Pearl in the Ears

Pearl in the Ears

When one has a Pearl in the Ear shape to their ears, this is another shape that takes place within the ear, instead of the actual ear itself being shaped like a marble or a ball, the ear canal goes inward and is shaped like an inside out ball.

Meaning the ball shape itself is on the inside of the ear, and there is a space where the hole in the ear is perfectly round like a pearl. This is a positive kind of shape of the ear because in a sense, it is blessed with a sense of good luck and fortune which should be paid attention to.

Unlike some of the other ear shapes, this one in particular brings a sense of happiness starting from childhood through adult hood. This person likely had a nice upbringing which was full of love and compassion and a healthy set of responsibilities and morals were instilled. They are the type who learned how to have friends at an early age, and who learned how to develop those friendships and maintain them throughout their lives.

In general, this is the happy and healthy person that some only dream of being. The Pearl in the Ear person sees happiness around every corner, sees the positive in every trouble and learns to make something productive out of every disaster. For them life is about learning, about focusing on the hard work at hand to manifest and fine-tune perfect happiness.

But this person does not just focus on themselves; they focus on the world at large and on helping make others happy as well. They are sad when they see that there are those in this world who have suffered miserably, and they have a huge sense of compassion which they direct toward them as often as they can. If they can lead by example and help others understand how to manifest joy, they will do so.

In general, those with Pearls in the Ear shaped ears tend to be gifted with not only beautiful things from people they love, but beautiful opportunities as well. This is both in part because they are so kind and agreeable, and also because they are always on the lookout for the blessings which the Universe has to offer them.

As such they find themselves to be happy and content, gifted with a great many things, and usually rather successful. When hard times come their way, they tend to always ask themselves what they could learn from the situation, and they also ask their friends and loved ones for insight and help.

As life progresses for the person with the Pearl in the Ear shape, their life gets better. More luxurious, happier, more content and even blissful. It is hard for others to believe they are genuine, which often disappoints them but doesn’t get them down. For the Pearl in the eared person, they believe that those who are meant to stay in their lives will, and those who are not willing or capable do not. They mourn their losses healthily and appropriately and then move on to bigger and better things, and more authentic relationships.

By Florance Saul
Nov 26, 2012