Fan Ears

Fan Ears

When one thinks of Fan Ears, there are a lot of images which come to mind.

A ceiling fan, a fan of cards, a hand fan, all sorts of really wide, circular and flowing objects. Originally this name was based after the fan of the Chinese culture because it is so spread out and elegant. A person with fan ears tend to be very small in stature over all and the ears themselves are also thin with the middle causing the outside areas of the ear to become very fan like or even like wings. They do not have an inner shell like regular ears do, which gives the emphasis to the fan-like qualities of these particular ear shapes.

Those with Fan ears tend to be magnets when it comes to health, wealth and well-being. They are the lucky ones, and in the Chinese tradition it is said they are lucky because they can hear the gods sing through their well-shaped ears. These individuals tend to find peace and comfort in the material world as well as the spiritual world and will be seen at a very young age as people of deep spiritual intuition.

Specifically, the person with Fan Ears tends to be very rich when they are children, while they can really connect to spirit energy, but then when the woes of the world take over and they cease to be able to intuitively connect as easily, they lose sight of themselves and therefore their wealth and success suffers. When a person with Fan ears is able to take with them throughout their adult life, the ability to ground and center, as well as connect to the magic which is all around them in the world they become extremely happy and capable individuals, but it does take a lot of work to maintain that kind of attitude as adults. Not many of us can.

Their general nature tends to make them gamblers and so it becomes very easy for them to waste the money that they do have to and to find difficulty prioritizing their life. Thus their responsibilities tend to fall by the way side which then causes a catastrophe of late fees and unpaid parking tickets.

When a person with Fan Ears was always able to receive intuitive messages from the beyond as a child, it can be challenging to really want to connect with that same energy as an adult for fear others will make fun or cast judgment. But those who happen to be close to the Fan Earred person knows that their skills are real and strong and that they should do their best to support this person whenever their intuition strikes.

One of the most important lessons for a person with Fan Ears is to make sure that they are finding peace in their connection to their intuition as well as balance in the luck which they so naturally acquire throughout their lives. If they are balanced about their spending they will find much peace and happiness in the long term, instead of accidentally becoming destitute over the Black Jack games in Vegas.

By Florance Saul
Nov 26, 2012