Metal Ears

Metal Ears

When one thinks of Metal Ears, images of Cyborgs come to mind, but in the world of human ears we are referring technically to a set of ears which are higher on the head along the same edge as the brows.

They are called Metal primarily because they tend to look a lot whiter in color than the rest of the face and they are more round, which gives them kind of a coin or metal appearance. These categories exist to really help us understand how to differentiate all of the different kinds of ear shapes, sizes and colors. Here we find with Metal ears that those who possess them tend to be able to live a very contented and happy life, they are what are called lucky in many different radiations and that is because their very ears symbolize money and contentment.

These are the kinds of people who have more of a passionate or fierce personality, who when they set their mind to it, can get quite a lot accomplished and inevitably live a very thrilling and joyful life which is forward focused and brings to them everything they could ever desire. They have the knowledge of how to really make their life work so that they and their dear loved ones can appreciate and enjoy it. If they want something, they go out and get it and there is very little that can actually convince them that anything is truly impossible. For them impossible is merely a challenge that hasn’t been met yet.

There are those who feel that those with metal ears are idealistic, they feel that they are entitled and want more than what they are supposed to have in life, however the Metal Earred person pays that no mind and basically creates what it is that they want in their life, therefore never really seeing any of the limitations that society tends to try to put on them.

When a person’s ear has more of a darker color instead of the white that is described above, this tends to represent a personality that isn’t AS well off as those with the whiter tint to their ears. This is not to say that they won’t also make their life something beautiful and fulfilling, but what does happen is that their ability to see and want their life to go a specific way is in a sense tainted by a bit of selfishness and greed. The whiter tinge tends to be more generous and giving than the darker.

There is also a fear of loss when it comes to the darker tinge as they tend to go through much more of the painful or troublesome situations in life than the whiter eared person does. This could go one of two ways, this could either make the metal eared person work harder to strive for contentment in life, or this could make them spiral more into an introverted cycle of longing which never ceases and is always growing in sadness.

By Flo Saul
Nov 26, 2012