Double Pearl Facing the Sea Ears

Double Pearl Facing the Sea Ears

The way that you can easily distinguish Double Pearl Facing the Sea Ears is that they have round bulbs on the outside of the ears which often can make their ear look weird or different at first.

You find though, these ears tend to fit the person and their unique ears bring out the inner personality of the person. Their ears bring focus to the person which is something that people with ears like this desire.

‘Double Pearl Facing the Sea Ears’ is a really long and drawn out name for something which describes essentially the ocean in the ears. But this is the best way to describe such a shape of the ear because it sounds like exactly how the shape of the ear has grown.

This shows a person whose ears have two areas which are shaped like pearls just outside of the canal and then ridges themselves seem to point more inward toward the face and if one is looking to the ocean it would point directly to it. Just like the name, a Double Pearl Facing the Sea Eared person tends to have emotions which are strong as the ocean is wide, long standing as the ocean is deep. These are the emotional ones, the satisfied lovers, the happy, deep rooted artists who pursue life as a journey ready for the tasting.

Never underestimate the ability of the Double Pearl Facing the Sea Eared person to be a joyful, contented person because they will be the one who is always bringing the lovely times to your door step. Make sure not to break their hearts because really, you will be the one who suffers in the end when you hear about how well they treat their next lover. These individuals enjoy long lasting relationships, experiences and are just the type to work really well with people.

As an emotional being, the Double Pearl Facing the Sea Eared person treats others how they want to be treated and of course have their off days when they are hurt. In fact, their off days are a little more than a little off. These people have their dark side and they do blow up when they feel they have been wrong. They are the most wonderful people to friend because they will take care of you so well, but the moment that you step out of their good graces and betray them, it will be as if your world explodes.

Another issue that the poor Double Pearl Facing the Sea Eared individual has to work through is the fact that since they are almost completely run by emotions, intellect tends to fall by the way side, meaning if you are having an argument with a person who is of this kind of ear shape, they will always side with their emotions even if they are wrong and the logic is not on their side. That is just the only way that they understand how to be. One of the aspects of life which would be the most helpful to them is if they gave into logic sometimes and allowed for that balance to come in. But that is easier said than done and since they are so happy and content with the maelstrom emotions, it will be difficult getting them to see life in any other way. Therefore if you love them, just communicate your feelings when you are having a disagreement and they will find this most understandable.

By Florance Saul
Nov 26, 2012