The Fool

The Fool Tarot Card

The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

A closer look at my tarot card above --- The Fool reveals the courage and determination that lies within us all, beckoning us to embark on our own adventures and seek out new beginnings.  Let the story of the Fool’s journey inspire you to take a risk and see what your future holds!  You never know what exciting things await you.

And what will be the final destination? No one knows, but it does not matter. For the Fool, the lesson is in the movement, in the adventure of Chance. The Fool often shows up in a reading as a reminder that we are taking life too seriously. The Fool represents our childlike selves. The person we were before we understood that life can be burdened with an inordinate amount of responsibility. She tells us to break the routine, to try something new even if an experience ends up not turning out exactly the way that we thought it would. Bringing in new adventures and experiences builds character, and too often as a part of the human condition, we get stuck in the monotony of our lives and routines, afraid to ever make a change.

The Fool tells us that it is healthy to break a routine now and again. How else can we gain perspective and appreciation for the life that we have created for ourselves? Embrace spontaneity to find the truth. Shake things up. Express yourself. Do not be callous or cruel, but make changes and give in to laughter. The possibilities are endless, be joyous now. When this card shows up in your reading, consider yourself invincible. There is a step or choice that needs to be made that will propel you forward to the next stage of your development. You cannot and should not ignore this message. Look for opportunities that sprout up around you to do something that you hadn’t considered before, and then consider it. With the Fool, you are encouraged to throw your fear aside.

The Fool timeframe is normally that a new beginning will start in less than 4 weeks, it is about understanding that as a number zero change keeps on coming. In the fool you will find understand the cycles of life, that death and birth will come and you no longer have to be afraid of what you do not know. Here in this adventure, you are invincible. The Eternal optimist, the Fool is lucky because he knows no other way of being. He symbolizes unmitigated joy and he floats from experience to experience. The Fool is honest and hardworking and explains that being forthright is the key to releasing us from our constraints of stunted secrecy. Now is the time to make a choice, to lay out your goals and begin accomplishing them. He promises clarity at the end of the movement because no matter what happens when you put change into motion, change is what you will find. If you can find the joy in the change, then you will find happiness.

The Fool In Love

Often we hear the saying, ‘Only fools give in’ or, ‘foolishly in love.’ These sayings are designed to express a level of care-free behavior that has at times been knocked down in today’s skeptical society. There is an overall sentiment that foolish means stupid and that you should always be in control. But this is not so always in life. Responsibility and foolishness both have their place in the cycle of your life. If you ignore the fool within, the romantic, the jester then you might become only a shell of yourself and your existence can feel pointless. Open yourself up to the endless possibility that this card signifies. Whilst pursuing counsel through the tarot about love and relationships the Fool says to tear down the walls that surround your heart and have some fun with the wild and ecstatic energy of love.

Now is an excellent time to pursue new love, to feel silly with someone or just to fall unconditionally in love with you. Embrace your inner fool and trust that falling into this phase is the point. If you get some cuts and bruises, brush yourself off and try again. When you feel fear, remember that you are never alone. Doubt is no more than indecision taking up residence in your heart. Make a decision, any decision and you will become free of the chains that bind you. You are blessed in the phase of the Fool. For more information on what the fool means in love click here

The Fool As Feelings

As fools, we realize that we have tried too hard to fit ourselves into a mold, where everything was dull and boring after a long-term commitment that was too restrictive. We must honor the child in us who isn't always capable of taking it seriously. It won't be serious, but he or she will try to make you laugh again. You may need to smile to get to know this person, but it will be worth it. Our ideas are usually shaken up by fools and due to this feeling of urthoria --- we see the world differently.

It is that child that is banging on the door until you feel secure when you're with them. It feels warm inside when they kiss you. They think about you constantly. They want more time with you --- even though you spent the whole day together. The feelings of realizing that all previous relationships haven't worked out. The Fool Tarot card represents all these “new” feelings when you move into a new relationship, the gizzy days of living on a love high. As the lady in my tarot card embarks on her journey through tarot -- she is gazing into the eye of the storm, representing feelings of being  optimistic and carefree in response to the possibilities that lie ahead. As feelings the fool presents: enthusiasm, excitement, and anticipation, but with it they are passing and these feelings won't stay for too long. To read more detail on the fool as feelings click here.

