Large Wind Gap Ears

Large Wind Gap Ears

When a person has Large Wind Gap Ears this means that the person tends to have a very mischievous way of behaving in childhood and they tend to be very sneaky in their adulthood in general as well.

These particular individuals tend to be the ones referenced as ‘hellions’ when they were children because they would get into everything. Of course those who have Large Wind Gap Ears know that really they are just free spirits and always have been and just enjoy being a little bit defiant.

These are the natural testers, the people in life who like to get the last laugh, to try a little harder to make the joke last a little longer, to speak or move in awkward times or moments just to get people out of their normal routine.

These large wind gap eared people tend to be the rule breakers, the fools, the agents of chaos. They consider themselves free agents of Eris and enjoy life that way. Understandably then it is difficult for them to feel that they must ever really adhere to any rules or regulations in any way.

This is something which is a constant challenge to them in life, because of course the world is run by rules and restrictions and there are laws to abide by and such, so this makes the Large Wind Gap Eared person a little irritated at times, but they do their best to live on the edge of the law or on the rules and they rebel in their own individual kinds of ways which makes them feel more capable of handling life as the years move on and on.

When encountering a person with Large Wind Gap Ears it is important to remember that they cannot be controlled and it wise not to try. In relationships they need to know that they are free to do whatever they would like and that you trust and give them their freedom.

They don’t want you to bail, but they don’t want you to completely take over their life either. If you are a person with Large Wind Gap Ears, this means that having any kind of routine is extremely challenging for you, but lessons can be learned about this topic which would greatly help you live a more fulfilled life. The balance of living in a world of freedom and living in a world of productivity at the same time (If that is something that you choose) can be achieved with just a little forethought.

Generally these are the folks who play the wild card every time, they are the drummers, and the feisty ones who start fights at bars just to see what happens. These Large Wind Gap Ears individuals need to lead a loud life and will happily bring that life to you if you want them to. They enjoy being in love and will do their best to keep you in their life as long as you are not telling them how to love you. They want to be free to work that out on their own.

By Flo Saul
Nov 26, 2012