The Chariot

The chariot tarot card

The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

Onward it goes, four trusting cats with wide eyes stare into the unknown. Each turn of the chariot wheel is a journey of fate and fortune - leading us closer to our destiny. The old-fashioned chariot progresses further through space & time,... what will be revealed? New beginnings or changes?

Uncertainty may fill us but courage must never falter for it bids us stay true amid new possibilities; embracing life's unpredictable surprises! The timeless image on my tarot card reminds: Regardless of how far we travel, there will always be this steadfast force pushing us forward. The Chariot calls all travelers and adventurers! This is a card of exploration and expansion that guides you on a journey that you are about to take or one that you may possibly be started on already. It is not an easy ride as a chariot is not a modern vehicle of comfort. It is a time to think about getting back to the basics, lessening your load, and simplifying your life before you engage on the road ahead. Now is an excellent time in your life to consider what you can do to cut back. Rather than thinking of your journey as one for vacation, the chariot usually indicates something a tad more active – a journey of the spiritual sense or even one for work and finance. Whatever struggle you are going through in your life right now, do not worry that it is going to be all for nothing. The Chariot assures you that you are definitely going places!

In the my tarot deck, the Chariot has symbolism present is often interpreted as balancing out opposite forces. There is much duality in the colors of the card which state that you need to make sure that you are rationing out your efforts at this time. Pulling ahead too quickly will fatigue you and you will become too tired to complete your task. Approaching your challenges with a slow or delayed speed will cause you to not reach your intended destination.

For those on the Fool's journey, a crucial decision lies ahead: The Lovers card previously -- was an omen of choice. But with the Chariot comes action - it is a reminder that one must fight to get what they desire in life.It's a very powerful card when you draw this --- to me, it can represent a major victory or breakthrough. The traditional meaning of the Chariot card if you read numerous tarot books on Kindle  is conquest, triumph, and willpower. But it can also be interpreted as a need to take control of your destiny and steer your own course through life. My message to you, when you draw this card is whatever challenges you're facing in your life right now, know that you have the strength and determination to overcome them. Just keep moving forward and don't give up!

Also depicted in the card is the lady with a crown on top of an enclosed carriage. We can only view the top half of the rider, and she is ready for battle. She is prepared for challenges that lie ahead. The colors are rich in symbolism reflecting thought and emotion. While this is a card of action, often that action is an internal struggle. It is either a battle of wills or a personal dragon that must be slayed. Whatever it is that you are facing right now, the Chariot says, “Don’t stop. Don’t give up.” As you persevere and move forward on your path you will engage in many obstacles. These hurdles that you encounter are ones that you will learn from. You are about to receive a life lesson of sorts and while you may feel that you are going through a rough patch understand that it is through experience that we all learn.

The Chariot in Love

Often a card that comes up after a relationship has ended or during an exceptionally difficult time, the Chariot reminds you that this too shall pass. Things are being set in motion regarding matters of the heart and what you feel right now is only a temporary hurdle. You need to strengthen your resolve and protect your emotions. You are likely to find that you either want to run from your relationship or that you already feel alone.

Love is an adventure and like all adventures, there is a climax where everything comes to a head. Imagine yourself not alone right now, but facing a path ahead of you leading into the mountains. You do not have to choose to go this path alone. You are able to bring others with you, but you must make sure that they have the same goals and end destination in mind. Do not waste your time on relationships at this time that are going nowhere or settle just because you feel you should. Avoid allowing comfort to guide your relationship. It may be a good time to spice things up in the love department.

The Chariot as Love Reconciliation

Love is a journey, ever-evolving and bringing us closer to our destiny. Let's take pause for a moment - this card holds the promise of reconciliation in its shining chariot, transporting us on an endless cycle through love and redemption. Those wheels of fire blaze a trail forward as we begin to learn that by understanding we become reconciled with one another. He or she is saying “I see you and I understand.” Our journey is never ending as we become more awake and purposeful in this unending chorus of love and conflict. We must run towards our future together hand in hand, hearts open wide to unite the world in oneness and harmony.

The Chariot As Feelings

As someone's feelings, it can mean a struggle between one's mind and a shadow side in life. The Chariot is a cancer card and is a “moving on.” The two horses are pulling in two different directions so it also means indecision. One person still has not decided what to do. But there is one thing, the reins are in one person's hand. This card can mean moving on and effort is being put into someone else. It is not a good card for love I am afraid. 

