The Six of Swords

The Six Of Swords

When you have received the Six of Swords, this is a sign that the difficult cycle that you have been experiencing is now ending.

You must allow yourself to flow with the phase so that it can completely eliminate itself from your experience. Now is the time for you to investigate the possibilities at your disposal. You have been experiencing unpleasant times, therefore to fully get rid of the frustration you have to completely separate yourself from all energy that is even remotely similar so that you may find peace of mind and harmony. This is very similar to the sunshine after a storm that was mentioned in the Three of Swords. You have gotten through the worst of. Now, full of ammunition as a result of all that you have learned you begin to take strong steps out into the sun to celebrate. Make sure that you realize that everything is relative to the viewpoint that it is perceived and try your hardest to communicate in a non-combative way with others so that you appear to be a receptive person. When listening to what others have to say, you will learn different perspectives that you had not considered prior to this moment.

The image of the card in the Rider Waite deck is that of a woman who has clearly been through something difficult. She and her child are taken across the waters to calmer shores. This is a time when are going to be blessed with a better future; you will have success over your anxieties. Often times this card is symbolic of a physical move in addition to an emotional transition. This card describes what it feels like to have gotten through a difficult period. You have basically escaped with your metaphorical life and now you are heading to territories that will be healthier for you and for any that come with you. You no longer fill your life with confusion or frustration.

You do not start painstaking and pointless battles with others and you have begun to understand that an attachment to an internal fantasy world where you are paranoid about what others think about is not going to benefit you and in fact, never has. This card is applauding you for making positive choices for yourself because, through this motion that you have decided to take, you will be able to be free and contented. Starting over is the absolute best way sometimes, to come to a refreshed state in your existence. Your burden is made lighter and you have much to rejoice in.

Now that you have been blessed with the support that is provided to you after having terrible adversity, you are able to maintain the perspective of someone who is tranquil in times of turmoil. If you have already been through it, then you won’t feel as afraid as you did originally. You will get better at taking things in stride. Just as the woman is doing in the image on the card, you are willing to take you across the metaphorical waters. This willingness shows strength in character that will only bring you greatness in the future. You do not waste your energy on pointless drama, for you have learned your lesson.

The number six throughout the suits stands for expansive lessons, currently, boundaries of self do not stop at the surface of your body and your goals begin to take on the air of your extended self. You begin to help others, you feel expansive and enlightened.

The Six of Swords in Love

When the Six of Swords appears in your reading about love and relationships, you can expect to find new love in your new environment. You have decided to get rid of everything that makes you unhappy and you no longer perpetuate negativity by holding onto baggage. Therefore, this card shows you putting your past behind you and going to a whole world of new opportunities. In love, after you have had time to settle into your new situation, you will feel that everything is sparkling and new in your home, and in this there will definitely be someone who is going to sparkle their way right into your world. You no longer have to worry about being abused, for you look forward to your future and nothing can hurt you right now.

The first assumption when looking at the ferryman is the fact he is taking the women and child away on his boat. Is she leaving a lover? This card indicates that there is an end or new relationship beginning and calmer waters are on the horizon. There is a feeling that trauma has taken place in love. The child and mother are moving away to a new start via the waters of emotion. We often overlook the third person in the picture, the child sits helplessly next to his Mother and it was most probably the mother who decided to leave. Is she removing herself from abuse? Is the child removed from love and friendships due to her fleeing? Is this "you" as a child? It could simply be that your parents have controlled your love life to the point of this being intolerable. I do feel in love this card means “think about the child” this could be your inner child - or a child (born or unborn) in real life. The child is being held closely by the mother for comfort, this card can also mean possible children from love. In my experience, this card often comes up when the relationship is challenging or that there is a new start of two lovers. It could simply be that a partner has just stopped listening to you and walked away. This indicates two people who were in love but that this relationship is just gone - vanished without conflict. If you are asking about a "future love outcome" the six of swords in a spread can often indicate that you are moving away from a difficult past and to the future. As their backs are turned to the past this indicates a better, more happy future in love.

The Six of Swords in Health

The Six of Swords in Health refers to all of the changes that you have and are going to make for your body. You are getting out of a phase of stagnation or dormancy with your physical body and must continue building the momentum by pursuing cardio as well as perhaps yoga or anything that is going to stretch your body out so that it continues the momentum of restretching itself into the body that is healthy and no longer full of emotional or physical baggage.

The Six of Swords in Work and Wealth

The Six of Swords only appears in a work or wealth reading to point out the passing phase of a job that was extremely frustrating for you. If you are in a bad job situation right now that is making you miserable and you are trying to decide if you should leave, the Six of Swords supports you in your decision to make the change. As of now you feel abused, exhausted and you need to make the change. Now is the time to do so.

The Six Of Swords Reversed

The Six Of Swords Reversed

There is either too much or too little happening for you right now and you feel as if you need a mental retreat but have absolutely no desire to make it happen for yourself. You are distracted from all of your projects and you are experiencing a level of neurosis that is hard to control. With this information overload, the best thing to do is to practice clearing your mind and putting your thoughts in order. When there is a situation of physical or mental abuse you need support. This should either be from a professional if the situation is severe, or through the help of a friend or loved one who has the additional perspective that you need to get out of this negative time in your life. The more distance you have from this abusive pattern in your life, the easier it will be for you to rise above it. Make the changes; get across the river to safety as fast as you can.

Six of swords reversed love

In the Waite tarot deck, the six of swords reversed means that someone will declare love to you. It can imply that you have come to a stalemate in a relationship. The rough waters mean you are not balanced. You do feel now the time is to give up "come what may." There is a time of transition romantically, maybe obsessing over a relationship and also a lack of action. It is a card to say that you are sick of trying to make someone happy and you will go it alone if needs be. The good thing about this card appearing in the spread is that you are ready to work on problems and mend strained relationships. Battles are ahead I am afraid and tenacity is needed. The future does look quite rough but you can overcome any problems. Don’t lose any hope at the moment. 

Upright Six of Swords Meanings in Keywords

  • Don't rock the boat
  • Physical travel
  • Changing location/moving
  • Moving from one path to another
  • Leaving 
  • Holidays
  • Running from something

Reversed Six of Swords Meanings in Keywords

  • Being ruled by your heart
  • Dealing with trauma
  • Post-traumatic disorder
  • Healing your heart
  • Building yourself up
  • Taking care of yourself
  • A fresh start

By Florance Saul
Jul 10, 2012