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