The Six of Cups

What the The Six of Cups means in a tarot reading

The Six of Cups

The Six of Cups tarot card

The Six of Cups is a pleasant little card that can indicate that there are a lot of positive energies surrounding you at this time… so long as they are balanced.

First we will talk about the good of the card and then we will discuss the pitfalls. This card represents nostalgia and ideal times of your life. Often the card will come at a time in your life when you need solace or healing because it represents the need to focus your energies on more simplistic outlets. It’s an excellent time to center your energies on clearing out the messes in your life that are unnecessary.

If you are feeling that there is a lot going on in your life and you are being sucked in by a whirlwind of events or stressors understand that you have the power to slow things down. It can be difficult to separate out what needs your attention right now and what you can let go. The Six of Cups can tell you to go back to the basics and rather than working on cutting aspects out of your life completely reworking areas of your life so that they aren’t taking out so much from you personally.

The imagery on the card shows a boy handing a younger child, seemingly a female, flowers. There is no hint of monetary exchange and it is often interpreted as a loving or childish gesture. The colors of the card are all indicative of spirituality and emotional strength. It is also a pleasant card in regards to the fact that there is no real downside to this card. Generally it shows the positive nature of universal love. The love in the card is represented as that between families and because of this it is a good omen for fertility and childbearing – as well as a great card involving familial bonds.

On the darker side of this card it can be a warning. Too much of a good thing sometimes is a bad thing and in this card that is the case. Depending on what other cards in your reading the Six of Cups, it can be showing that you are focusing too much on the past or reverting to childish behaviors. Be wary of this card paired with many reversed cards, specifically the 2 of Cups or the Lovers card reversed. If you see this card in your reading you may want to consider ways in which you could be possibly acting immature or childish in your own life to be sure that the card is not a negative omen for you.

The Six of Cups in Love The Six of Cups in Love can indicate problems in a relationship when there are disagreements or arguments going on that one or both people in the relationship are not being mature. They are not meeting in the middle as they should and usually there is an indication of being selfish. While the card is positive and in certain aspects because it can show positive leanings toward family and children, when dealing with relationships specifically between people it usually reverts to the simpler meaning and simple isn’t always good regarding love.

The Six of Cups in Health When the Six of Cups comes up in health usually there is a need to slow down or to “stop and smell the roses”. There may be ongoing health issues as well that flare up or illnesses from childhood that you are susceptible to and should avoid right now. In the case where you are concerned about another person, the card indicates that that person needs care and that you should be assisting them. They need your help or the help of others in general to get on the mend.

The Six of Cups in Work and Wealth The Six of Cups in work will usually show a very good and creative time for you. It’s an excellent card when referring to working with a group. Right now your main focus needs to be on the simple approaches and avoid making anything too complicated or overly ornate so that you don’t miss your goal or deadline.


Reversed Six of Cups in a reading When you reverse the Six of Cups you are taking the possible mental health concerns – especially from ones that stem from childhood. The innocence of the card is turned upside down and can relate back to past trauma or abuse that you are still working through (or need to) as an adult. The card is a concerning card in the reversed position because it shows there is a need for help but you are likely feeling like you have nowhere to turn or no one to help you. It also can be a bad sign for finance because it shows that there is a level of irresponsibility revolving around money or the concern for money. It is also a warning for you to not be too stuck in the past and be willing to move forward on your path at this time.

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