The Knight of Cups

Knight Of Cups Tarot Card

The Knight Of Cups Tarot Meaning

As the Knight of Cups reminds us, listening to the sweet, passionate sound of the violin allows us to tap into our depths and discover new paths to understanding ourselves and the world around us. While she stands on the barren land she creates authentic expressions with her physical effort while playing the violin. In order to be present in each moment, her spiritual horse encourages her to be mindful and aware. The inner journey of learning and playing the violin with precision requires commitment and dedication, just as relationships with others do.

You are a dedicated, motivated, emotional, tender, sensitive, and loving person. Prone to travel and constantly expanding yourself - you are close to family and friends even what would be known as a defender of honor as well as matters of the heart and loyalty. You are the person that everyone goes to for emotional support, and nurturing or loving care. The Knight of Cups is symbolic of a younger kind of love, but one that is greatly enhanced by the ability to take action. The Knight is innocent but is maturing, a student of life, she sacrifices her music for others in her path of wisdom. This is very much the same for you.

The Knight of Cups is depicted standing by the horse with golden armor that is not warlike, more artistic. She wears a flowers in her hair, signs of a dual sexed nature of Hermes.  This is a card one should choose to represent a young person with light brown hair and hazel eyes. There is an energy of a youth who is poetic and graceful, a dreamer. Someone will come charging into your life inviting, proposing. A new love, a bearer of new messages or a proposal.

The Knight of Cups is a representative of all things passionate regarding the heart. Moving past the youth of the Page who is only capable of experiencing deep emotions and mastering desires. There is a level of emotional security within this person. There is a great chance that you will be offered some kind of interesting and unexpected invitation, which will push you through an emotional experience that will have an opportunistic end. Your decisions are easy to make and don’t involve a lot of thought.

Whereas the Page of Cups would need to be coached through making the right decisions, the Knight of Cups has learned all of those lessons and has become much more accustomed to handling themselves with a level of grace and strength previously unavailable. The Knight of Cups brings out the lover in all of us. Representing Karmic attachment in relationships. The decisions you make are highly evolved for your place in life because you have allowed yourself to learn how to connect with your higher self and higher source energy.

The Knight of Cups is a dreamer, therefore, your life is currently being blessed with the ability to dream and dream big. But unlike the Page who is still trying to figure out how to put things into action, the Knight is well aware of the necessity of momentum in all things. You must become adept at making constant adjustments for yourself; flow in the direction that is being presented that resonates with your inner understanding. Fantasy is always exciting, but you have grown up to know that without reality it means nothing. When you deny your basic attachment to the world, your imagination is incapable of producing anything. Passiveness is something to be aware of, however, as this can be a way for you to deny the temptations that are disturbing your inner peace. Now what you must master is an inability to commit.

The Knight of Cups in Love

The Knight of Cups is able to figure out fantasy versus reality, with a full lust for life. But what is needed is to work on the ability to stay in one place. Sometimes it is necessary to both recognize the importance of movement in order to learn lessons, but one must also learn to understand the benefits of stability in relationships. Sometimes the Knight of Cups is known as the serial dater. The Knight will go from person to person enjoying the experience as well as keeping them from perpetuating.

In a sense, despite their ability to connect with what’s real, they are also afraid of what commitment might feel like. Their fears, however, are based on fantasy, and they need to learn to let that go. If you find that the Knight of Cups is representing you at this time, then you need to begin to ask yourself why it is that you are afraid or uninterested in commitment, and consider what you might get out of such a relationship. And if you happen to be one of the souls who are in love with someone like the Knight of Cups, then you must realize what you are dealing with. If the Knights are capable of pushing back their fears and learning from them, they are beautiful and wonderful lovers. But do not try to push them yourselves, it won’t work. If you are single right now, this is a positive tiding that you have someone lovely coming into your life. Embrace and welcome it when it comes.

Knight of Cups Love Reconciliation

If the Knight of Cups appears in your love and reconciliation reading, you should take it as a very positive sign! This card is strongly correlated with feelings of love and tranquility, making it an especially positive card when shown in a spread relating to romance. If you are in a relationship, this card suggests a blissful communion between you and your partner. Now is the perfect time to make big gestures and take leaps of commitment. You have a sincere and loving relationship, things can only get better! 

