Low Set Ears

Low Set Ears

When one considers the appearance of a person with Low Set ears, those which are located at the same level or location in a row of the eyes or is lower than the eyes, this brings many different images to mind.

We think that they are the type who is going to work hard, to really extend a hand when someone needs help. They just seem to have a trustworthy face which we can generally trust. You can tell just by looking at them for some reason, that they are the kind of person who will do whatever they can to bring you happiness should you need a good lift when a day has been bad.

These kinds of people are sometimes easy to walk over as well… so they have to be careful to protect themselves emotionally and from over extending themselves in their need to help others.

As a person with Low Set Ears you will often find that you experience great joy when helping other people, and you are often referred to by different motherly/caregiving kinds of names, such as ‘mother hen,’ ‘nurturer,’ grandma/grandpa’ and the like just referring to how well it is that you look after those who you care about.

It is also said of those with Low Set Ears that they tend to be pragmatic in their thinking when it comes to projecting into the future and seeing how they can solve a potential problem or even avoid one. As a result they spend a lot of time thinking and not necessarily a lot of time doing.

This is one of the reasons that those with Low Set Ears tend to have a lot of problems finding real success until much later in their personal development. They will definitely do what they can to put an effort into improving the whole, but they have a hard time actually making the progress necessary in life to find real success.

Part of this is because they allow themselves to help others in such a drastic fashion at points that they find they lack any real substance or security in their own life. Thus, it is very important for a person with Low Set Ears to make sure to have boundaries and find balance between helping others and helping themselves along so they are not actually destructive in any way. 

Sometimes those with Low Set Ears get kind of lost in the present moment as well, even though they care so much about the future and as a result can have a lot of anxiety in their everyday experience. It is very important for person with low set ears to continuously work on physical stress relievers so that they can organize their thoughts and concerns in a fully functional way.

The tension that they feel often makes it so that they tend to get sick more often than others of a different ear sort, so finding balance in physical pursuits is a generally excellent way of self-therapy because this will allow the stress and anxiety to get purged and that makes it possible for the love of self and the love others to shine through the tension.

By Flo Saul
Nov 26, 2012