Sunken Life Gate Ears

Sunken Life Gate Ears

When a person has Sunken Life Gate Ears this describes the areas in the ear which are sunken in or more distinguishable from the rest of the ear.

It is as though the canal itself is relatively low in the air and the area above the canal lowers into the shape of something which looks like gates which are leading into your canal… thus the name, ‘Sunken Life Gate Ears’. These particular kinds of ears tend to feel more empty or hollow in consistency and can also be seen as somewhat transparent in appearance. Meaning if the sun is to shine behind the ear in any way you can almost see through it.

This is the kind of ear which belongs to someone who has come from a challenging background, usually one which made them feel somewhat victimized, but through hard work they have pulled themselves out of it. In general these kinds of people tend to be the wanderers, they are always looking for a positive home which they can depend on but they also find themselves to be completely lost and hopeless when it comes to understanding what it is they need to make this happen for themselves.

When someone doesn’t have a solid background with which to locate ‘home,’ this can make it difficult for a person to connect to that idea ever, even though it is the most important thing that is in their life.

Sunken Life Gate Eared people tend to try to connect deeply with others without really knowing how to do it and they also get very hurt when the object of their affection doesn’t return their love because for them they tried to place this huge load of emotional energy onto the person thinking that is how to woo them, but generally most people do not need to be inundated with a lot of emotion right away which is why it is important to pace yourself at the beginning of relationships.

As a result, the person with the Sunken Life Gate Ears tends to live a very lonely life. Since they have a lot of time to occupy themselves they tend to be naturally gifted at a vast array of activities, especially if the activities are those of a creative nature. It takes a lot to get others to relate to their creative work, and as a result the Sunken Life Gate Eared person may never feel the really strong acceptance and love which they hope to receive in life. This is both a gift and a challenge because their sadness contributes to their creativity, but no one tends to appreciate it in the long run.

All is not lost for the Sunken Life Gate Eared person however, they are the type of person who meet a lot of really amazing souls on their journeys and so they learn a lot of skills which benefit them in their lives and on their travels. If the Sunken Life Gate Eared person can find contentment in their travelling alone then they will be happy, but learning to dive into deeper relationships would bring much joy. If you run into a Sunken Life Gate Eared person, be nice to them, they have had it rough.

By Flo Saul
Nov 26, 2012