The Fool As Feelings

The Fool Tarot Love

The Fool As Feelings

The fool remains guarded, they are carefree, never able to really show what they are thinking. Reminds me of the knight of wands or the knight of pentacles, in that it can drive you mad when you don't know if this love connection is going anywhere. Fools are often seen as symbols of trusting in the unknown and opening their minds to whatever life offers.

The Fool: His feelings towards you?

It's like shes sailing through unknown waters of love and emotion, never knowing what lies ahead, but determined to enjoy and have fun. When it comes to love, she is reluctant to put down his anchor or look foolish. A feeling of love lifts him up in ways that are hard to articulate -- it gives him a sense of lightness and buoyancy that allows him to take risks and live life to the fullest. 

When you asked the fool about feelings for you, she replied that she doesn't give a damn what people think, feeling free from the status quo, keeping the love youthful, feeling like a child again. It is impossible to squeeze her into a mold, and her inner teenager emerges, but with no responsibility or commitment. In the moment, it's all about fun for her, and that's how this person feels about you. As she begins the fool's journey, time might change her to commit.

The Fool: Her feelings towards you?

A fool evokes a feeling of carefreeness, while a moment of suspended love is bliss. When she falls in love, she feels untethered from her limitations, free to explore the infinite possibilities of passion and joy. 

In your embrace, she senses love, which reminds her that beauty comes in many forms, whether in the gentle touch of your hand or the soothing embrace of a hug. Her fear has been replaced with an openness and vulnerability that allows her to open her heart to whatever comes her way. Having the fool drawn in your spread for feelings implies that love is young and she doesn't want to get bogged down in "serious talks" or commitments.

The Fool: Ex Boyfriend, Ex Husband, Ex Girlfriend or Ex Wife's feelings for you

If you pull the fool for an ex partner, this can mean that someone thinks you are foolish or childish. Think about how you see this ex. If you see them as a "fool" then this card indicates it is all about bringing down to earth your true feelings. The feelings for an ex for you if you pull the fool is that you carefree, that you have opened yourself up and have the power to create what you would like in life. It can also yield as a warning of being obsessed, as the fool brings with it a sense of holding onto the "foolish dream" that this ex wants to get back together with you.

The Fool: How Someone Sees You

The Fool is the unnumbered tarot card. When someone views you as a fool they see you as a risk-taker, an ideal partner, and someone who is open to having a laugh, they may consider you the fool - but in a heartfelt way. If the fool appears it means the beginning of something new and exciting in his life, especially if you're the opposite.

If you pull The Fool for the question of how someone sees you, they probably see a person who is ready for love, and who is open to new experiences and possibilities. In some ways, they feel that this person is naive, but he or she also shows great courage and faith in their ability to take risks. It may also represent that they see you as “fun” and willing to explore life’s possibilities. The Fool can also symbolize someone who is not afraid of the unknown. 

Fool As Feelings - My Conclusion

At times, this person feels that you can be impulsive and rash and willing to learn from their mistakes. It can represent that they feel you will take risks, take chances, and are open to life's surprises. The Fool card, for example, may mean that someone feels carefree around you, or even like a fish out of water. They are ready to take things to the next level or go on an adventure of where this love is heading. I love this card when it appears for love readings, it shows that things are going on a new journey or a different direction.