The Fool As Love Reconciliation

This is my go-to tarot card of love reconciliation, the powerful image of pink roses that frame the card is a reminder of the journey of love reconciliation. The fool encourages us to explore new beginnings and to take risks in life. Let’s face it, Fools embrace uncertainty and trust that no matter what happens, everything will be okay. Guidance and strength can be offered by the fool when two people are trying to reconcile after a period of conflict or hurt. 

Taking a chance on love, being vulnerable, and being brave enough to start over are examples of what the fool encourages us to do. Our internal “fool” reminds us that sometimes it is necessary to let go of our pride, forgive one another, and begin again. The hope of reconciliation and the restoration of fractured relationships is offered in this way. Our journey of love reconciliation is ultimately a journey of trust and risk-taking. Through this process, we will be able to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the other person, which will bring happiness and joy to both of us.

The Fool in Health

When it comes to health and wellness, the Fool card shows that there is more to be discovered within the body and emphasizes the need for physical activity. This card will usually show up if you have been living a somewhat dormant existence. Now is the time to get up off the couch and to pursue an activity that you have never pursued in order to help matters of the circulatory system as well as to strengthen the muscles for overall health.

The Fool in Work, Money, Business, Career, and Wealth

When the Fool appears in a reading revolving around abundance, money making, work and wealth it is time to search for some new angle of the work that you have either already begun or to find something new completely. This is not to say that it is time to just quit your job, but when the Fool shows up, he tells us to pay attention to other opportunities that are blessing you throughout the phase of this card’s presence in your life. Consider participating in stock that you might not have considered, or starting a brand new creative project. The Fool seeks to help gain sustenance for all parts of the mind, body, and spirit. It is the welcoming of change to your working experience that you will find that satisfaction. The Fool tells us to look around, to reach out for opportunities that exist and then make the leap, trust and pursue something to the very end of the road.

The Fool As An Action/Advice

The Fool embarks on a journey of focus, redemption and liberation. Aiming to take a leap into the unknown while holding her roses -- she contemplates the concept of action. She knows her potential is limitless, but she is also aware of her own fragility. In traversing life's unknown lands, she learns that true freedom is both a matter of inner strength and a matter of understanding and accepting the love of others.

As she learns to accept her own flaws, she finds joy in accepting the imperfections of those around her. Through the winding path, The Fool learns that true action requires an open heart - one that is willing to forgive and be forgiven. She carries this newfound understanding, a reminder that her life journey is long and hard, but utterly worth it. By embracing her own truth, she can move forward in life --- taking that leap of faith --- with greater peace and joy. Fools remind us that trying again and finding healing is never too late, no matter how broken things are, she can step into the third eye for greater awareness.

There is no answer to the love question "What actions will this person take towards me?" in the tarot. Although it can tell you what you will do. As far as I'm concerned, the tarot is really poor at figuring out what others are thinking and feeling but we can get a few clues. As long as you and your lover take a chance on each other, the Fool means that they will be taking a chance. Fools suggest jumping blindly off commitment cliffs without thinking. Falling in love blindly. Nothing indicates that it will last forever. And, remember, the fool is a symbol of 0 potential, a beginning. It suggests, however, that one can abandon all caution and fall in love. 

