Imbalanced Ears Protruding and Flat

Imbalanced Ears Protruding and Flat

Within the category of imbalanced ears we now come to those which are protruding or flat.

What this means is that the ears not only stick out, as we have discussed in previous sections, but the ears themselves are flat as well in appearance. Less fan-like and more like a thin book or magazine. The imbalanced personalities often have a lot going on within them, but they tend to add a lot of spice and beauty to the world. Without them, we would probably be lost in a world which is bland, but it can be challenging at points to really connect to these kinds of individuals because they are so random.

A person with imbalanced ears which are protruding and flat, tend to have had a really difficult time growing up and were usually a part of a family which did not love or appreciate their delicate or different sensibilities. As a result, these dear souls would go further into themselves really making it difficult to be approached by nearly everyone. They are very calm and kind, but most of the time you wouldn’t even know they exist because they isolate themselves so efficiently.

There are those of this variety who are the opposite of quiet and introverted. They are the type who jump out and get noticed, they are loud, they dance, they make noise, but they also keep everyone at arm’s length. Even when their lives are full of people who love them, they don’t tend to really believe that they are loved and in fact often feel invisible in giant crowds.

When a person tells them that they love or missed them or thought about them at ‘such and such’s’ gathering, they are often surprised because despite their desire to be loud and to have fun, they never really expect that they are getting any kind of real attention or love. In addition, sadly, these souls tend to isolate themselves so much that when love does come for them, they accuse others of lying, they write stories in their head about betrayals and they force people away.

The good news is that these are beautiful and vibrant people, they are just severely wounded and need the patience and love of others just like everyone else, except perhaps even more so. If you are one of these people, keep the faith, and remember that not everyone in this world is out to get you. In fact there are far MORE people trying to just love you then there are those who are trying to hurt you. See if you can find a nice middle ground where you are safe and also interacting with others in a healthy way.

In relationships these individuals tend to have a really hard time vocalizing their needs and tend to strike out in anger or with temper tantrums as a result of not knowing what to do with their pent up aggression. When this happens, all one can do is wait it out and when the dust settles do your best to still love them if you can. Once they are calm, they are far more rational to deal with.

By Florance Saul
Nov 26, 2012