If you’re single, this card still maintains its romantic flair. In fact, you may be about to encounter your perfect match. They may be just around the corner, but if you’ve already got a person in mind, then this card is prompting you to make your move. If you have a long lost love you’ve never quite forgotten, why not reconnect? When the Knight of Cups is in play, who knows how bright the flame of reconciliation might burn! 

Knight of Cups As Feelings

The Knight of Cups is deeply associated with intense, loving feelings. If you’re trying to understand how a person feels about you then this certainly points in a romantic direction. In fact, they may even be infatuated with you - look at the depiction on this card, the dreamy, sparkling surrounding. Someone is literally seeing stars when they think of you! However, this card also suggests they may be pensive or lost in their feelings - if you feel the same way, they may need you to motivate them into action. Why not confess your own feelings so that they can do the same? 

The Knight of Cups in Health

When the Knight of Cups presents itself in your reading about health, you can expect good news as well as a recommendation to get out there and meet new people in order for you to feel grounded in the world.

The Knight of Cups in Money, Business, Career, and Wealth

When the Knight of Cups appears in your reading for money there is a promotion or a bonus in your future in your work situation. The knight offers positive tidings of progress and forward motion in work situations, as well as the possibility to get out on your own and start a new venture if that is what you are looking to do at this time.

Knight of Cups As Action/Advice

The knight of Cups is a loving and creative card when it appears in reading regarding advice it points to the power of your own imagination.  Notice how on my card the Knight on this card is not on her horse, hence she is not rushing her personal journey, instead, she is using her creativity to find beauty within the present moment. The golden chalice in front of her symbolizes prosperity and opportunity, the rewards of her love and artistry. If you focus on your own compassion and innovative nature, you will be able to overcome obstacles and experience happiness in the now. 

It is a card about consistency, you shouldn’t make harsh or sudden decisions, instead set your intentions and be deliberate. If you are currently experiencing challenges or problems in your life, the Knight of Cups encourages you to look within yourself. 

Knight of Cups Yes Or No

Seeing the Knight of Cups when seeking a "Yes" or "No" answer is usually a signal in the affirmative. The Knight of Cups is a very positive card, and especially in matters or love or romance, it should be taken as a big yes. Occasionally, the Knight of Cups may be perceived as a neutral response - this is due to its dreamy, indeterminate nature. Either way, the Knight of Cups should never be taken as a hard "No." Use the context of your question and reading to understand the Knight of Cups presence.

Knight of Cups Past

The Knight of Cups when seen in your past position indicates a good time in your personal history. It may have been a moment of particular serenity or satisfaction, it could also refer to a time you were highly creative and working on a project you found fulfilling. It often also highlights a significant person from your past, particularly a past romantic relationship. Like the eclipsed sun shown on this card, it may have been a powerfully rare and beautiful experience. If you never found resolution in the end of that  relationship, this person may still come back into your life. This card tells you to keep an open heart and extract power from the beautiful moments in your past.

Knight of Cups Present 

When you draw the Knight of Cups in your present position you should prepare to welcome a new person or experience into your life. Something new is coming, it may be unexpected, but it will be enriching. It is up to you to actually seize this new opportunity, be proactive and seek rewarding experiences. On this card the knight is content and blissful, but note that this is a position of her own creation because she is the one providing the soft music which fills the air. You too have the power to enable your own fulfillment, unleash the power of your creative mind and you are sure to feel the benefits. 

Knight of Cups Future and Outcome

This cards alignment with ambition and success is most powerful when seen in the future position. If you have a passion you’ve been thinking about pursuing, then now is the time to do it - this card indicates you will reap the rewards in the future. Draw energy from your passion and inner-flame, a love for your craft will get you much further than strategy and planning alone. Plant your seeds now, and in the future you will see that your hard work has blossomed into something more. 

Knight of Cups As Friendship

Seeing this card in relation to friendship indicates the blossoming of new friendships and the strengthening of existing ones. Like the horse who is a companion to the knight, you will find that your most loyal friends will always stick by your side. Now is the time to reach out to those closest to you and let them know your appreciation for their presence in your life. The Knight of Cups is a loving and affectionate card, so try and move your friendships past small talk or the musings of the every day, instead, open your souls to each other. Your greater honesty will be rewarded with a strong, long-lasting friendship. 