The Fool As Yes Or No

There is adventure and joy in the Fool Tarot card. Through an open heart and a fearless spirit, it will lead to growth and self-discovery. It can be daunting to ask if something is a yes or no; the Fool encourages us to take risks and trust ourselves regardless of the uncertainty. You can achieve the Fool's Yes by taking the step and committing to your own journey, but only if you are truly willing to take it. All things are possible when you have optimism and courage. It's never too late to say Yes; it may just take a different path than anticipated. Life's greatest rewards lie beyond what we know, so embrace the unknown. As long as you have the courage to take the leap and believe in yourself, the Fool ultimately says Yes. To read my detailed analysis of the fool Yes or No meaning please click here

The Fool As A Person

A Fool lives in a kaleidoscope of colors, a free spirit who takes life as it comes without looking back, believing in freedom. Without preconceived notions or expectations, as a person they are carefree and open to the possibilities of the world. As a result of their optimistic outlook on life, they tend to take risks that others would consider foolish. They understand that life is a series of experiences, so they are unperturbed by failure. Their curiosity will take them to new heights despite their stumbles and falters. It is the Fool's adventurous spirit and inner strength that allows them to travel wherever life leads them. We are reminded to live life with an open heart, trusting that everything will work out in the end. In spite of their reckless and impulsive approach, The Fool is wise in how they view life; a reminder to all of us to set aside our fears and take risks.

A risk-taker, unafraid of the unknown and willing to explore its depths, this individual embodies risk-taking. Their presence inspires others to discover something new about themselves, inviting them to discover something new about themselves. If we choose to embrace life's beauty and adventure, we can still find joy despite our struggles. As they remind us that taking a few leaps of faith is the key to experiencing life's greatest gifts, they are the essence of freedom and joy. 

The Fool As Friendship Or Family

When it comes to friendship, the Fool tarot card shows taking a chance on something new and acting "foolish." The Fool may point towards forming a new friendship rather than letting go of an old or unfulfilling one. A Fool also suggests being open to new perspectives and willing to explore the unknown to make new connections. We can form meaningful new friendships by taking risks and leaping of faith. Making relationship decisions also requires trusting our intuition. By taking a risk, trusting our instincts, and embracing the unknown, it suggests the possibility of finding true friendship. In regards to the family, home life drawing this card can represent a new start but more importantly that a member of the family acted "foolish" it is important to forgive in the fact of conflict.

The Fool In The Past Position

The fool often represents, to me, a time of new beginnings in the past, and the start of an undertaking. If you have changed your life the fool in the past can signal a folk in the road. Maybe you were working towards a goal but then decided to go another way. In the past, the Fool symbolically stands for the energy of foolishness, innocence, and unawareness. Despite not being wise or learned by conventional measures, the fool tells me you have a unique ability to see beyond the surface of any situation. 

As an outsider, the fool in the past tarot position stands in contradiction to society's prevailing norms and values. Having the freedom to express themselves without fear of judgment or criticism allows them to speak candidly about difficult issues that others may be afraid to discuss. As a result, the fool has been a valuable tool throughout history, encouraging thought in those around them. 

Because the fool often exists outside of the traditional timeline of events and moments, we can easily identify this “fool” as a symbol of nostalgia and sentimentality. Life was simpler and decisions were easier when they were around. 

The Fool In The Present Position

In the present position, the fool carries new chances and insights, and possibly a warning that you need to accept that sometimes you need to take risks and be open-minded about life. The beauty of the fool in the present  is to embrace the energy of bringing about positive change and transformation, to step into the void. This is an excellent opportunity to make magic happen. Our innermost selves are often represented by the Fool, encouraging us to let go of fear and uncertainty, but that you may be struggling to see where you need to go.

The Fool In The Future Position

No matter what our circumstances are, the Fool reminds us to live life enthusiastically and optimistically.  It is through the Fool's energy that we can set ourselves on our path of discovery whenever we feel lost or uncertain. Faith, courage, and hope are symbols of the Fool, who in the future position can take on the adventure of living life to the fullest, with new beginnings in store. In our darkest hours, she reminds us that even taking risks can bring about unexpected rewards. 

Fools encourage us to take chances and trust in our abilities despite any fears or doubts we may have. A tarot symbol of resilience, she shows us that if we persist through life's challenges, we will succeed. With this card in the outcome position, you are encouraged to let go of all that holds you back in order to embrace new ideas and follow new paths. The card may represent a person who steps into your life who embodies qualities such as enthusiasm and refreshing optimism. Depending on your character, this person can be fun to be around. On a more somber note, anxiety and disorder can be created in a situation by the energy of the card.