The Chariot in Health

In Health the Chariot says that you have a long road ahead of you. Often it can represent health issues of the feet and issues with diabetes or digestion. Overall health shows that you are strong enough for a journey ahead and while there can be standard health issues associated with the card, rarely is it a sign of a deeper concern. The Chariot is an omen of vitality and youth.

The Chariot in Work, Money, Business, Career, and Wealth

In the way of work, most often the Chariot is seen when one is seeking a change in a job either due to unemployment or stagnation of a current career. It signifies that it is a great time to explore options of expansion and promotion. You also may find when this card is present that work will require unexpected travel that will also come with prestige and increased revenue. Strictly financially speaking, the Chariot says you need to hold on to your money and it is a time of saving. While the work front may be offering more opportunities, do not forget that this is a card talking about a journey beginning. There are likely unexpected expenses coming your way that you need to be prepared for.

The Chariot As A person

As a person, the Chariot is a symbol of the characteristics that hold immense power, independence --- sheer will power at its best. This person teaches us to evolve, to use spiritual energy, and how our choices can gain momentum and twist into a path of strength, determination and progress. The Chariot is so much more than a card: it's an inspiring reminder of sheer resilience and the sheer joy that comes from following your own path.

The Chariot In the Past Position

Reaching into our past, drawing the Chariot in the past position brings out the storied chariot of old - a glimmering symbol of spinning energy and powerful potential. The passing years have made it no less precious. From this age-old vehicle we find the strength to summon our own power and reach beyond what we thought was possible. Our vivid imaginings, unrestrained ambition, and extraordinary journeys all sit perched atop this faithful chariot from times long gone by. Re-opening its doors sets us free in ways we could not have dreamed but shows you have ensured many journeys to find out the right path of life and choice. A great deal has been accomplished by you recently! Your present state is the result of this victory, which spurs you on to achieve even more success. This successful past can serve as a reminder that indefatigability, courage, and persistence has led to success.

The Chariot In The Present Position

The Chariot, resolute and strong in its present position, is compelled to march forward with determination. Galloping onward, across fields of green and through skies of celestial blue, it takes on a poetic life of its own. The power that erupts from within allows the chariot to break free from the tethers that once held it in place. With a determination that never seems to waiver, the chariot will make its way into whatever destiny awaits for it without fail. Its place in history is secure and it proudly displays its courage in the present -- and in my view provides “determination” to push forward in what you chose to do. Remember that the card previous to the chariot was the lovers “the choice” card, here you are making your choice and riding on the path of accomplishment.

The Chariot In The Future Position

Drawing the Chariot in the outcome position, means the shadow of the future beckons you forth on this invisible chariot. You are pulled along by two powerful steeds; two mustangs: Faith and Fortune. Freewheeling, you will cast off the dreary burdens of your past self and blaze a trail towards a better horizon. I always like to feel that those that draw this card in the future can expect a journey. Can you feel the carriage swaying beneath you? It’s creaking wheels ever onwards to push your limits ever higher. On your windowsill right now stand grains of life’s learnings; each one a tiny reminder that you have occupied this same space before. Together, with the four-legged force gallops ever forward into a better tomorrow - your chariot will keep on running, always!

The Chariot As Friendship Or Family

I like to think of this card in family or friend spreads as a metaphor for friendship or family-- your group which propels towards eternity no matter what course the setting sun takes. While the horses may sometimes pause of their own accord, they will continue together towards a shared destination. No one is scared when moving towards that final destination because each of us rests in the confidence of the strong bonds between us, never alone on the journey is my normal interpretation of this card.

The Chariot Yes or No

The Chariot “Yes or No” in my view is a “maybe” this is because it’s perched between two opposites, coaxing you to choose one path. Moving down a winding road, the chariot pulls its two horses forward - but what lies ahead? Choosing the right direction feels like a challenge yet the journey remains full of possibility and promise. A new destination awaits behind whichever option you take! The Chariot Yes or No will lead you there.


