The Seven of Pentacles

What The Seven of Pentacles means in a tarot reading

The Seven of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles tarot card

The Seven of Pentacles is a fruitful card reflecting the abundance and growth.

It is a prosperous card and indicates good times leading in your life or around your life at this time. The card says that you need to focus on the end result as you are going to live with your harvest no matter what you sow. You may find that you look down at what is growing in your life and not like what is coming up. It really depends on what you have been doing so far and what you are expecting back. This is a time to take a look at your own actions and consider change of course if needed. If you have been putting forth a solid effort you are likely to find a healthy return on your investment.

When you see the Seven of Pentacles in your reading it’s a good time to take a step back and think about areas in your life where you need more work and where you are doing well. It’s about seeking balance in your own life and measuring your value and worth in order to progress further in the right areas of your life. 

Depending on what other cards are in your reading the Seven of Pentacles will have a different influence. For example if it is paired with decision making cards like Justice or the Judgment card then you need to focus on making decisions which will allow you the most reward. The Two of Cups and the Lovers card will indicate that you may be seeking positive changes in love. Regarding the reading be sure to take stock of the entire reading in order to not be misled by the multitude of possibilities that can be associated with this card.

The Seven of Pentacles in Love In the case of love the Seven of Pentacles shows that you may want to take a step back and assess your own emotional situation. Areas of success in love often come from a good balance of effort and communication just as areas that are failing will come from a lack. The card really emphasizes that what you put forth will be received. It is similar to the Six of Pentacles in that your actions are directly related to the outcome of your situation. However, with the Seven of Pentacles the reception of your reward is dependent on the amount of time and energy spent. Any relationship will flourish or fail based on how it is cared for and nourished. You are reading a make or break point within your relationship at this time where actions to help the relationship to thrive are needed before there is a failing of some kind.

The Seven of Pentacles in Health Now is a great time to reflect on the areas of your health in which could use a bit more care. You may find that right now there are areas of your own life where you are feeling burdened and these are taking a toll on your health. Now is a time to take action so that further injury does not occur.

The Seven of Pentacles is a generally positive card for health when looking at it in the general or overall sense. Even issues that arise this time that seem huge are likely to turn out not as bad. For example, if you find you have a lump or a cyst it could be scary, but the chances are higher right now that it would be a benign issue that could be easily rectified as long as you immediately follow the proper protocols.

The Seven of Pentacles in Work and Wealth Consider the approaches that you are taking when it comes to work and finances at this time. It’s a great time to focus your energies on growth and being specific in your planning to what you want your end result to be. You may want to take a step back momentarily and evaluate where your finances or work situation is at right now in order to ensure that you are on the right path. The Seven of Pentacles card acts as a reminder that some attention is needed on your part before diving into a new business venture or placing your money somewhere. It is not a time to take high risks or seek out unreasonable reward. At this time slow and steady will win the race.

Reversed Meaning - Seven of Pentacles When reversed the Seven of Pentacles indicates severe disappointment, depression, and in some extreme cases, loss. Where there is a good chance for growth and opportunity present with the card in the upright position… in the reversed position you are already seeing the results of your actions. Chances are that what you have sowed has failed to thrive and you are left with less than desirable results. Now is a time to avoid making a snap decision or reacting from your current situation. You didn’t get to where you are overnight and you aren’t going to get out of where you are overnight either. 

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