Forward Slanting Ears

Forward Slanting Ears

There are those in this world who happen to have what is known as Forward Slanting Ears which basically means that their ears are slanting more outward, toward the front of their face, versus those whose ears are more slanting toward the back of their head.

These are the kinds of people who are cautious as well as very shy or quiet. These are the mousy individuals who have a very quiet and relaxed but scared nature overall. They have a lot of concerns about what bad things might happen to them in this world and so they tend to not really take a lot of random steps toward any kind of adventure without the strong coaxing of those they love who help to bring them out of their shell, and even then only if the itinerary is specifically planned as well as safe.

You wouldn’t normally expect to see a person with Forward Slanting Ears growing up to be a daredevil, but they have their own really beautiful and strong attributes. For example, they deeply love others to the very core of their being when they have learned to trust them, for this reason they tend to hold those they love close to their heart for the rest of their life, even after a relationship has ended, they will still hold love or even a romantic flair for the person who has gone on their way.

When it comes to their personal life, as an adult they begin to gain more confidence and find that they have a real love for all that is unusual and unique which describes another strength that they have. Those with forward slanting ears tend to also come across to others as overly quirky or ‘strange’ and they like it that way. For them it keeps the overly bland away from their experience while allowing the truly interesting, or artistic types to come in and express themselves.

It is also said that religion can be somewhat important to those with Forward Slanting Ears because they can get so caught up in the way that they believe or feel, so passionately that they can sometimes become belligerent or even extremely closed minded or stubborn. It all depends on how the Forward Slanting person was raised and on what they found stabilization and foundational support when they were children. Whatever it is that made them feel the safest and most content as children is something they will hold onto in their life pretty much forever. 

Sometimes they can also misunderstand scriptures or spiritual writings which give them on occasion a larger sense of their part in the whole of things in the Universe, which can be a problem. A well balanced person who has forward slanting ears is capable of seeing and understanding or even respecting the viewpoints of others because it would enrich their lives and open it up to far more beautiful things then being closed or even bigoted ever would. It is hard to break these cycles, but the Forward Slanting Eared person does strive to connect to humanity in a really strong way and has a lot of potential for happiness. .

By Florance Saul
Nov 26, 2012