Buddha Ears

Buddha Ears

When a person has what is called Buddha Ears, they are going to be gifted with a very lucky and abundant life.

This ear name is meant to describe ears which are located higher on the head more at the same margin as the eyebrows. The ears themselves are relatively large and they tend to be longer than the length of the nose by at least an inch on the face.

When others run into the Buddha Eared person they automatically feel comforted and confident because these ears have existed among many of the world’s healers today and seem to be a common identification mark to those who are meant to be healers in life. The ears stay pressed to the side of the face but they also have really distinguished ear lobes which stand out.

Take a look at the statue of the god Buddha. He sits happy and content wherever he is, with a big smile and a big belly, and big beautiful ears. His ears are often said to be part of his natural and inherent luck, as well as a sign of his wisdom.

He reminds all of us that life is full of abundance, of happiness and joy and all that we must do in life is seek it out, just ask for it and it will come to us. Similarly, those with Buddha Ears are gifted with a touch of that abundance, and they enjoy very much to spread the love.

Since this is a positively shaped formation as well, the Buddha Ear shape is the best kind of ear to be born with. In this, the person will always be blessed by good news, and good behaviour. Generally laughing will always be one of their most exciting medicines to take in life, they surround themselves by beauty and joy as well as love and enchantment. If you are born with these ears it is more likely than not that your life will be extremely blessed and exciting.

There will be adventures around every corner, conceptualization will be on your list of things to do all of the time and creative endeavours with friends and loved ones will be your mode of operating pretty much every day of your life.

These individuals are elegant, kind, gentle and well loved. Without having much in their life they will be happy. They teach wisdom to others of a spiritual nature, and hope to better understand the nature of the world and how it operates. These are the bodhisattvas, the wise men, the teachers and the holy who walk among the earth educating and teaching love to the rest of us.

In addition, the person with the Buddha ears are very happy and content in health, they almost never have to deal with coming down with any kind of severe ailment, and even on the rare occasion when they do, there is a level of understanding around them which lets them know that their body is simply trying to tell them something important which they need to know. Since they are really in tuned with the natural cycles of their body, they do not stay sick for very long at all.

By Flo Saul
Nov 26, 2012