The Chariot Reversed

The Chariot in the Reversed Position

As the shadows stop and the stallions stand still, the chariot, in reversed position, holds, I feel much intrigue. The reins dropped and the whip of life left behind, one begins to reflect on its symbolism for their own situation. While the wheels might have turned endlessly on cobbled grounds before this moment, much can be gleaned from such a pause: as if time has stood still for us to contemplate our life's purpose, to heed a lesson that rushing about (yes we do in our daily life) will compel us to choose good over bad and light over dark. In a game of tug-and-pull we must act before inertia sets in once again; this is where the chariot’s reversed position can remind us that shadows stop so we may carry on.

The Chariot in the reversed position is showing that what you are doing in your life right is as about as effective as trying to make a horse run backwards. You need to take a look at your life and see in what ways you are trying to move mountains when you should be going around them and what aspects of your life are pulling you down. The movement of the Chariot card is still present but if you are fighting against it you are likely to find that resistance is futile. Life will continue to move forward with or without you.

Love and Romance - The Chariot Reversed

Love and romance readings that draw the reversed Chariot can often feel like a carriage being pulled in two different directions: the soaring heights of beauty and bliss can give way to ghosting, swiping left on Tinder, or becoming blocked by darkness. The Chariot reversed is a gentle reminder that with love and romance sometimes needs to be paused; just as the horses tethered to the reins turn away from their destination, so too should we take notice of the tugging between needs and wants. We must pause, reflect, and choose if the journey onward is worth it - if we are courageous enough to keep going - no matter how the chariot may sway along its tumultuous path.

Family and Home - The Chariot Reversed

When the Chariot is reversed it can represent a lack of direction when it comes to family and home, which can be a difficult situation to face. Knowing what is important and understanding one's worth are keys to navigating any troubled waters. A sense of security and belonging can help guide us while providing a foundation of strength, courage, and understanding. No matter the situation, we must remember that family and home provide an opportunity for growth; being held accountable by those closest to us encourages us to honor our promises, value our time, and strive towards creativity. With these foundations in place, difficulties become manageable tasks on the path toward the better versions of ourselves.

Work and Finances - The Chariot Reversed

The Chariot Reversed is a cautionary lesson about taking care of our work and finances. When I draw the Chariot reversed for such readings, it can mean ambition has taken us too far down the wrong path—away from morals and values. Ultimately, it encourages one to take stock of what they are doing. My advice to you is to evaluate where you are heading. Are you going in the right direction? If not, make any necessary adjustments now before it’s too late. 

We must always be mindful of how far we are willing to push ourselves in pursuit of success without losing ourselves along the way; Work and Finance can too easily become a slippery slope towards avarice. Let us use this reminder to stay on course so that the life journey will remain true to who we are, living with both financial stability and an inner peace that comes from staying true to our purpose and beliefs, but I always feel that this is a time to stop and think rather than make any quick moves. What do you really want?

Health and Wellness - The Chariot Reversed

The chariot reversed serves as a powerful reminder of how essential it is to nurture our physical and emotional wellbeing. It encourages us to slow down and take the time to really listen to our body, understanding the things that make it feel energized and healthy, and honoring this balance so we can thrive in life. 

Let me remind you that a healthy mind and body gives us better guidance for our moral compass, allowing us to approach difficult decisions with clarity, resilience, and serenity. Taking time to pause and consider the invaluable insight into our bodies strengths and weaknesses - granting us wisdom as we spin through the chariot wheel of life with ease.

Personal Spirituality - The Chariot Reversed

My belief is that when the Chariot reversed appears in a spread, it is not necessary to go into lament. Instead there is an opportunity to look at how personal spirituality—a growing spiritual awareness—can be used to guide navigation through any obstacles that stand in your way. This reflects the key journey, which is symbolic of the courage, dedication and commitment needed to pursue any meaningful endeavor. Having a moral compass gives us the power and courage to forge ahead confidently. 

Personal spirituality allows one to always remember their own internal guidance system, gently reminding us  of our true purpose, so that no matter what turns life throws in our path we have the tools to gracefully accept and act upon each difficult problem when they appear before us.

In my view, the Chariot is a powerful card, and it can represent many things in a reading. Love, reconciliation, friendship, family - all of these are represented by the cats looking at the chariot in my tarot cards. Chariots can also represent strife or conflict, but I must admit that they can also be positive. The Chariot may represent some problems in one's life when reversed. 

By Florance Saul
Jul 9, 2012