The Three of Wands

What does the The Three of Wands mean in a tarot reading

The Three of Wands

Three of wands tarot meaning

The Three of Wands in your reading indicates that you have gone the distance and have found your reward.

The cards of the Tarot tell a story and where the Two of Wands was indicating a need for planning before the adventure begins, the Three of Wands indicates that you are closer to your destination and that the end is in sight. Often it will represent being at the last leg of a journey in your life or completing something and now being able to move forward to the next aspect. Think about ways in your life where you have worked hard and now you are starting to feel the benefits. It could indicate a project at work being completed, being ready to commit further in a relationship, or fixing to be in the final stages of making a large purchase.

The Three of Wands card shows a man that is overlooking the ocean. He stands alone, yet for some reason, there are three staves present. As he leans against one stave the other two appear firmly planted in the ground. There is a sense of stability in his location now and it is often interpreted that he had to climb over mountains and is now enjoying the view. This is a card of independence and going your own way. You are in a place in your life where you have worked hard but now are ready to share your rewards with others or to celebrate. You may have even learned a trade or new way of doing things and with your knowledge, you are able to share with others.

This card leads way to leadership and cooperation. Take the knowledge that you have gained and allow others to benefit from your own trials and errors,  at this time you are likely to be looked to for advice. You may be in a position to guide or lead others. Be patient with those around you at this time and realize that you did not get to where you are today by perfection. You have made your own mistakes and those mistakes did not mean failure. Understand that those around you, especially people who are younger than you or on an earlier leg of their own journey are going to make mistakes and do not judge them for false starts or faltering. Remember when you were just starting out and think of the times in which you had to ask for help or how you could have done things easier. Offer your advice but understand that it is not personal if the other person does not take heed your warnings.

The Three of Wands can also indicate that you need to rally your own forces or that you need to ask for help when needed. There is no shame in asking for direction or help in the next steps of your journey. Just as you offer your advice from others, take in that which is given to you. Because you have found some success in your own right does not mean that your journey has ended. Lives are constantly changing and new experiences will come to you. Allow for your most recent successes to further your own foundation and do not be resistant to growth or change that is coming your way.

The Three of Wands in Love Often the Three of Wands in love will represent a still budding relationship where ideas, experiences, and emotions are being intermingled. You may be getting to know someone or coming to a point in your relationship where you find out something new about your partner. The card is also about building and growing from past success. It is a good time to open up to your partner about your feelings and what you want out of the relationship. If you want your relationship to grow rather than stagnate, you need to offer emotional support and be open about your expectations. This is not a time to be taking it easy or just seeing where it goes. You are likely past that point and there needs to be more energy put into the relationship if you want to see it blossom.

The Three of Wands in Health The Three of Wands is a sturdy card showing strength in health and is a good sign for healing. Often it will be a reminder that you need to check in on your own health or that you have been taking your health for granted. With any wands card coming up in a health reading there can be problems with circulation or the heart but for this card the areas of most concern are the pelvis region and overall body circulation. It can indicate an issue in pregnancy or getting pregnant.

The Three of Wands in Work and Wealth  In work the three of Wands represents the future. We see the man standing on the cliff looking across the sea, to the ships of trade. In work, this is a card of vision, of trying to focus on immediate work decisions. The most important element is that a new job is predicted. You need to take a step back in life and consider all possibilities. The card indicates work and strength, dreaming beyond the possibilities in life. Essentially, he stands there watching his ships come in. He knows the ships will bring goods and a sense of reward and it urges you to look at career areas that you have not thought of before.  This card is also about returning your own happiness in work, you have put in the effort and it is time to think outside the box. Those ships will come back empty if you do not put in the last bit of effort. Don’t expect that suddenly overnight you will have sudden success, you have done all you can to move forward now is a time to wait, taking a long-term view. 

There is no need for that merchant to walk down the hill this point, he is just waiting patiently but knowing that results will come with time. This card brings with it the message of re-evaluting career or business plans, becoming a visionary leader rather than an employee. The threes are connected to teamwork and this in work can imply that you will become a leader pulling together a team. The threes are also associated with opportunities to grow, but it will take time and longer than expected. In work, this card means progressing, teamwork, creative endeavours, being inspired and long-term plans. To some degree the three of wands indicates a new job, working with others and capitalizing on your own skill-base. 

Regarding everyday work, now may be a good time to bring on some new team members or seek help and assistance. A project that has taken full focus in your life may a bit too much to handle on your own and you want to consider seeking outside resources to get the job completed correctly. Again, there is nothing wrong with asking for help and by bringing in some fresh energy the work you are doing right now is likely to be infused with needed creativity or innovation.

In the case that you are struggling to find work, the Three of Wands can indicate a need to revamp your resume or change the way you are approaching your search. Also try looking in new avenues for work such as different papers or internet sites, expanding the search area that you are looking in, or looking in a different field than you generally would not consider. This is a time for expansion and exploration. This card is all about sending something out and gaining success in return. Such as if you apply for a job you will get an interview. If you start a business you will gain success. In regards to wealth, the three of wands is a positive card indicating that hard work will pay off.

Reversed Three of Cups in a reading The reversal of the Three of Wands can be a card of warning and reminds you that you need to look in on yourself rather than having a focus on the world or everyone else. Sometimes it can indicate that you are being too nosy or stirring up trouble. It can also tell you that you need to work on centering yourself because you are getting distracted and allowing yourself to be pulled in too many directions. When the Three of Wands has reversed the positive power from the card is tipped upside down and whereas you would normally be reaping the rewards of success, you are likely floundering amidst chaos and turmoil in your life. To set your life back on the right path you need to get back to the basics. Focus on the foundational aspects of your relationships, finances, and health. You will know what areas are causing you the most concern and it is up to you to set them right. Be especially mindful of your own negativity and blaming others when you are responsible.

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