The Four of Swords

Four Of Swords

The Four Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

When the Four of Swords appears in your reading your ability to negotiate circumstances that are not to your liking is magnified tenfold.

You are a flexible person; you wish to have a commitment in you life that stays in balance, which is not fluid. Now is the time for you to balance your emotional self, your spiritual self and your physical desires so that they do not control you. When life is swinging out of control it makes you feel as though it is impossible to settle, you become like a feather in the wind, flying from one experience to the next, never truly gaining satisfaction. Hence the Four of Swords is advising you now to pull all of the extroverted tendencies inward.

The image of the Four of Swords in the deck shows the quietness of a church with a stained glass window being the only opportunity to see the light from outside. In this you know that the world exists, but in your own unique experience the Church allows peace of mind and creativity that can only be found from reflection. A knight lies in effigy upon his tomb. His hands are folded together in a prayer. This is symbolic of a time of peace after war, the necessity to contemplate one’s future moves. The Hermit, a card of complete and utter introspection and wisdom gathering is influenced by this card. This is the pose that the Hermit takes before he makes the decision to go up to the mountain. Everyone needs to get away sometimes. This is your time. There is no hurry, you must renew your mental energies and right your thoughts.

You must be willing as well as able to face the problems that have presented themselves to you. You cannot ignore them, for that is extremely unhealthy. You know that you are capable of establishing your own sense of harmony so you just need to recuperate. While taking this time in the Metaphorical church, remember that this is only a temporary phase in your life. You must not allow this repose to be your forever constant position, for that would be counterproductive. Use this time to the best of your ability and let it be something that guides you and brings you inevitable fulfillment in a real way. Compose yourself and meditate, regrow your sense of balance. This card is a symbol for you of centering your thoughts on a solid mental foundation. You will get through this and when you do you will have a stronger sense of identity than ever before. You will be able to use your planning, rational mind to your benefit and achieve a great many things.

The Four of Swords in Love

If you are currently experiencing a level of single hood, the Four of Swords in Love is telling you that you must be introspective about what it is that you truly hope to get out of the pursuit of love. In this you have been so extroverted that you are not connecting to anyone of lasting value, therefore you are going through a phase of feeling empty and frustrated to the extreme. All that you must do to remedy this situation is to spend some time with yourself for a while so that you can determine what the best next step is going to be for you. You need to establish what about you need to change to attract someone that will be with you for the long term.

Within a relationship, the Four of Swords also encourages the same level of introspection except in this sense; you and your partner have lost a sense of who you are separate of your relationship. Now you must take the time to both ponder who you are outside of the relationship so that you can healthily bring something positive to the table. This is the best way to work through relationship troubles. If the relationship is not strong enough to handle the time that you both need to be alone then that speaks volumes of the condition of your relationship. Seek counseling if it is hard to speak to one another about your problems.

The Four of Swords in Health

There will be a time of introspection and dormancy in your life when the Four of Swords appears in your reading about health. Meaning that your physical body has been through a lot and you need to actually lay flat without moving for a while to allow for it to heal and re-energize.

The Four of Swords in Work and Wealth

The Four of Swords in your Work and Wealth life shows that there is a detachment from what it is that you want in your work life, your finances have been in an upheaval for so long you do not even feel like it is possible to ever feel better about it. However this card is one of repose, so you must allow yourself some downtime to process your emotions so that you can make informed decisions about where your investments should go. Trust your inner voice. In work the four of swords indicates you are burned out. It is time to rest. This rest will help in the long-term.

Four of Swords in business

In business, this is quite an interesting card, it can indicate that we need refresh ourselves. The four of swords may imply that in your job you will earn money without the stress, so you can take time out and relax. This indicates that you do need to take a break. At times, this card can indicate taking on too much work and you need to take some time out and prioritize your work. Maybe hire someone who can help as you are simply taking on too much. 

The Four of Swords Reversed

Reversed Meaning Of The Four Of Swords

At this point in your life, if you have received the Four of Swords in the reversed position then you have allowed your lifetime responsibilities to become too much for you to bear. Now is the time for you pursue advice from your higher self, or connect to your highest vision of a universal god form so that you can get back to your peaceful solitude. You will be able to get back to yourself again, and there are a good many opportunities ahead of you. Though you may experience opposing energies or find that it is too hard to get moving, you just need to recognize where you are at and allow yourself to pursue peace.

Upright Four of Swords Meanings in Keywords

  • Wanting a break
  • Tiredness
  • Yearning for peace
  • Vacation
  • Relaxation
  • Taking a step back
  • Taking it slow

Reverse Four of Swords Meanings in Keywords

  • Big change
  • New beginning
  • Insecurities
  • New opportunities
  • Self-evaluation
  • Intuition
  • Reviewing your past

By Florance Saul
Jul 10, 2012