The Fool in the Reversed Position

The Fool Reversed

When the Fool appears in the reversed position it indicates that some of the choices that are currently being made are fool hardy. For example in a work situation, you do not want to just drop your job just because the Fool arrives. You want to look for other opportunities and pursue them while also making sure that you are handling yourself in a productive way that goes along with current economic situations. Yes, quit your job when you have pursued a new job that makes you feel more satisfied, but do not by any means jump on one opportunity alone and then let go of everything else.

The reversed position of the fool stands for being overly ambitious, to the extent that you take advantage of others, or lie to get ahead. These behaviors are counter the energy of the Fool who wants you to be happy and carefree, not riddle yourself with more problems by being indiscrete or thoughtless in your actions. Consider what entanglements you are bringing into your experience by trying to get ahead too fast.

The Fool, when in the reversed position, is still a fresh and inspiring card, filled with wonder for new beginnings and carrying a sense of adventure. The Fool, having no context in the world around him cares not whether he is upright or upside down, for no matter what there is a journey to be had and there is a sense of freedom and spontaneous exploration. That being said, when this card is in reverse, there is a caution to be had as well.

Love and Romance - Fool Reversed

For new relationships, the Fool reversed can indicate a false start. Jumping into something too soon. For established romantic pairings, it can indicate impulsiveness and a need to stop and smell the roses and to check in on responsibility in life. When this card is the main focal point of a reading it can also represent a desire to let go of responsibility or to throw caution to the wind. Consider if you’re getting what you need out of a current relationship or if you’re feeling stifled, insecure or anxious. These feelings are likely connected to a desire to be free, which isn’t always the best when focusing on long-term love.

Family and Home - Fool Reversed

When you’re focusing on home or family life, the Fool reversed indicates a need to shake up routine. Consider how you are being too rigid regarding family members or where you may be spending too much. If there are home projects happening, the Fool reversed indicates that these will be completed successfully, but slower than expected. Expect halts to serious household changes, including delays regarding moving, contract work around the house or even regarding mail and expected packages. If children are present and a possible concern, the Fool reversed physically relates to a child having difficulties in life and this is a good sign that you should check in with them. They likely need your guidance or advice.

Work and Finances - Fool Reversed

Unless you’re considering a new position, the Fool card in all forms can be a warning card concerning finances and work. Not known for being grounded, the Fool upright can indicate needing more experience to get the desired position or not taking oneself seriously. In the reversed position, it shows a person trying hard in the areas of job or money, but someone that is not getting the results they want. Consider strengthening a resume, focusing on hard facts of your work history. Ground yourself and set goals before jumping forward. Speak up about creative ventures and opt for ways where you can work with others at this time, versus being judged on your own merits.

Health and Wellness - Fool Reversed

The Fool in any position is about the journey and even when reversed represents an active journey, movement (usually forward but slower when this card is reversed) and a time of high activity. In the reversed position, the Fool tells you to focus on stress reduction and open your mind to new ways to look for things. Now is a good time to hold off on risk taking, cautioning against starting a new fitness routine.

Personal Spirituality - Fool Reversed

When you see the Fool reversed and you’re focused on your own spirituality and divine light, you need to understand that you can’t force faith. Now is a time to rely on your intuition. You may have a sense of missing something, and if this is the case, trust this feeling. Go back to the basics of your practice and make sure you have ample time to ground and meditate. Some keywords associated with the Fool (R) are: New beginnings, Impulsiveness, Immaturity, Resisting changes, Restricted or slow growth, Seeking reassurance, Frustration, Disregarding good advice, Opportunities (present but limited or nearly missed), Slow or Unfinished Business.

The Fools Journey - The Card 0 - The Unnumbered

In Tarot cards, the Fool's Journey mirrors how we live life. As the fool travels through childhood innocence, naivety, maturity, and wisdom, it portrays the joys and difficulties we face. During this quest, the Fool meets figures and archetypes that represent different stages of life. It begins with the Fool, a naive figure ready to embark on the journey through life. It is often seen as a symbol of potential and she holds the belief that anything can be achieved by taking risks and exploring new possibilities. Fools are like children, and are ready to embrace all that the world has to offer. She is not afraid because she hasn't experienced enough. 

