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The Fool Tarot Meaning Is It A "Yes Or No" Card?

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For my client’s looking for straightforward answers to their questions, the “Yes or No” Tarot spread is a helpful tool, and I like using this spread to gain quick answers. The three cards used in this spread represent the past, present, and future of the situation at hand. It gives insight into what has already taken place regarding the situation based on the card representing the past. In the second card, which represents the present, you can see what is currently happening in the situation. Simply put, the third card represents the future, and I always read the “yes and No” meanings to bring a deeper insight into the reading, if you have not yet done this spread I recommend this as part of your "Yes or No" tarot card journey.

After drawing this card upright, you are being told that it is a "Yes" time for you to learn from your mistakes and use them as a means of becoming wiser, stronger, and more adept at finding the voice that you are uniquely designed to express. I believe that the Fool card reminds us that life is an adventure, and that in order to gain greater insight into ourselves and the world around us, it is necessary to take risks in order to gain greater insight, I urge you to read my poem again above - this is the true essence of this card. As a result of your “inner knowledge” - you will be able to make informed decisions as to what is in your best interest.

Yes or no, the Fool’s path shows
the eye of life, she stands and grows
Blushing blossom in her hands so light
She is now ready to take the flight.
On a mountaintop with a view divine
Fools wait to see what fate defines.
Journeying forward with an open heart
Fools take the first step, no matter how hard.
Although the future is a puzzle still,
There is courage in her heart to climb the hill.
Yes or no, she will continue on her way
What fate holds for her only destiny can say!

The Fool Upright - A "Yes Or No" Card?

In readings the Fool upright is a  “yes” it represents folly, obsession, being carefree, and a new beginning. As soon as the fool appears in your spread, things are going to change, and you need to stay focused and accept them. As the fool sets out on a journey, she seeks love that will fill her with joy, health that will sustain her, and wealth that will make her comfortable. On a new journey of discovery and ambition, she seeks the path that leads to her dreams.  Whenever she embarks on a new adventure, she always remains optimistic and open-minded. My card depicts a woman who perceives the world differently, with an unusual perspective, through the third eye in her heart. 

The Fool Reversed - A "Yes Or No" Card?

Unlike the upright position, The Fool reversed does not represent a "Yes or No" answer - it is undecided. When approaching a problem, it suggests being careful and cautious. The upright Fool recommends taking risks and moving forward with your plans, whereas the reversed Fool for the “Yes or No” question recommends prudence and due diligence. There could be a warning telling you to stop and take that all-important time to consider the outcome potential before jumping (taking that leap of faith) and thinking about the long-term.

The Fool Upright - "Yes Or No" For Love?

It is my belief the fool upright for love is a “Yes” card. When the Fool Tarot card appears upright in a love spread, to me, it indicates a willingness to explore new possibilities and take risks. If the fool comes along it can say that you have the danger of jumping into a relationship without thinking of the consequences. I do feel this is a tricky type of card, similar to the knight of wands and swords to some degree, in that commitment, is always a big question. The card can convey a level of caution over committing by either party - while still showing a lack of fear and willingness to take risks in love, it might mean your partner has been commitment phobic and now it’s the time to rein in what feelings they have for you. 

I also have good news, a new relationship may be in the works or you may be ready to try something out of your comfort zone. Taking a leap of faith could also mean trusting the process, regardless of the outcome. When it comes to love, the Fool can serve as a reminder to live life with passion and zest --- and not be afraid to be vulnerable. It can be an exciting experience to roll the dice and take that chance on love -- as you explore new paths.

The Fool Reversed - "Yes Or No" For Love?

The fool is a tricky card to draw for love, he is experienced but still so cautious, seeing the fool is always a major risk in a love spread, but it is also a card about forgiveness and starting a new beginning. I always feel the fool is similar to the knight of wands and has a problem with commitment, and even though seemingly ready to start a relationship he is always searching for the next “big high” when it comes to love. 

It's a fool who tells you that love isn't easy. In a love "Yes or No" reading drawing the fool reversed indicates a maybe. Being vulnerable with someone takes effort, patience, and a willingness to be vulnerable. The best advice I can give is to stay true to yourself and not compromise your values for anyone. Someone who truly loves you will respect you and honor your unique qualities. Being honest and open with the other person is also important. 

If this card falls in your readings reversed for love it can suggest that your relationships require communication --- maybe they are just going around your “head” all the time and you just don’t know where you stand. Never assume they know what you're feeling or thinking. Don't forget to listen to your intuition. Whenever you feel something is off, it just might be! Taking steps to protect yourself from potential harm is not a sign of weakness, but of trust in yourself. 

The Fool Upright - A "Yes Or No" For Advice/Action?

The Fool reminds us that life is full of surprises, and sometimes taking a leap of faith into the unknown is the best course of action. This is a “yes” card for advice and actions, it is about embracing new possibilities and trusting your gut on what you need to do. I’d also like to add, the fool is not afraid to take risks and trusts her gut. This card is about taking chances in life. We can find our way through even the darkest times with a little courage and faith, as the Fool reminds us. 

The Fool Reversed - A "Yes Or No" For Advice/Action?

The fool for action or advice reversed is a “Maybe” it is about taking action, and I like to think of it her as carefree, as she stares into the third eye trying to understand what will make her successful financially. Leaving someone or a project behind wouldn't even cross the mind of the fool. At the moment, if someone isn't engaging with you at work, it is probably due to their innocence and carefree approach. The Fool is about no boundaries and freedom, no one really controls the fool. If drawn reversed for an action or advice position then it is normally a "maybe" but you are warned about leaping into the unknown. It's a bit like doing things over and over but still getting the same results. It could simply be believing your lover when they tell you that they will never cheat again, or that they will try harder putting out the washing but never help with household chores. Do you believe this? Keeping this all in mind, the fool yes or no reversed reminds me about being trapped into a false sense of belief. 

The Fool Upright - A "Yes Or No" For Business, Money, And Career?

For career, business, and money the upright fool card is a “yes.” Let me explain what the fool means when it comes to career and money through Bethany Hamilton's story. Bethany shows how an impossible situation in our careers can be turned into something that can be conquered. Bethany lost her arm while surfing when she was just 13 years old. She persevered despite the severity of her injury and continued to pursue her passion for surfing. In the end, her perseverance paid off, and she became a professional surfer.

There are many similarities between Bethany's story and the meaning of the fool tarot card. Fools are often associated with taking risks and having faith in themselves despite obstacles. In the same way, Bethany took a chance to get back on her board despite the odds, the fool encourages us to take risks to achieve our goals. Bethany's story illustrates that even when life throws you a curveball, you shouldn't see it as a failure. Rather, we can succeed if we are focused and determined.

Summary of the Fool Yes Or No Spread

I have detailed above  the “Yes or No” tarot spread is about being called forth on a journey of self-discovery. As I have mentioned many times, there is a common understanding that the Fool represents a fresh start, and this card can be a reminder that the time is right for you to take risks, follow your intuition, and explore the world around you. In my view, the card signals a time of growth and new experiences where there are endless possibilities. 

For the general tarot meaning of the Fool please click here