The Knight Of Cups in the Reversed Position

The Fool Reversed

Reversed Knight of Cups in a reading

The Knight of Cups in the reversed position is telling you that it is important to look before you leap, for the main reason of understanding all that is out there. There are half-truths in every conversation, and if you are looking for a way out you are going to find it regardless. Therefore you need to be honest with yourself and with your partner (both in business and in romance) and express what it is that you want and what you do not want. Look before you leap - get the whole picture - half-truths can promote difficulties in any relationship. Feeling only what is pleasurable and striving to perpetuate that experience is a shallow way to live that will not appease you in the long term. Consider what you are making your reality. If you are detached from your intuition you will not be happy until you reconnect.

Knight of Cups Reversed - Love and Romance

When this card appears reversed in a love and romance reading you must prepare to face some difficult truths. Upright, the Knight of Cups signifies love, harmony and imagination - reversed, these meanings are inverted. It may signify the end of a happy chapter within a relationship, or point to the immoral actions of your partner which may later cause you pain. 

Alternatively, it could suggest that you are the one who has turned your back on the relationship; the Knight of Cups reversed is often associated with toxicity. Have you become addicted or obsessed with something unhealthy outside your relationship? It could be anything from alcohol or food to a dangerous friend or a bad habit. It is a sign you should assess your partners decisions and your own, whoever is veering off course will need to right themselves quickly and with dedication. If you are single, this reversed card is still, unfortunately, a bad sign. Look out for potential lovers who may take advantage of your good nature and ensure your feelings are reciprocated before falling head over heels. 

Knight of Cups reversed - Family and Home

The Knight of Cups is not necessarily a domestic card, but it is certainly centered around love and harmony - that’s why when it is reversed in a family and home reading it can highlight turbulence within the familial home. This tension is likely to result in brooding resentment and unspoken quarrels. 

Communication is the best answer to resolving your current situation - speaking openly and honestly with your family may be difficult, but it will ultimately lighten the resentments which are currently burdening your hearts and impeding your relationships. Don’t let either shame or pride stop you, or any other family member, from saying what needs to be said. 

Knight of Cups Reversed - Work and Finances

The Knight of Cups reversed in a work and finance reading is an indication of missed opportunity or career dissatisfaction. While the knight plays her violin peacefully in the upright version of this card when reversed that music strains off key, no longer harmonious. 

You too have somehow lost your way; perhaps you have stopped following your true passion, or allowed fear to stop you from seeking golden opportunities. It can also suggest you are currently experiencing a toxic work environment and not being paid fair compensation for your hard work. This reversed card advises you to chase your ambitions, and with immediacy. If you are in a job which is leaving you creatively or financially stunted, now is the time to move on. If you fail to do so you may feel trapped in a cycle of dissatisfaction and resentment. 

Knight of Cups Reversed - Health and Wellness

When the Knight of Cups is reversed in a health and wellness spread it usually points to someone who is on the brink of illness. It may be due to a weakened immune system from overworking, and in particular, cases may highlight a substance abuse problem. It can mean your body has lost its natural balance. To restore it you should look at nourishing yourself inside and out. Give yourself time to rest, eat well, and do gentle exercise if you are able. Remember that your physical and spiritual self is intrinsically connected, you must look after your health in all areas of your life. 

Knight of Cups Reversed - Personal Spirituality

Upright, the Knight of Cups is a card full of intuition and openness, this is in addition to its link to exceptional talent. This does not mean that when it appears reversed in a spiritual reading you are not intuitive or talented, conversely, it may suggest that you have these abilities but they are blocked somehow. 

You are letting key spiritual experiences slip you by. You may even have become overly obsessed with anticipating the future, whether through psychic readings or endless thinking. To resolve this obsession you should spend more time living in the moment and connect with the spirituality and power of the present. 

Upright Knight of Cups meanings in keywords

  • Man or women under the age of 40
  • Dark hair and eyes
  • Invitation to love
  • Marriage proposal
  • New job invitation
  • Faithfulness

Reversed Knight of Cups meanings in keywords

  • Double partner
  • Ruining relationship
  • Intense emotions
  • Mystification
  • Melancholy

By Florance Saul
Jul 9, 2012