Big & Small Imbalanced

Big & Small Imbalanced Ears

Those who have ears which are shaped differently from one another, where one is bigger and the other is smaller, can indicate a difficult personality to handle because they are often either too introverted or too extroverted with their lives and lifestyles.

As a result of this, it is hard for others they encounter in life to really connect with them because they have no level of real predictability. They are either hot or cold, and not often in between at all. These kinds of extreme personalities have their benefits, when they are on a busy swoop trying to get something accomplished they do it, but when they become sad, angry or frustrated after what they have been putting their hard work into hasn’t come to fruition, they can turn off emotionally and pretty much implode.

With regards to their upbringing it is often that the person with big and small ears would have not really had a family or love of a stabilizing fashion while growing up, thus making it difficult for them to create loving relationships in their adult life. These individuals tend to have sadness on their sleeves and therefore open up their immune systems to all sorts of sicknesses and diseases. When they are happy they are healthy, but their happiness is often not long lived, primarily because they can be so extreme at times.

Those with Big and Small Imbalanced ears also tend to get fixated on one set of beliefs and then structure their entire morality around it, with very little desire to learn anything new from anyone else. They have an idea of what is right and what is wrong and no one can really convince them otherwise. As a result this tends to alienate them further from having genuine and happy relationships or interactions with others. Their opinions are from an extremist view point and it is often all or nothing.

When it comes to the way that they behave it is easy to note that if they were to try to simmer down the hot and warm up the cold parts of their personalities to find a happy medium, they would feel much stronger and more affective in their everyday life, but this is not something that comes easily to them, and so it is usually through the influence of one or two kind and strong souls who teach them how to let others in and how to commingle energies so that they can be more productive and healthy.

Just remember though that if you run into a person who has one larger ear and one smaller ear that they tend to get angry really fast without much to spark it. This means that it is going to be important to make sure to clearly vocalize and not fuel the fire if you can help it.

If you are a strong enough personality to not just run away after a blow up, and still state your terms and desires clearly, you will have gained their respect and usually a long lasting place in their heart. But be aware that you are in for a bumpy ride and do your best not to try to change them because it won’t work. They are the ones who have to take the time and learn the coping skills necessary to find balance.

By Flo Saul
Nov 26, 2012