Protruding Ears

Protruding Ears

If you have Protruding Ears you might find that you become frustrated with the fact that they are always there.

Of course, your ears are there… but those with this kind of ear will KNOW what we mean! There is no amount of special hair styles or cuts or hats or glasses that really ever cover them. The ears are out there and fabulous for all to see. We know that can be relatively frustrating, but really it shows that you have a very strong and comfortable personality, one in which your heart is on your sleeve you treat others with kindness, you are the one who has the good times at parties and always know where to go for the good times.

A person with Protruding Ears tends to have the kind of personalities which are ‘out there,’ just like their ears are. Protruding ears can be pointy or round, or even a square kind of shape, it doesn’t really matter. What really matters is that they are not in any way close to the skin of the neck; they stick straight out, much like Dumbo the Elephant. We mean this of course in all of the most positive way possible, it is just important to be able to tell the difference between a person whose ears are protruding versus a person whose ears are more broad or floppy.

These are the kinds of people who enjoy being the center of attention, they get all of the directed focus of the room at a party, and they know all of the tricks. These are the knife fighters, the fire throwers, the beer bong folks. The people who you see having a crazy time and you wish you were them.

They have a certain confidence and a flair for the dramatic which really brings a lot of people into their lives. They tend to have a lot of friends all over the place, so they never really spend much time alone. When they are ready for a good time, they get out there and they make it happen. This is a good lesson to learn for those who are a little bit more timid, because sometimes it just takes a little momentum to put ourselves into a new scene or to have a new and fantastic adventure. Your ears are there, there is no hiding them. Might as well use what you have and not let your ears hold you back!

On the other hand, those with Protruding ears do have a hard time settling down, which is why it is hard to really connect with them on any kind of deep or emotional level. They are the people who keep you at an arm’s length if things start to get too serious and won’t easily pursue others for long lasting love.

One theory about this is because often children with this ear type get teased and it is a learned behavior. Others tend to think that this is primarily because for one they don’t feel that they have time for such things and for two don’t really feel that settling into one kind of relationship is really going to help them in the long run. However if you need them for help during matters of an emergency, they are only all too happy to be able to be there for you and to help in any way that they can. In this they are great to depend on in stressful emergencies, but not people to trust or rely on for everyday kinds of stability.

By Florance Saul
Nov 26, 2012