Wood Ears

Wood Ears

The image that comes to mind when one considers Wood Ears is that of the bark of a tree.

These ears tend to be super thin and sometimes even wrinkly before their time. They don’t look like they could withstand a lot of damage yet are heavily rooted in the head with the rest of the face. These ears tend to have a darker flair than other kinds of ear sets and usually represent a kind of harsher life which the person has had to endure. It is almost as if all of the tension and worry or frustration that the person has ever dealt with, comes through in the Ear.

So when you see these people, you can almost see all of their emotional wounds just by looking at the way their ear is resting on their head. Usually those with wood ears have had to go through some really difficult times in their life, but have managed to come through it all with a long acquired strength that many do not possess. As a result, these individuals tend to be highly approachable and give off an air of wisdom wherever they go.

It is just easy to tell that they know what it is that they want and they are willing to help others learn to strive for what they want. IN a sense, when it comes to those with Wood Ears, there is no reason any of us should suffered for any long period of time, not when we could all just help each other. In this sense this Wood Eared person is a humanitarian of the best kind. They work hard, they treat others with respect, and they desire great love in their life.

Unfortunately they will work really hard regardless of the pay involved which means that they are often underpaid and underappreciated for how difficult they work. As a result of this, they don’t often find a lot of financial or monetary success.

Luckily for them, they do not measure their life in this way and instead truly care about the actual depth of appreciation they receive from those they have helped create a life or work on their life from the bottom up. This kind of satisfaction is what encourages the Wood Eared person to keep on moving forward. These are the souls who teach all of us how important is to rise above the adversities of the world, to push past the obstacles and do our very best to bring love and stability to those around us.

If the Wood Eared person can do it, then so can anyone else, whose obstacles especially are not nearly as bad. One of the problems with the Wood eared person is that on occasion they can become somewhat stuck in a victim mentality when they have gone for a long time without a problem. This is a habit that is easy to be broken, but is something which comes up often for them. It is important to remember that when life is good, let it be good, and do not create suffering for suffering’s sake.

By Florance Saul
Nov 26, 2012