The Fool first meets the Magician first --- who tells her that as long as she remains true to herself and connected to the divine, she can create all her dreams and desires. She then confronts the High Priestess. By outlining again the lessons from the Magician, the High Priestess tells the fool that there are magical elements of life and sometimes it is hard to see the wood from the trees, and things can remain hidden for her own good. She realizes that the world is full of color but there is more than meets the eye, a hidden world. 

A mother figure now approaches, the Empress, who shows the Fool love, support, and care. She introduces her husband, the Emperor who outlines life's structure and rules and details how she can live a more structured life. The Hierophant then appears to shows the Fool how to focus, what to say, and what to believe, being traditional is important to find ones path in life. The Fool then sees the Lovers next, becoming aware that she can now make her own decisions, choices are hers.

She is now pulled along by the Chariot and told she can move forward with focus and things might sometimes be black and white. The Fool is reminded by Strength that she doesn’t have to constantly strive like the Chariot. However, she can find her internal power, and strength, from within herself, and not through the force of being pulled along in a carriage. The Fool then meets the Hermit who is filled with wisdom and has been travelling alone to find his soul's purpose. The Fool discovers that the answers to her problems are within her heart and she needs to spend time alone to help her find out how to tackle them.

The Fool then meets the Wheel of Fortune and learns that life can sometimes spin out of control, that fate has a strange way to harness our power within -- for better or worse. Sometimes she has to ride the waves. Just as the Fool is about to give her life to fate and destiny, Justice appears to remind her that she can make good choices and that her actions will have consequences. The Fool realizes when she reaches the Hanged Man she can make her own opportunities. The hanged man talks about delay and suspension, reminding her that sometimes we must surrender to our internal powers by seeing the world from a new perspective -- and not upside down. The Fool meets death death, through this card ---  nothing lasts forever, and that we are constantly changing. The figurative "death", which is a death, allows for a passage to another stage in life, a true transformation.

Temperance is then found by the Fool, who discovers that peace, harmony, and self-control are the secrets to a happy life. The Devil, however, interrupts and shows the Fool that compulsive behavior and addiction can often occur. The Devil holds the Fool hostage, tempting him with her own lust until her world is turned upside down by the bolt of lightening of the Tower. The Fool's entire worldview collapses. The time has come for a fresh perspective. The possibility of tranformation is always present.

The Star is filled with promise, evolution, and belief, and now the Fool looks at the sky with hope. The Fool has seen the starlight again after she has walked through the dark night of her journey. She is reminded by the Moon that not all is as it seems, and things can change. She is also drawn to the moons hidden secrets, where shadows linger and apprehensions are still present. It is now time for her to talk to the Sun and is filled again with positive, white light energy, all that is good in the world shines upon her. When the Fool meets Judgment, she is reborn. Her perspective has changed after traveling on the Fool’s soul path. Finally, she makes it to the World. She walks through and sees the winged lady who lifts her up to return her to the beginning.

The Fool’s stands proud, roses in hand,
With all delights she understands.
The journey takes her to characters unseen,
Using the major arcana - a spiritual dream.
As she looks into the eye and confronts her fate,
The storm will pass and things will be great.
She'll widen her heart, and love for life too,
Riding the fools journey which is long overdue,
Requires boldness as she needs to lead,
As a follower of the Tarot’s creed.
She will end up powerful and strong,
As she dances in the face of the fools midnight song.
Her journey is over, she struggles to see
That she's now the ruler of her own destiny.

Upright Keywords Of The Fool

  • A leap of faith
  • New beginning
  • Unexpected situation
  • Unconventional
  • Fresh steps on a journey
  • Strong character
  • Decision and direction
  • New Job

Reversed Keywords of The Fool

  • Being stupid
  • Folly
  • Weary of a new start
  • Reluctance to start a journey

By Flo Saul
Jul 9, 2012