The Six of Wands

What does the The Six of Wands mean in a tarot reading

The Six of Wands

Six of wands tarot card

Congratulations are in order for a success in your life recently.

The Six of Wands is a card of triumph and victory and says that currently you are in a place in your life where you have the right to feel proud. Of course, too much pride can get in your way, so you want to be sure you aren’t getting over-confident but all in all things are looking up for you. Typically this card will appear in a reading after some sort of test of wills. It is not a fluff card that represents small successes. Rather, this is a time of congratulations on something larger in your life. You can feel proud that you have put forth your best effort.

With the symbolism in the card we get the feeling that it is referring to emotion and material gain in your life represented by the colors green and blue. There is a rider with atop a white horse of victory and even his wand has a laurel tied to the top hanging like a banner. The card announces that you can celebrate in your own right. You are the master of your own destiny and your actions alone have set you on the correct path.

The card is very individualistic with a strong emphasis on what you have done correctly. Now is a time to be proud in yourself but not everything is roses. Understand that your success may attract negative attention by others who are jealous or envious of your achievements. Steer clear from those that would potentially want to see you knocked down a couple of pegs and secretly root for your failure. There is always that one person who is dissatisfied with their own lot in life that will not be happy for you. The Six of Wands serves as a reminder that not everyone around you can be taken at face value.

This is also a time in which you may feel an expansion emotionally or spiritually. You may feel a high from the rush of adrenaline for conquering the issues in your life as of late. Do not allow your confidence and joy to get too carried away. The battle that you have faced is over and you have succeeded. Allowing your exuberance to knock you off your guard in other areas can be detrimental, especially in court or legal battles.

***NOTE: Should you find your victory is related to legal issues specifically be prepared for an appeal or someone that will try to question the judgment in some way. You have a good standing for success but don’t allow communications or bragging to trip you up. Be mindful of texts, emails, letters, and verbal interactions so that they do not get taken out of context later and used against you.

The Six of Wands in Love The Six of Wands is a great card for love in that it denotes a coming together between two or more people. Often the card is seen when people are combining families in marriage or situations involving children. It can be a successful sign regarding custody issues or introducing your partner to your family. Anything to do with celebration, joy, and sharing news of your success is represented by the Six of Wands.

Now is a great time to think about what you want out of a relationship and to vocalize it. The fiery nature of the card does offer a warning about being too optimistic or rushing into things. You are in a good place right now and it’s a great idea to discuss what you want… but don’t put the cart before the horse. Right now it’s simply an idea you are putting out there. Do not expect action right away.

Another meaning that is associated with the Six of Wands is focusing on the positive rather than the negative. In all truthfulness, this lesson is felt in many of the wands cards because it is a fiery and passionate suit. With the Six of Wands, opposed to other cards in the wands suite, the emphasis is on celebrating the good and putting complaints or arguments on the back burner for a while. It can be a sign to wipe the slate clean in a relationship or give a pass to your partner regarding a recent disagreement. Lay down your swords, now is not the time to fight. Find common grounds in your relationship and explore new hobbies or interests together. Focus on the ways in which you and your partner fit and realize the flaws that are in your relationship would probably be in any relationship that you have. The issues going on around you right now are trivial in comparison to the big picture. Don’t allow negative focus to mess up a good thing.

The Six of Wands in Health Most often the Six of Wands comes up concerning health and wellness after you have defeated illness. In the case where you have health concerns, the card tells you that you have a lot going on right with your body even if you have some issues. Now is a time to focus on what you have going for you rather than complaining or worrying about what might be wrong. Winning the battle is important even if the war is not officially over.

When you see the Six of Wands it is likely that you will be in a good place emotionally. However, that being said, when someone asks for a health reading they usually are having concerns. If this is you and you don’t think everything is alright regarding health the cards are telling you that having a positive attitude is the best thing that you can do for your health right now. Likely your illness of the health of the person you are worried about is taking a turn for the better. Continue on with feelings of positive in order to manifest more positive results.

The Six of Wands in Work and Wealth The Six of Wands is a card representing gain and wealth financially. In this card it shows that the momentum of your money is moving in a direction of success. Whatever you are doing right now, keep on doing it! With the energy around you there is a lot of luck and you will continue to see an upswing. Because of your success you still have to be reminded that there may be others that are not as happy to see you succeed as you are. With money and wealth of any kind, also come people that want to take advantage or use you for their own financial gain. Do not allow people to grasp on to your coattails at this time as their actions can end up brining you down. Focus on your own finances and work situations based on YOUR actions. Do not rely on a team to bring you prestige. Now is a time to let yourself shine. It is not selfish to want to get ahead and there is nothing wrong with guarding your work and ensuring that you get the credit that you deserve!


Reversed Meaning - Six of Wands Because the Six of Wands is such a positive card, even in the reversed position it retains it’s positive meanings. When the card is reversed the effect may be lessened or the celebratory reasons may be smaller but there is still a good energy around you. Be proud of even smaller steps towards a larger goal and congratulate yourself that you did not quit or give up when others likely would have. The one direction that the Six of Wands gives when in the reversed position is a reminder that at this time you could be doing more. If you try focusing on creative solutions and innovative ideas you could find the Six of Wands returning in a future reading right side up and then feeling the full force of success in your life. This can also mean that you are too optimistic as well. Remember that while it is great to be jazzed about little accomplishments, the big picture is not yet fulfilled. Do not allow your enthusiasm to make you lose sight of the task at hand and keep going ahead or moving forward for a bigger and complete reward.


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