Reversed Ears

Reversed Ears

When a person has Reversed Ears they tend to be the kind of person who lives outside of the rules of society.

They can be rebellious for rebelliousness’s sake, just to show off or to be different from others. They are not the type to really fit into any particular kind of mold. When a person has reversed Ears, the personality is one which is strong, vibrant, even fiery and passionate but can be somewhat biting in nature as well when something doesn't go the way that they want.

Because this person is so random and changing, it is hard for them to stay on top of any one thing, and so their emotions can be at points a little flamboyant and undependable.

They are not the kind of person that can really be expected to participate in anything for the long term for when they see or find something that is different or exciting from what they are doing then they are going to move forward and make a big change very quickly.

Persons with reversed ears tend to be people who will turn on a dime and not really make a connection when it comes to deep, personal relationships. These types are the ones to break all manner of rules and then reconstruct them entirely to fit their own personal purpose.

Much of the time a person with Reversed Ears is more likely going to be the person causing the trouble and arguments, playing both sides and being the one that everyone can see are more of the mysterious and interesting ‘bad boy/girl’ types.

These are the ones that many of us just like to watch and look at but should never really deeply give into romantic feelings. This is not to say that they cannot love, because those with reversed ears definitely have the ability and desire to love, but love can be fleeting when reality begins to set in which can really cause trouble for anyone who is wanting to have a long term relationship with them.

Reversed Ear people have the ability to have long term relationships but only on their own terms and they will likely structure the relationship to really be something entirely different than anything else which might have existed in the past.

If they are the monogamous type then there is going to be something specific that is going to set their relationship apart from others. These are the type whose aesthetic is completely specific and who are likely to be in polyamorous or pansexual relationships primarily because the constant interaction is something that keeps their attention and makes them feel solid as well as energized and alive.

They are happy to give love to multiple persons, but if they are controlled they will only run away. It is really important as a reversed ear person to make sure to enjoy the dependable relationships that exist so that they can experience depth in their relationships and for those that love the reversed ear person to try not to be too controlling.

By Florance Saul
Mar 28, 2013