High Set Ears

High Set Ears

A person with High Set ears means that they have ears which are located on the head higher than the eyebrows which doesn’t really happen very often.

This means that the ears are very close to the front of the face and because this can be so rare it makes sense that those with High Set ears are persons whose intelligence is higher or more proficient than the common person.

This indication that the high set eared person has a higher ability for differential reasoning comes because the placement of the ears on the head leaves enough space. It is not uncommon to think of a person with High Set Ears as someone who is really going to excel in the professional world as a result of their highly intelligent and negotiating minds.

These are the people who joke around the best, sometimes their jokes can even be lofty and go over the heads of most people, but they are quick to the draw when it comes to linguistic skills and they are likely to become very famous as a result of fine tuning their particular talents especially when putting them to work in productive areas like media and education, and you will often find High Set Ears pursuing works like Quantum Mechanics in some of the world’s most top notch Universities.

As a result of their high intelligence, individuals with high set ears can be somewhat obsessive compulsive primarily because for them, they have a real understanding of the way that things should be and if they are not happening in the step by step way that this person has developed they find it disastrous.

For this reason, getting to know someone with High Set Ears can be rather challenging and somewhat frustrating because sometimes you just want to have a conversation with them without having to worry about them correcting your spelling or worrying about whether or not you remember how to conjugate certain words in French that you learned in third grade. These individuals are meticulous about details and will definitely correct you if they feel that you are wrong.

However, if you can look past the OCD, those with High Set Ears have a really strong potential to take care of you in a way that no one else can because they will get to know every single detail about you, thus pushing you forward into an intimate connection which is really unlike any other. More clever than the average ‘Joe or Jane’ a person with High Set Ears is going to be able to locate your funny bone and tickle you, but if you don’t find them funny, they may think that you are not quite ‘all there,’ and thus you might have to deal with their judgmental side.

If you are a High Set Ear person, try to be patient and recognize that not everyone is perfect or even remotely on your level. If you are currently getting to know a High Set Eared person, give them a chance to wow you and you will be in their life forever.

By Florance Saul
Mar 28, 2013