Hard Ears

Hard Ears

When one thinks of the differences with Hard Ears they must take into account that they are more firm and tough in comparison to the softer kinds of ears.

This is the kind of texture in the ear where the actual form of the ear does not bend with ease and could cause pain if forcefully bent. Those with ears which are hard are known to have very strong beliefs, can be seen as well as stubborn or even somewhat controlling, and organized.

This is a result of their ears being a significant indicator of the type of people we are, and in this case the ‘hard’ ear does tend to give reference to someone who is sterner in nature, someone who is capable of really being the strong and dependable person in life that many tend to depend on.

They are the organizers, the challengers. They can be overly possessive at points, and can be comparable to the Taurean in the Zodiac. Very possibly one of the most loyal people in a person’s life, capable of deep and compassionate love but not necessarily someone that can bend or change at a whim’s notice, which can be problematic if their partners are more of the ‘care free’ sort.

The person with the Hard ears tends to be more of a personality type who enjoys a routine, pizza every Friday for 10 years straight kind of person. An adventure that is different could be fun for them, but they will find themselves very tense when things change at random so this is something to think about if you are either a person with Hard Ears or are with someone who has them, as these character traits tend to be very much a part of who they are as a person.

Individuals with Hard ears are very independent until they fall in love and then they can be kind of clingy and don’t want to make any changes to their everyday routine. In a sense they assimilate those they care about into their routine and then manage to keep a kind of expectation that these routines should always be followed.

Routines are not something to be taken advantage of really, routines can be great for financial stability and having healthy and productive relationships and this is primarily because the person with the Hard Ears is going to be someone who will honestly tell you what they think or how they are feeling if it will mean that differences will be able to be sorted out.

When a person with hard ears is in love they will do whatever they can to protect the structure and the continued stability of the relationship, which is why despite all odds they tend to be one of the more romantic kinds of ear shapes this author knows.

This is because love doesn’t necessarily come easily to the person with Hard Ears, so when they have the freedom to love or has met someone who can be okay with their overly scheduled and regimented ways, they can feel a lot of happiness and security and will do whatever they can to ensure that it continues thus making romance very possible for the long term and in a way, from the stability comes the joyous honey of continued romantic interaction.

By Flo Saul
Mar 28, 2013