Chess Piece Ears

Chess Piece Ears

There are those in this world whose ears are shaped in a small and round fashion so much that it is similar to the pieces in a set of Chinese Chess.

Chess piece ears tend to be small like the little game pieces and very circular almost like a marble.

The ears can be set low on the face or high on the face, but either way, the distinctive and noteworthy quality is that they be small and round, almost like a marble within the ear. The ridges of the ear themselves tend to be relatively sharp and shaped in a distinctive way and there are some individuals who look as though they have a little spare tire around their ear canal. So when you see someone walking down the street and you notice that they have a marble inside of an interlude you will be able to note that they have the famous chess piece ears.

When a person has Chess Piece Ears they tend to be relatively grounded but aren’t really good with money so to speak. They also don’t really come from wealthy families for the most part nor have luck when it comes to gambling or investments.

They are very strong in their personal lives with their friends and families and treat others with kind respect as that is what they would prefer to receive. They do their best to keep their lives grounded and calm, but are often subjected to tornado like periods of life where everything gets turned upside down and then they have to rebuild.

When this happens you will know a Chess Piece Eared person by the love and warmth which surrounds them in their time of need as during their spare time they do their best to help others and to treat them with the love and respect they deserve. Therefore it is easy to see that a Chess Piece Eared person takes care of others and themselves and learns to build their life up to a successful place after adversity strikes. They are not the type to call it quits after things have gotten difficult.

More likely, they are the type to roll up their sleeves and dive back into the fray just to make sure that they are not beaten down by life. Many of us could learn a lot by the diligence portrayed by the Chess Piece Eared person.

The person with Chess Piece Ears tends to appear to be scrawny or even frail in their physical appearance but they tend to make up for any and all weaknesses by having a strong and capable inside demeanor. As a result of never wanting to give up, they are known to become well promoted in life because they can be trusted and depended on, and, much like the name, know how to strategically place themselves in the right time and place to achieve their end goals of life. As lovers, they work hard and are ever seeking to pleasure the person they love and cherish.

By Florance Saul
Nov 26, 2012